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How to build 2Sweet Home

Updated on August 16, 2017

Kimwaki and the Weaver Birds

To create a sweet home, we need love, good environment, contentment and good

health. Happiness of both parents will produce a loving home for the upbringing of the

children. Our friends who come into our home should be home builders and not

destroyers. When I think about my family, parents and the love we all once shared,

it was destroyed by friends and close relatives who envied the love my parents shared

together. It is sad that the sweet home we cherished did not exist again until my father


Love and Understanding

I read a folk story from a book titled ''Fireside Tales from the North.'' It was about a lazy boy

called Kimwaki. His father bequeathed all his wealth to him after he died and he thought

he will never face hunger all the rest of his life. So, he sat back,rested and helped no one.

He lived in a land where all the neighbors helped each other, but no one lifted up their

fingers to help Kimwaki because he was lazy and he helped nobody. The months went by

and things went from bad to worse for Kimwaki. He started to feel lonely. One early spring,

he decided to nap under a tree. He was woken up by the twittering singing of the

birds.When he opened his eyes, he saw a flock of little weaver birds up in the tree.

They were all busy for it was nesting time.The male weaver birds were building nests for

the young ones. This made Kimwaki to open his eyes wider. He noticed each male

weaver did his share to build the colony. Busily all the birds worked till evening until the

frame of the little nests were completed. Everyday, kimwaki watched these diligent

feathered weaver bird workers. In a short while the whole colony had finished the nests

that hung from the branches of tree. During these period Kimwaki was learning a lesson

of the birds co-operation. Finally,he thought to himself ''I have two hands to work and am a

big man.These birds are tiny and have sheltered themselves. They are wise but I am not.''

The next day he took his hoe and went to his neighbors field and began to clear the weeds

and grass. He worked all day long in a friendly way while others joined him.

When evening came he went home happy and lighthearted like the weaver birds.

He continued for months,going to all his neighbors fields to clear it. One day, he woke up

and heard the sound of chattering and laughter. His neighbors were hoeing and clearing

the weeds that covered his fields.

They helped him to plant his crops and retatch his roofs. As time progressed, his crops

grew and his animals health was restored. He gave thanks to the little weaver birds for

showing him that unselfishness and hardwork can bring peace,security and happiness.

A human home is more complex than a bird's nest.

From this story, we humans have a lot of lesson to learn. The young ones have to live in

their human homes for several years with their parents.

Their physical, mental and spiritual growth is slower than that of animals. Our homes was

intended to be a real haven of paradise,rest and joy. It is meant to be like our little heaven

where children learn the virtues of unselfishness,joy, loyalty and co-operation.

It is supposed to be a home where children grow happily under the tutelage,guidance

and comfort of their loving parents until they leave their nest and establish a new home

for themselves. There are some that think that life and home must be like the brutal ways

of the jungle. They claim that human feelings does not matter. This not true.

When the ALMIGHTY GOD created man in HIS own image, HE placed man in a beautiful

garden home,not in a cruel heartless jungle with no law except survival of the fittest.

A happy home should be the goal and desire of every human being born into this world.

No child should be allowed to stay in an unhappy home that causes

unhappiness,sickness, both of the spirit, body and mind.

The great price

To have a happy home,someone has to pay the price. It is not money that counts.

A sweet home is worth all it costs. The parents personalities blend as they settle the

quarrels amicably without injuring the young ones. The poorest people in the world who

don't have money are usually happy in their homes. There are rich people who have all but

their homes are plagued with unhappiness and joylessness. Both parent must possess

wholesome personalities and have a good outlook of life.

How to build a sweet home

Parents should learn to give themselves little joy,kindness and happy surprises all the

time.Selfishness and greediness must not be present in a happy home. A selfish man or

woman will think of himself or herself only and to the detriment of the other.

Young ones should be guided not to marry a selfish, stingy man or woman.

These attributes can cause unhappiness and break homes.

People who are really in love with each other are not selfish and demanding.

Jealousy and envy should have no place in a sweet home. A jealous person is always

insecure. A sweet home can't be built around a person whose feeling is easily injured

and who can't endure tribulations,problems and criticisms. A happy home should be

bright,clean and all the rooms well ventilated,full of sunshine and fresh air.

The smell around the home should be sweet and clean for the family to enjoy.

Mothers -the center of the home

Mothers hold the future of the human race in their hands. They should discipline,train

and guide their young girls. Education is important to a young man but education in

the art of homemaking is more important for a young woman. The success of the

family,community and the world depends on the young women of today and the kind of

home they build.

All things considered, a sweet home will produce happy children and eventually a happy

world. Making a sweet home will demand GOD'S grace as you seek HIS face and live

accordingly to HIS principles on a daily basis. Saturate your home with prayers and you

will enjoy a sweet home.

Husbands and wives who are totally matched in their minds, body and are true to each

other will surely have a lasting and happy home all the rest of their lives.


Wife: Why do you go on the balcony when I sing?

Don't you like to hear me sing?

Husband: I want the neigbours to see I'm not beating my wife

Ref:- ''Kimwaki and the Weaver Birds '' From Tales from The North

Our homes can be made beautiful (not physically) when their is good communication

and close relationship between husband and wife.

Who should be the centre of the home?

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Happy homes

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      Takkhis 3 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading every word of this lens! Thanks.

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      William Leverne Smith 4 years ago from Hollister, MO

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