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Teenage Peer Pressure and How It Affects Their Future

Updated on June 10, 2013

peer pressure

Teenage Peer Pressure And It's Affect On Their Future

Just about 90% of teens who has a low self-esteem is influenced by peer pressure, which affects their future. Teens with low self-esteem surround themselves with a group of teens who downgrade them in almost every category to make that certain teen feel worthless as an individual. That will force him or her to join that certain group and do as they command to fit in with their peers. For an example; My brother John was a hard working individual teen who works very hard on his part time job as a concrete mixer with some of his peers and also attended an online school. His co-workers have numerous conversations with him daily. They provoke John to miss the final exam to go to Greg's house party. One of his peers said "Man I tried that online school, it is a scam!!, you will not better yourself by getting a degree online so you might as well quit and stay at this job, our boss love us here, this is our home man!!". John dropped out of college online the same day just to spend more time with his peers. Two months later John got fired from his job because due to his attendance. John is currently jobless and still stays with my grandmother at the age of 25 years old. My example shows that their teenage peers can lower their self-esteem just to lure them into life situations that can affect their future in a very negative way.

Every teen wants to be popular somewhere through their high school years. So they join clubs, groups, extracirculum activities and sports to be known. Some might even join their partner in a relationship because he or she is popular at their school. The peer presured couple will sometimes walk up and down the halls of their school just to see others stand by and admire them. "did you know anyone in your school who was known for trying to get everyone to like them? Did you think they were great people or did you laugh when you heard they were stuffed in their locker by one of the jocks? Get ready for America to be stuffed in a locker." (Andrea Harris in Politically Incorrect, The Stupid ). This quote shows that teenage peer pressure can accept or deny a teen in the popularity category. Any popular teen will try to force another teen who are labeled as the "less popular" to do things out of the ordinary for that certain teen just to get him in his popular group so he can pressure him to do silly things just to get an everyday laugh. My advice to teens is if that person was not your friend from the start, then he or she will not be your friend in the end.

Here is an amazing statistic for every teen: "Among youth aged 12 to 17 in 2000, 9.7 percent had used an illicit drug within the 30 days prior to interview. This rate is almost identical to the rate for youth in 1999 (9.8 percent)" , and "Almost half of Americans aged 12 and older reported being current drinkers of alcohol in the 2000 survey (46.6 percent)". (SAMHSA 1999 NHSDA). This statistic shows that teens will peer pressure their other peers to do drugs and alcohol just because the popular teens are using that substance. To prevent this type of peer pressure, the teen should stay away from any of his or her peers who does drugs and alcohol, stay away from parties, or they shoul get involve with an activity that they will enjoy. That will keep their mind away from the negative influence of their peers. All teens should remember that making the right decision will affect their future in a surprisingly positive way. So Don't be a "John" be yourself!!!!!!!!

In summary, of course teenage peer pressure can cause majority of teens that has already suffered from low self-esteem to do things that is completely out of their will just to fit in with the more popular crowd, or to maybe get a popularity boost to later become popular. In fact, avoiding teenage peer pressure can be the very first step to adulthood. Reason being, teenagers will have to learn how to make their own decisions and to make a decision that would benefiet themselves. Also, teenagers would learn how to take responsibility for their actions, good or bad and maturity will soon find its place in their life. With that being said, if you leave the crowd/trouble makers behind, and focus on success, you will soon become successful throughout your career.

Teenage Peer Pressure


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