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Best Flower Gift - Beautiful Flower for Women

Updated on November 12, 2016
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Women loves flower gift since her childhood
Women loves flower gift since her childhood

Best and Beautiful Flower Gift

Women loves beautiful flower. Let's say it again, “Women love romantic flower!” In human relation, flower is one of the best gifts for women ever after. Man say “I am truly sorry” while he gave flower; with roses in hand, men say, “I love you”.

When you marry a woman, you spend much money for flower gift -- wedding ring and absolutely best bouquet flower gift. Asking yourself, is it women will marry you in church without flowers? The best romantic flower gift for women: say it with beautiful flower!

Flower gift play important role in women love and life. But why man seldom to give romantic flower gift? Maybe you give much chocolate and cosmetic, and even jewelry like diamond. Jewelry also deeply loved by women, and especially the expensive one. What a women! Women love jewelry because make her proud and feel beauty. How about beautiful flower gift? In fact, flower is still the best romantic gift to surprise women.

Flower is Best gift for Women

There is wise words “Say it with flower”. Believe it, flower is the best gift for women. Man rare to give flower because he did not well understand the fact and truth about it. Let me tell you the secret, if man did not surprise women with beautiful flower gift, women usually complain about it.

Best gift is flower gift - Say it with Flower
Best gift is flower gift - Say it with Flower
  • Young girl complains: “My boyfriend bought me many things, but roses (flower)? Only once, when he declare he loves me. I wish he surprise me with best flower gift..!”
  • Wives complain: “I just hold a bouquet of white rose in our wedding time. After that nothing happen. I am jealous when my friend told me that her husband sending her a bouquet of flower. Surprise! What a romantic flower!”
  • Mothers complain: “Oh my God! I am so happy; my son sent beautiful flower gift just because he remember me. The big surprise in my life”. And what the comment from other mother, “You are lucky mother; maybe my son gave me red roses in my funeral”. Very sad comment.
  • Grandma complains: “I wish in my birthday you send me flower gift (not in my funeral)”.

Flower Gift in Men and Women Relation

Flower gift have been deeply influencing human relation and communication. Rutgers University conducting behavioral study shows that men who receive flowers gift demonstrate increased social interaction and happiness. This study conducted by student researcher Holly Hale and psychology professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D. Here two relevant results quoted from the study:

  • Men with Flower gift. The men who received flowers demonstrated increased eye contact in conversation, stood in closer proximity to the researchers, and produced more and truer smiles than those men who did not receive flowers.
  • Women with flower gift. While in general, women displayed a greater level of emotion in their study, the effects are equal. "When it comes to receiving flowers, men and women are on the same playing field," said Haviland-Jones. "It seems that we all express extraordinary delight and increase our social behavior."

Flower is best romantic gift for women
Flower is best romantic gift for women

Why Flower is Ultimate Gift Ideas for Her?

Wise word “Say it with flower” can be a powerful romantic gift to win women heart. Believe it, when you want to trigger romantic feeling, asking for forgiveness, saying I love you, flower is the best romantic gift ideas for her especially red roses. Roses has special secret meaning convey on it color and number. Do not worry about it, women understand the meaning of your flower gift.

Man should understand why flower gift is the best romantic gift for women. Here 3 important fact from a study that shown the strong influence of flower in women life and love relation.

  • Fact 1: around 79% of women say that the gift of romantic flowers is the best gift they have ever received.
  • Fact 2: More than 92% of women say they remember when they got their last bouquet of flowers AND from whom!
  • Fact 3: around 93% of people who receive romantic flowers agree that the unexpected gesture made their day.

Now we truly understand the deadly power of flower as beautiful gift for women. Here another secret, man also like flower, but not as much as women.

Surprise her with romantic flower gift
Surprise her with romantic flower gift

Surprise Her with Best romantic Flower

Flower gift is important in women life and love relation. Flower makes her feel special and being loved. Romantic gift for women is not something hard to find. Here tips, women love the 4 S: Surprise, Sexy, Swanky, and Sentimental. Gift is not always expensive one. Romantic gift is hit one of the 4S which she wants and like. Remember, give something that create instant hit in her heart and mind.

You do not need specific reason to give beautiful flower. Polls proven that 83% of women enjoy flowers gift more if they are a complete surprise. So you must know a good time to give your flower because timing is important to trigger sensation for a woman. Be creative and smart on preparing the surprise because it will increase the pleasure of receiving.

If you send flower gift in your anniversary or to remember special occasion, she maybe predicted or anticipated it. But its okay, she deeply appreciates it. You will get nice kiss and sweet smile for the flower.

The best time is just surprise her with a bouquet of romantic flower gift - without specific reason. If she asks why you gave her flower, just said because you remember many nice small things that she did for you. This reason is enough, she will falling in love with you more and again.

What is the Secret Meaning of Roses..?

Do you know that there are nine color types of roses as romantic gift, but two of them are not exist in nature? What is the meaning of green rose, black roses, and others color. Don’t make mistake choosing the perfect roses for your special one, find the answer here…! Secret Meaning of Roses as Romantic Gift

Women loves romantic tulip flower gift
Women loves romantic tulip flower gift

Best 10 Beautiful Flowers and Meaning

Say it with Flower; the best gift ever after for Women. Here the best 10 romantic flower and meaning. Rose is the top among beautiful best flower gift.

  • Rose: the best flower gift for women. Roses have secret meanings as romantic gift.
  • Rainbow roses: new best roses gift. Rainbow rose meaning is happy, rejoice, and cute relationship.
  • Tulip: beautiful gift which means perfect love, fame, and charity.
  • Orchid: flower gift which means beauty, prosperity, refinement, and love.
  • Daisy: beautiful flower gift which means purity and loyal love.
  • Lilac: flower gift for celebration, like wedding, love mother and child.
  • Stephanotis: one of favorite romantic flower for wedding which means marital rejoice and romantic honeymoon.
  • Sunflower: flower gift which means adoration, best wishes, and loyalty.
  • Gardenia: beautiful flower which means secretly in love.
  • Lily: flower gift which means happiness and sweetness.
  • Carnation: romantic flower gift which means fascination and attention.

Enrich Your Love Live with Best Gifts - Best Reading

Life is love, the rest is just the detail. You can enrich and invest love in your life by giving a good gift to a person you love. A gift from a heart did not always expensive. Most of all, the best romantic gift which touch the heart is a small thing. Remember, the best of the best romantic gift in live is your True Love --flower, chocolate, cameo jewelry... just the complementary as the best gift with your True Love. Without love, your romantic gift just a gift; no matter how expensive it. Here some great book to enrich your true love life with best romantic gift. Happy reading!


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