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What Kind of Girl Are You By The Way?

Updated on May 7, 2015

There are girls and there are girls. This statement holds true in so many ways. Just like so many products or items that come in different packages, girls also do come in different packages.

In this write-up, I’m going to try to classify such group of girls with hope that if you are a girl reading this, you will know how some men, yes, even those guys dating you, might be seeing you.

Well, I must say that in writing this, I'm just freely expressing my own personal opinion. I don’t want to judge or criticize you for being who you are but if you're a girl and you’d like to be judged, then you can take any of the following points I will be revealing soon to anyone who might know you to help you do just that.

Just ask them the simple question, "What type of girl do you think I am?"

Their responses might just shock you.

Anyway, let’s get started. Here, I present to you: the different types of girls.

The sәx girls.

They make you think of sәx. Just everything about them, the way they talk, the way they behave, their smiles, their subtle language, their scent. Just about everything about them connotes sәx.

You wont necessarily call them sluts. It’s just that sometimes their sәx appeal is just too much for you to control yourself as a guy. So when you see her, you don’t even care or want to know her name. You won't even think of what country she's from or what religion she belongs to. Pleasure first, is the name of the game.

Well, for most guys out there, call it animal instinct or what you might, but so many girls fall into this group. This is how attraction starts for so many guys. This is why it is often said that men can choose a partner within the first 60 seconds he meets her.

You see, when you encounter the sәx girls, you’ll most probably be like you don’t even want to know if she’s got feelings or not. Or even if she’s a spy or something. All you know is that you just wanna get down.

Okay guys, if you want to if you have ever encountered such sәx girls in your life before, now start thinking, who is that girl that makes you think of lust at first sight?

So many girls, if I'm not mistaken, huh?


Sorry girls, that's just the way it is but you can put the blame on nature.

The girl friends

Not really your girlfriend. She's just a girl friend. Notice the difference? Yes, you might not believe it but guys also friend zone women. A lot. And that's usually how the girl friend come about.

The girl friend is your friend. You can tell her things. You are not afraid of her leaving you because of the way you behave or the things you say to her. It's okay, you are free to use foul language when you are around her.

She can even help you in deciding whether a girl is good for you or not. You can tell her some men-secrets. Of course, you are hoping that she’ll return the favor by telling you some women-secrets, which she usually does anyway. She does lots and lots of good things for you.


No matter what, nothing is really going to come out of it. Because you find out that you have no atom of sexual feeling towards her.

Sometimes, you might be wondering if she has got some feelings for you but you find out that you dismiss such possibilities too soon.

Truth is, you don’t really see her as a girl but rather you see her as a buddy. Which explains why she’s just a friend. Not just a friend, but a friend who’s always going to be there for you.

The trophies

Yeah, she's every man’s dream. We love them. Simply because of their beauty. Nothing more; nothing less. What do you want in a girl? You name it; they’ve got it. Nice and attractive body, sәxy and attractive smile, sexy figure, big and succulent b00bs, shapely waists and legs, clean shiny and well nourished skin, and so on…

What man whose body is flowing blood wouldn’t die to have such girls? She’s every man’s delight. She might be rich, or looks rich and well taken care of.

But take a step backwards and read through those supposedly awesome qualities again. Did you notice anything odd?

Of course, the whole attraction for the trophy girl is based on physical qualities alone. Nobody is really interested in her mind. Nobody wants to know if she can keep a home or not. Why bother? All the guys are just interested in is in being seeing standing beside her because that’s a very big ego booster.

This is usually the trouble most physically attractive girls face on daily basis. Men who come after them, don’t really take them serious. Some men, out of jealousy and fear of competition, can’t stand the attention these girls are getting from other guys.

Some men may not even approach them simply because they think she's a high maintenance chick and her beauty can get into her head and make her to be equally saucy too. Some men think it’s of no use trying to get serious with trophy girls because she’s most likely going to be promiscuous and uncontrollable and will certainly always follow the highest bidder!

If you are the type of girls that can be described as being too beautiful with so many guys fighting to be by your side, then check it again because most of those guys may just be after the high status that your trophy status gives to them. Funnily enough, some of these guys are really willing to pay for it so don’t be deceived by the money they might be spending on you.

Now, here's the deal. If you are the physically attractive girl type, you have two options left for you. If you really want men to start taking you serious, then can decide to let the guys know that you are really a human being... with emotions and passion, drives and ambitions, goals and aspirations, talents and skills, etc and not just someone who’s got only a pretty face and body.

But then again…

Who says you can't simply resign to fate and continue enjoying the attention and the role you are playing?

After all, you are getting paid, well paid, for it.

Or are you not?

Besides, it’s not really your fault that you are so beautiful and sәxy. And I believe you are also aware that your beauty is quite a fleeting thing so if you’ve got it, you better flaunt (while you can) ‘cause it’s what your momma gave you!

The non-existent girls

These girls are simply that ones that guys do overlook. Funnily enough, they are everywhere but you hardly see or notice them. They live in your neighborhood. They work at the same place with you. They are in the same class with you.

If only you’ll take your time to observe or notice them, you will surely find out that they do behave in a very funny and childish way when they around you. Should you happen to talk to them, oftentimes, they blush, and sometimes they just clam up because they are overwhelmed by your attention and they become lost and don’t know what to say to you.

Sometimes, you catch them staring at you but the dreamy look in their eyes means absolutely nothing to you and thusly, has no effects on you. Although you can't explain what you did or how you did it but these girls are under your spell. They want to run errands—any errands—for you. They want you. They want to be with you. They want to be yours. And they want you to be theirs. They want to make love to you. They want to do so many things for you. Just say the word.


You frustrate them in every imaginable way because you won’t say the word which suggests that you are not ready to consider their advances or even interested at all.

And in some cases, your lack of interest makes them to do drastic things. Like that Rose of Two and A Half Men, they often become obsessed and they start to stalk you. They warn other girls to stay off you. Of course, she just can't picture you in the arms of another woman.

Understand what the problem really is.

It’s not really your fault but your total disinterest in them is what is triggering all those obsessive feelings in them. It’s has to do with that human psychology fact that we always want what we can’t have.

So when you don’t give in, you might be unknowingly making some of them to feel so unloved, so pining away, so feeling sad and tearful, so feeling unwanted, so feeling worthless, and so feeling ugly, and things like that.

But it’s not really your fault simply because to you, these girls are totally non-existent!

The I-don’t-care girls

At one point in your dating life as a guy, you may have come across this type of girl. She doesn’t really care. You don’t really understand her. And you can't explain why. Her acts and behavior when around you often throw up lots and lots of puzzle in your way.

You see, you might be (or think you are) having a relationship with her at some level but you can’t really define the nature of the relationship. You can’t say if or why she’s in the relationship. You don’t know if she's truly or really in love with you or whether she’s just playing games with you.

The most confusing thing about her is that you can’t tell how she wants the relationship to be. She is not really interested in finding out too. Truth is, she can take it as serious as you want it to be. But she can equally be as so lax…

It's your call.

You just get the feeling from her that the success and/or failure of the relationship depends on you and quite unlike so many other girls you may have encountered, she’s not really interested in finding out where the relationship is heading.

It takes a very tough and very determined man to put up with such girls. This is because—as a form of control, most times—most guys take pride in knowing that the girl they are with dotes on them and sees them as the best amongst all men.

That could explain why some guys purposely break hearts and call off relationships at will because they feel—and they want the girl to know—that they can always and easily get another girl—no matter what. So when you encounter this type of girl, it makes you to start having all those doubts all over again.

This girl can play the passive-aggressive game to the highest degree. What with her lukewarm approach to the whole relationship. The worse you can do to such a girl is to leave her—or allow her to leave you.

But even at that, you can’t really say if you are doing the right thing or not simply because she’s just doesn’t care.

And the last but not the least...

The Wifey

This is the type of girl every girl who has reached the age of maturity really wants to be. To most girls, of what use is a relationship if it doesn’t end up in marriage?

Of course, marrying her or even making a promise to marry her shows that you really want her to be crowned as your one and only queen—specially chosen above any other girl in the whole world!

Oh wow!

So when you encounter the wifey girls, you’ll see her doing just about everything to earn that commitment from you. A very good friend of mine once told me that if you want a girl to do anything for you, just tell her you want to marry her.

He called it a trick which is why I don’t want to believe it nor subscribe to that notion but sometimes, from the way some girls go about this marriage thing, you just start to get the feeling that it’s like marriage is the most important thing in a girl’s life.

But unfortunately, just like the Bible stated, so many are called but only few are chosen.


Of course, the reason is obvious. Getting married is not entirely a girl’s decision to make. No matter how ready she is to become a wifey, no matter how good for a guy she thinks she is, somehow, that decision is for her husband-to-be to make!

And most guys really do take their time in making that very decision!

So there you have. These are the various types of girls I have come across. But I believe there are still so many more out there and even in these ones that I’ve mentioned, there are still equally so many shades.

Which means you can also add yours.

So until next time I come your way again...


Emmy Boy.


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Michelle for reading.

    • profile image

      Michelle B- Grand 

      3 years ago

      that's sexy


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