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The Frog Prince

Updated on February 16, 2016

Got ya!

Brothers Grimm

There is a reason I chose the “Featured” picture atop. I am of course alluding to The Frog Prince folklore, originally told by the Brothers Grimm. Who made other fairy tales popular like Cinderella (“Aschenputtel“) and who were the best folk story tellers of their time and perhaps of all time. In the original folklore a frog is turned into a Prince by a spoiled Princess who throws a golden ball (or pearl) into a pond. A Frog turns into a handsome Man. The spell breaks when the spoiled Princess throws the golden ball into the wall. Then the Man turns a Frog.

The Modern version has the princess kiss a frog and he turns into a Prince. Ew.


This article is not only about the kissing of this proverbial frog. It is a symptom of the disease, not the disease itself. It is the means through I make this larger end. That larger end of making you aware that loving everyone is pathetically stupid. The way in which I empower you. That pussy cat that grows to lion, is something remarkably beautiful and completely free. This is what I want for you.

You have been trained to not discriminate with your love. You have been taught to turn a blind eye.

If I were running a huge company and I gave all my money to my employees equally because I loved them all, would that not degrade the worth of the money I had to pay? Should I pay the man who showed up for five days the same as the man that showed up for three days?

I know what you are going to say. I am talking about money not love.

Well then love please consider the following.

Should I love the woman who is unfaithful to me? Or boring? Or ugly? All because I believe in the changing power of love? Just like the modernized version of “The Frog Prince” folklore? Should I continue kissing her and making love to her in the vain and unrealistic hope that one day she will wake up an intelligent beauty?

Or should I love the beggar who asks for my change as much as my proven friend who offers me work at 70k a year?

One way to become a “Lilly”pad is to love everyone equally. If you love everyone equally it is completely unnatural. It is put into your hearts mostly by dogmatic codes of religion for the purpose of robbing society. Love everyone ESPECIALLY those that rob you. This is has been put into the collective mind of mankind for a long time so that the poor do not kill the rich. The only thing it does is take away love from the people who deserve it the most. The people who truly LOVE YOU BY DOING GOOD TO YOU DESERVE YOUR LOVE, I CANNOT HELP BUT FEEL THIS SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE. It is precisely these people that you should love, these people who treat you the way you wish to be treated. Those who love you with their actions and respect.

Yes love should be earned with merit. It is something so intense and sacred to share with another human being that one should be able to love those who deserve it exclusively. Anything short of this is at best a waste of time.

The original Frog Prince Folklore was written in the 19th century by the Brothers Grimm who were also German academics and lexicographers. I have no doubt that these men being so well read and poetic were exposed to the New Testament of the Bible. I think a little something Christ said in the Book of Mathew influenced their story and its meaning.

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Mathew 7:6 attributed to Jesus Christ in the New International Version


What Christ was trying to say by telling people to not throw their pearls to pigs because they would trample them with their feet and tear you to pieces is to not give the best and most loving parts of you to frogs- or did I mean pigs… Regardless if you give what is best in you and that is your love to pigs they do not even know what it is and they will make you suffer with their ignorance. In the words of Christ, they will “tear you to pieces.”

Motivated by this story I think the Brothers Grimm were trying to say that when the spoiled princess throws her gold into the pond it turned a frog into a man because throwing your best into your passion (something you love to do) a man will appear before you. It is an occult legacy that water should be taken as symbolic of emotion.

Something you love to do is what makes you valuable to the world in the best case scenario. For instance the techie that knows he or she was meant to be a techie that will eventually be reading this is an admirable woman or man. I also think the Brothers were echoing Christ’s point when the spoiled princess threw her gold (what is best of her into a wall) and the man then became a frog. Not only were they were taking Christ’s point but they were taking it farther. Find something to do and put what is best in you into that and it will go well by doing so. Handsome men will appear near while you accomplish your Great Work by throwing yourself into your passionate work. This is exemplified when the Princess throws the gold into the pond. Throw what is best of you into a wall and it stop your passions, and you will find yourself with a frog, just as our spoiled princess.

There is a growing strain of “mama’s boy psychology” going around our times. The kind of ideas that lead people to give all children trophies for participation, rather than the winning team a trophy and sending the losers home. This does not make powerful strong and handsome men but what it does do is make big fat frogs who do nothing and have a sense of entitlement.

I can hear them now saying and in the future. “I don’t understand why girls don’t like me, I am such a good guy.” The man who typically says this as the type who is addicted to video games or some other like activity. I say to them and to you ladies “Do something with your damn life!”, before it is a FAST fading memory.

This does not prepare you for life. The world does not care if you are “a nice guy” or “a good woman”. It discriminates because there are people who need things. Right now someone has collapsed of a heart attack no one cares about the paramedic himself but ONLY if he can effectively save someones life. For women it is this way as well, if you do not throw your gold into your passion and find something you love to do you BETTER be AMAZINGLY GOOD LOOKING because to the world that is a commodity as well. Those who have sessions with me I will know I will say what I will. You say what you will I may even respect you for it.

Love yourself by doing your Great Work and do not give freely the best parts of yourself (your love).

All in all do not love a man or woman that does not add to you. I would not. Besides I do not even like math just like math like my friend over here.

“In order to be equal you must add or subtract and I have never liked math.” Marilyn Manson


Unless you wish to be overweight live in a swamp and eat bugs all day, CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING AND CHOOSE WHO YOU LOVE.

The world will NEVER FORGET you well mannered frogs. For the slow guns just getting their big old triggers pulled, the aforementioned sentence was sarcasm.

Good night you all of you Lionesses and Princesses that I have the sweet privilege of doing hard math together.

To Golgotha with the Pigs and Frogs.


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