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the unknown love story of Romeo and Juliet

Updated on July 7, 2011

I have never had any reason to ponder more about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet until after I was attacked by armed robbers, on 21 April 2009, in which I sustained a life threatening machete cut on my head and left arm. The incident happened less than six months after I published my book, “it is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus” by N.K. David (available on worldwide sales). Many people visited me in the hospital. Most of them brought gifts, energy food and drinks; so that I could get well fast enough to continue my journey on earth. I also made new friends during my stay in the hospital because most people saw the need to extend their hands in friendship. While most others were overwhelmed by my courage and strength which made them to love , and respect me, a man that could had possibly died but was still full of life, joked, and chatted with them in his hospital bed barely less than twelve hours, after the ugly attack. Even, while I was hospital bed, I showed my appreciation to all those that visited, and helped me directly or indirectly. I continued to thank them, even after I was discharged because they were like a family to me. There was a girl named Juliet, who did not only visited me but also committed most of her time to see that I got all I needed on time. The interesting thing about the girl was that she, and other girls, like Hannah, Mercy, and Nancy were also robbed the same day, I was attacked. We all live in same lodge off campus. Although they were not injured by the robbers, they felt the trauma, yet they stood beside me at that time they saw that my life could be in a great danger. I am grateful to all of them, including the boys especially Jerome, who was like a brother to me in a strange land. He was the one that told me, when I asked him “I called for you but I did not see you that night, why?” he said with tears, “I was there trying to get help. We were looking for a car that could take you to the hospital. I did not want to see you in that condition and I am still not happy to see you in this condition now. So please just get well.” I am also grateful to all those that responded from ASU, a union which I was a member, especially, the ASU president, who took the pains upon himself. I thanked them all in different ways, but mostly I said, “thank you for standing by me.”

To Juliet I sent her SMS in which I wrote, “Before Romeo and Juliet died, they did not bother about judgment in heaven or hell because they had a very strong love. Their love was strong, yet death separated them. I may not be your Romeo but I know that our friendship is stronger than the love of Romeo and Juliet because death could not stop it, so I lived to see you again. Thank you for standing by me at a time, I needed you most. Thanks for being there.” Truly, I was not her Romeo but after I sent her the SMS, I wondered how right I was about Romeo and Juliet? Did death truly separate Romeo and Juliet? What was the need of their love, if it could not defeat death? Oh!!! Their love was so sweet and great to be stopped by death. But why did it have to end that way? The story of Romeo and Juliet is a story I heard and watched on movies. It is a great love story, although I had not really read it, as it was written by one of the greatest writers of all time, William Shakespeare. Yet, I know it is a love story that ended in tragedy. What would be the need of a true love, if it would end in such tragedy? My SMS to Juliet inspired me and made me to reason for answers to this question. Now that I have Juliet, I need to find Romeo, so that I could unveil the answers. Well, anyone could be Romeo, just as anyone could be Juliet. Consequently, we could have another story of Romeo and Juliet. It was because of my desire to get answers that I found, “the unknown love story of Ro… and Juliet.”

I can assume that I or anyone other man was her Romeo. But it was rumored that Juliet has a friend, who I here call Ro… so I had to fix and assume that their love was as strong as any other known true love but some people opposed their love relationship. Ro… was the one in the hospital bed. He was informed that Juliet had an accident on her way to the hospital and died. He exclaimed in pains, “o!!! My Juliet, how can I live without you?” He could not carry the pain, so he took and over dose of his drug and died of heart failure. I could not believe why Ro… had to take his life because of Juliet so I followed love to the grave. Yes, I was made dead to learn more about love in an unknown world. Juliet arrived some minutes later, and everyone was surprised to see her alive. She heard what happened, and she explained that she was not in the car. “It was wrong information,” she shouted, “How could there ever be a world without my Ro…” She took her own life.

After Ro… died, he left his physical body and passed different heavenly realms searching for Juliet. Some people said death is an unconscious state. We can accept that doctrine but in this case love is not unconscious. Love lives on even at death, so did Ro… believe and choose to follow love to the various planes as is claimed by some mysteries. O!!!! Help me love I prayed; as I followed love to unveil the mysteries of a dead lover. Ro…saw a lot of beautiful things but there were not enough to replace his love for Juliet, because nothing could be his Juliet. He entered the astral, causal, mental, and etheric plane of existence. He was offered many interesting things in the various planes but he determined to move forward in his search for his Juliet, ignoring all offers. He entered the spiritual plane, and searched the soul and spirit planes. Finally, he had only one last step to take in his search for Juliet. He was at the border of heaven, and hell, so he wondered, “could Juliet be in hell? No, hell does not know love. Hell can never understand true love, so love cannot be found in hell. Love can’t go to hell. So could Juliet be in heaven? How could she, when she took her own life, which most religions considered a sin? But this case is different, it was a holy sin. The earth does know true love, so they could not let us share our love because of their hate, injustice, disunity among others. Where could Juliet be?” he wondered, finally he entered heaven but Juliet was not there in heaven. Oh!!!! Nothing is impossible. No!!! But it can’t be possible, love has gone to hell,” he shouted and cried in disbelieve. Nobody could control his sorrow, not even the sweet and beautiful angels in heaven. He did not find peace in heaven without Juliet because to him, there was no heaven without love. And Juliet is his love, so he disobeyed the law of the last step and left heaven to hell in search of her. No law could punish him for disobedience because true love is not held in judgment by any law. He got to the same border; he had earlier stopped to wonder but this time he was certain of his destination, hell. That was where he met Juliet at the border. She had passed all other realms in search of her Ro…, “oh! My Juliet I thought you are in hell and I was going to meet you there.” “No!! Our love could not go to hell. Hell could not admit us because our love would extinguish the fire of hell. You didn’t see me because you died before me. You got the wrong information. But, Now that I am here with you, where do we go to continue our love? Earth did not want us to share our true love together.” “No, it’s not the earth. It is our family differences. It is our tribes, religions, culture among other differences that had made us fail to share our true love on earth.” “What do we do now that we have sinned against God? Do we go to heaven? Do we reincarnate back to earth? Or do we quench the great fires of hell with our love?” “What does it matter where we go? What maters is our love for each other. Our love is our God. For God is love, and only true love understands true love.” “Yes, but our love is just for each other. They could say we did not share it with all humanity.” “You are right, we love each other but we loved others. The earth did not give us time to teach them true love, and its healing powers. Our God would understand that we took our life for the sake of love.” “Oh!! Earth, earth, oh!! Earth why did you fail to understand and know true love?” they both cried. “Let us found our own paradise, in this border, if no where is perfect for us to exist and share our love. Because there could be argument in heaven by the various religious sects, if we are admitted in heaven.” “Yes, it could cause a debate, if we enter heaven or hell. All we need is love and not where we share it, be it earth, hell or heaven.” Ro… and Juliet built their own heavenly mansion. They made the border of heaven and hell their own paradise. O!!!!!! What a lovely paradise. It is where no pain is felt, no hate, no tears, no fear, for they did not fear death, which all men fear, and no worries. A paradise of endless gold, with flowers. They sleep on a bed made of an unimaginable rose. They are the king and queen of their paradise. A paradise that is now an approved place for all true lovers, and couples. Many had joined them, but how many more lovers or marriages would be so sweet to enter the lovers’ paradise? Divorce is now easily known to end marriages, yet, we can still resurrect the love of Ro… and Juliet, not only in our marriages or families but for all humanity. Especially, for those that are willing to love, let them be loved. That is the unknown story of Ro… and Juliet, for truly “in my fathers house there are many mansion there.”

By N.K David
Author of the book,
“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”
Published by author house. Available on online stores worldwide a must read for all humanity.



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