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Top 5 Signs your Girlfriend is Cheating

Updated on September 8, 2013

Have you noticed signs your girlfriend is cheating on you? If so, you may want to look further into cheating girlfriend signs by observing her actions from a distance. You might have wondered why she is staying late at the office and why the cell phone is off all the time. It could be a coincidence, however - this is definitely a red flag of cheating. In order to understand your girlfriend, you need to pay attention to her every move but don't do this in an aggressive manner. Watch with your eyes and hear with the ears. You are sure to find traces of evidence by doing this. While men often cheat to fill the void of sexual pleasure, women are prone to cheating due to a more complex situation. In order to see where your relationship stands, you need to catch your girlfriend cheating before it goes to far. You have the choice of saving the relationship or throwing it away. Keep in mind though, if a partner cheats on you - there is a good chance it may happen again, so don't insult yourself.

She's cheating on you if there is no talking

Most women love discussing daily issues at their work or generally, life. Has your honey stopped talking to you? She doesn't share anymore, nor focus on striking up a conversation with you. In this case, you might feel like a brick wall or not even noticeable to her. If her personality tends to lean more toward being shy, I wouldn't worry as much. However, if she is a very talkative person and suddenly just quits talking - that is a good sign she may be cheating.

Loss of Interest

Cheating girlfriend signs include loss of affection, holding hands, and spending time together. If your girlfriend doesn't take the effort to get close to you, like she did before - you might have a good case worth looking into. Most of the time when someone is cheating, they do not want to become close. It is an internal fear that if you get too close to your lover, you may hurt them - so you would rather not deal with them at all. Put yourself in her shoes to find the true intentions.

Your girlfriend cheats on you through Technology

Signs your girlfriend is cheating involves use of every day technology. If your girlfriend is using excessive texting, computer chat, and phones more than often - you have the right to be suspicious. The beauty of technology to a cheating partner means that they don't need to rely on talking. Typing on a keyboard or texting can be cloaked and she could just say it is for bussiness. Don't be all over your girlfriend, but try this method instead. Pretend your are sleeping. That's right, be an actor and snore! Peek an eye open halfway to see who she is really texting.

Perfume, Pearls and Stockings

Yes, all women want to look stunning. But there is a line between taking it too far. If your love would only shower once every 2 days, and wear perfume once a week - you should raise some suspicion if that cycle changes. For example, your girlfriend may suddenly start wearing perfume each day while adding sexy stockings beneath her business suit. You could catch your girlfriend cheating without seeing her. Ask in a joking manner if she is seeing someone else. If she adverts her eyes elsewhere, or does a quick hand gesture over the face - then be worried!

Signs your Girlfriend is cheating

Attention toward you isn't met

Cheating girlfriend signs lean toward specific needs. For example, if the both of you would make love twice a week and now it has dwindled to once a month - that is definitely a red flag for cheating. Her needs are being met elsewhere so basically, she doesn't crave your attention. This can include sexual desires or personal needs. Women are very different from men, and when guilt sets in - she won't be following you as much.

A Poll for the Ladies

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      i never cheat my g.f

    • JosephJohnson profile image


      8 years ago

      This is very good material I totally agree.


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