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Speak Three Magical Words To Your Dream Girl

Updated on May 29, 2009

How Can You Expose Feeling That You Like Her


A girl is nature's most wonderful creation, its difficult to understand any girl. So if you are thinking about any girl from couple of month but unable to say a single word. Some people think that "I LOVE YOU" is looking so short but its too difficult to expose to girl which one you love most. One reason behind it is that they think if girl doesn’t love him than what will be the result of this proposal. They always think negative and get depression. Some boys not look like smart and handsome like other boys so they feel shy to propose a beautiful girl and lost their confidence.

Here some tips which will be useful for you........

  • Do your homework. Get to know your girl well, before you pop the question. Get to know her interests, her dislikes, and her general nature that will help you plan your proposal in a better way. If she is shy and an introvert, propose when you two are alone.
  • Invite your dream girl for a lunch or dinner cook her favorite dish. This is the best way to propose a girl. This is an ideal way to reflect your love and affection.
  • Girls whole-heartedly welcome sweet surprises. So, give surprises to your sweet heart like chocolates, flowers, soft toys, hat etc. All girls love flowers. Roses ring and chocolates are the essentials for proposing a girl.
  •  Appreciate her on something (hair, shirt, eyes, etc.) However, the type of compliment you give depends on the girl. While some girls like being called "hot," other prefers being called "beautiful" and may take offense to being called "hot," or vice versa. Just use your judgment when you compliment her. If she laughs and say thanks. it is good chance.
  • Girls always have a liking for humorous guys. Humor is the ultimate way from getting rid of tension.
  • Self confidence all a successful key in proposal.
  • Never try to present your self as a cool guy.
  • Now time to speak your feeling about her in your own words.
  • Before proposing girl try to understand her body language. if she is sitting crossed leg and her feet pointing towards you. She makes I contact with you and break up quickly. Its great signal.
  • Don't force her to say yes'. Tell her to take time and that you shall wait. Be a gentleman and respect her.
  • Now after dinner drop her to home. if she has own car than drop to the car and say "I am waiting for your reply" simultaneously make i contact and continue until first she doesn’t break.



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