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Tribute to Friends

Updated on July 28, 2017

To the best of friends who stood by me through the worst

This is something I have wanted to do for along time. It is a thank you to my four best friends for being there when I finally could have friends. Love you all dearly.

You are the friend that showed me how to be me. You told me that I had to be able to take care of myself. That was a job on your part to get me to that point. You took a fawn caught in the headlights of life and made me realize that I had to stand up and put my big girl pants on and live. You showed me through example that I could do things for myself. You taught me to be strong. There is not enough words to describe my thanks to you for taking a friend in need to a friend who can help when there is a need now. I still can have your ear when I need it but you show me I knew the answer before I asked for help. You are the friend that took me by the boot straps when some people would say everything was my fault.

You taught me to take my feminine side and how to look my best. You showed me that I didn't need to be strong all the time, but could be soft and vulnerable when need be. You helped me to find a job when I needed one after 9 years without one. You paid me to clean your house and then your apartment. Then it was your mother and grandma. I will thank you for ever for showing me how to be female, but also for all you have done

You it is easy to describe. You let me be soft and feminine if I wanted to be, or strong as nails if the need was that. We would sit at my apartment and talk for hours about everything under the sun. I could be me. Many times you were with me when the home would call or if my car was on the frits.

You are the sweet friend who was going through the same thing as me. If I didn't go to the Alzheimer's group you wouldn't either. We could talk about the problems we were facing and how to handle them. We could come up with some pretty good ways to deal with the pain we were in do to our family needs. You and I have so much in common that we should be related girlfriend. You call like everyone, yet to see if I am okay. I ask about you as well. We know each other as good as the back of each other's hand.

These are the four woman who have helped me through my mother's passing away and my Dad having Alzheimers. We each have so much in common that I couldn't do without any of them because if I ever need a pick me up all I have to do is call or visit any of them and I immediately feel much stronger and happy to be able to call them my friends and sisters. They are sisters through the love that they show and how much they mean to me. They call me and it always seems like it is just when I need it. These four ladies are angels without wings yet.

These ladies are each special and as one of them says that we are sisters, just from a different mother. Two of them knew my mother, which God bless their hearts is a wonder they ever talked to me.


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