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valentine gifts for the disabled and old or aged people

Updated on February 21, 2015

The feelings of disabled and old people

The disabled in our society are no less human being than we are. The same blood that flows through our veins equally flows through theirs. They have emotions just like we all do.

If there are people that need love most, it is the disabled and old people. Sending them valentine gifts this season can help boost their morale and make them have sense of belonging. And we on our own part, the joy of feeling and being fulfilled will immensely add to our overall wellbeing (improved health included)

Old age is usually characterized with weakness of the body, loneliness, sickness and depression. Therefore, it is our duty to assist in our little (did I say little? Sorry big) way to make them happy as happiness can help reduce the consequences of old age significantly.

You can visit the old people’s home and disabled home with some gifts and give them reasons to smile and feel loved and cared for once again.

Valentine Gifts for the disabled


The kind of gifts that can be given to the disabled this valentine period and be sure they will appreciate it are gifts that can help enhance their situation. Wheel chairs for instance can be bought for the cripple. You and I know that most crippled in the society find it difficult to purchase items that will enhance their situation themselves.

Those with visual impairment will really appreciate gifts that will help improve their sight. The deaf and dumb will be happy receiving gifts that will improve their ability to communicate effectively.

The accident victims will so much love gifts that will help them have a taste of what life used to be to them.

You can also send general valentine gift to them and be sure they will all be happy knowing that people out there still remember them. Stuffs like simple greeting cards or simple text message can perform wonders in the life of many disabled in our society.

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Valentine Gifts for old/ aged people


The appetite of old and aged people is not as wet as that of young people so will only appreciate things that can add value to their life. Healthy foods that can help improve their health condition. Sending a car for instance to an aged person may probably not interest him or her the same way a massaging machine will interest the recipient of the gift.

There is this saying in my place that wrist watch is of no use to someone who is in prison.

So what are those kind of gifts you maybe asking. Then on the right hand side of this article are lists of possible items that can be bought for these people.


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    • profile image

      Erica Tatw 7 years ago

      what a patronizing start " no less human being than we are" who are we? Older people are not a separate society or species.

    • profile image

      Rachel 7 years ago

      A great gift for seniors this Christmas is the Just5 phone. In fact, I am considering shopping for two phones next week for my elderly parents. I heard that this phone is very helpful to seniors not only in terms of ease-of-communication but also in times of emergencies. Plus, we can cut the expenses we pay for the medical alarm system at home. I heard this from my best friend and I personally checked the phone at