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valentine infidelity, say no it and watch your relationship become greener and romance restored

Updated on January 14, 2010

Valentine, what it should be

 Though, love is meant to be a going concern stuff (what we should all give and get on a daily basis), but since we human beings have dedicated a special day called valentine’s day, it will be wise for us to avail our selves the opportunity of becoming ‘richer emotionally’

You will agree with me that love is one of the strongest emotions that we all feel as human beings and can never get satisfied with too much of it (whether you are on the giving or receiving side). The things we are supposed to do in order to add to this our ‘emotional wealth’ are so cheap to achieve that people tend to take it for granted.

Valentine’s Day or period is supposed to be a period when we all breathe in the aura of love and affection. This love and affection is not exclusively reserved for any group of people. It must not be to only our spouse, siblings, friends, neighbours or relatives.

There are people in this same wonderful planet earth of ours that have not tasted anything called love since they were born. Hey, don’t tell me you can’t find such people for they are everywhere. Ok then, you can become one of those that have decided to give hope to those that would otherwise not have it by joining and see how you can help those that need help the most. The only benefit I get for referring you to this site is the inner peace that I will get seeing smiles on the face of the less privileged ones in the society.

Relationships are meant to be further strengthened and romance restored in various relationships that has lost the taste of romance. Or even build up new relationship that will be based on solid rock which is love.

Families are supposed to come together to rekindle the flame of love that further strengthens the bond of family ties.

Gifts of all sorts are supposed to be the order of the day. Buying simple gifts like the ones you can see on the right hand side of this hub could make a whole lot of difference.


Valentine, what it has widely become

 It is quite unfortunate that valentine has perceived by many as a time of engaging in all manners of ‘sexual exploitation’. Singles declared valentine’ day as an official day set aside for indiscriminate sex.

No wonder there is always an increase in the number of depressed people after valentine than every other festive period. You can observe this for yourself. The reason for this I think will have to be connected with heart break and fake promises.

Married people commit the highest adultery during this period. A man in my street has sworn to bring in new a wife two most after every valentine- dividend of infidelity that goes with the wrong perception of valentine.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STD/STI) generally find their way into many marriages that has been peaceful over a long period of time after valentine. Oh! What a pity.

Families have been broken just few weeks after Valentine’s Day negative celebration thereby sending more children and teens into the street to fend for them-selves.

Teenagers and young adults tend to give in to all sorts of crime (drug trafficking, rubbery, prostitution, etc) just to raise few Nairas (Nigeria’s currency) just to buy that expensive gift for their GF/BF (boyfriend/ girlfriends). The worst part of it is that these BFs and GFs readily abandons one once into trouble.


Your escape route

The only escape route you have from the negative effects that comes after the wrong kind of Valentine’s Day celebration is to see valentine from the right perspective.

Happy Valentine to you!

With purest love from



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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 6 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Thanks Dupsynero. I hope you had a swell valentine. xx

    • profile image

      Dupsynero 6 years ago

      This is just a very good write up keep it up dear.