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Truth Is...When God gives you "That Man"

Updated on November 22, 2016

What to do when God Finally goves you "That Man"...Truth Is...

How often have you found yourself here: You're doing 'fine' with/in your life; but the time(s) keep coming when you are in your "Real with self" mode and in spite of all the televangelists you watch and listen to, despite all the "church activity" you involve yourself with; no matter how "righteous" you Usually are able to declare yourself and your way of living; you face the cold TRUTH that there IS "something" missing! Yes, you know exactly what it is, but you keep reminding yourself that every time you take that adventure, you end up lost at sea and unsatisfied with how things turned out. Oddly you never seem to consider it just may have been YOU that caused things not to work out.

Let's get it understood that this article is mainly written for all you "spirit-filled, or spirit-led" women as the issues addressed herein deal expressedly with When GOD gives you "That Man"...

So you've done everything that "God has revealed to you that is necessary to prove your faith: You've faithfully paid your tithes, you've contributed to 'this ministry' or that one; yes, you've led a fairly decent and fairly "obedient" life, at least as best you could. Oh yeah, given these days and times, God recognizes ALL that is real and is of course understanding TO A DEGREE that despite all that you put into leading a Christian life, a woman does have needs, and as a "real Christian woman" it's truthfully NOT a lust issue. So after maintaining and sustaining a certain level of commitment to doing what's God's will to the very best of your ability, you go into your prayer closet and confess all to God and do what you're supposed to do: You talk honestly and openly with your heavenly father. Just as Jesus said at Matthew 7:7-11, you "KEEP ON knocking..." and in the case of those who are thusly blessed, God answers your prayers in the form of an uncannily "perfect man for you". Now what?

Ok, first off, GOD has SHOWN you in many ways and thus IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that this IS a man sent specifically TO YOU! WOW!!!Praise God! Thank ya' Jesus!!! Right?

Yes, everything is so wonderful; and then to be honest, in these times and unbeknownst to others you MAY slip-up and well, you know what you did. If You or God doesn't tell neither am I. But you're SO sure that he is that man from God , right? Well Truth's alright, but it's not alright(one of those type of things) because you DO have a real and active personal relationship with God and He honestly WANTS to sustain it. Isn't that marvelous news! (I am NOT being sarcastic at all, God really DOES and IS willing to work with you).

What you and EVERY Christian needs to realize is that 1) Satan was among Heaven's "elite"; thus He was and IS a genius beyond any on earth. NO, I am not giving any praise to or about the enemy; just telling you what the TRUTH IS...2) Satan is a spirit still; and being thus, he doesn't have to sleep or rest. This allows him freedom to work around-the-clock looking for "chinks in your armor" or simply planning his next attack. Which explains #3: As a spirit creature, Satan and all other demon entities, see what we don't. They see the spiritual activity around us; around YOU. When these entities see a buzz of energetic activity around you it immediately catches even closer scrutiny in the entire spirit realm. (be mindful, all demons do NOT work with or for Satan) Given the foregoing, understand that these entities know WELL BEFORE YOU DO that something from God is coming your way. The minute you give in to ANY of the MANY human-nature failings that we all do somehow, face it, after doing without and remaining faithfully chaste for so long; when God finally brings "him" to you, it's HARD not to go there. So you "give-it-up, and surprisingly, he's STILL there being his wonderful self two weeks later! Then, a situation arises and there is a disagreement between the two of you....

Now we get down to the bottom line. More often than not when these situations arise it is due to or somehow connected to factors such as: He doesn't make the money you do, or often doesn'teven HAVE a job(hey it was alright when you threw them up...); perhaps the sex wasn't very good, or good enough for you (or it wasn't good at all); well, the Truth is that there was a basic commitment to one another when you got together, and then the sexual act you committed was actually a consummation of that commitment before GOD! Actual marriage ceremonies are really to satisfy man's laws, not God's. God has a different perspective than man; when HE places the two of you together that is the marriage! Then there's the time when disagreement draws out of you that:"I was doing 'fine' before you came along" thing. Ok, then why were you praying for him to come?(to thine own self be true ladies) Another cause of the rift is because a circumstance arises where it's a matter of whether or not you back down and assume a submissive role at that time. That's when that assertive nature(it's actually a spirit) rears it's head up and takes control of your attitude, and most damagingly, your tongue and (excuse me) "all hell breaks loose!").

Let's get scriptural before any emotions take over, ok? Turn to 1Timothy 2:: 11&12 he went Right to it, didn't he?) Now don't do that to your blessing(s) let God be found TRUE here. This is NOT a matter of bowing down to a man being "Boss"; this is totally about CHRISTIAN WOMEN SEEKING TO PLEASE God, AND HAVING BEEN BLESSED WITH WHAT AMOUNTS TO A REALLY GOOD OR DECENT MAN(WE ALL KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS SO BEAR WITH ME HERE) Sadly, more often than not "spiritual" men , even pastors (when they're not telling how much God wants you to be RICH, or how much money "GOD" needs you to give) use this scripture to impress upon you that your sole duty is to shut-up and listen and be obedient. But it goes far deeper than that. As with most of the New testament after the Gospels, messages therein were written to the christian congregations and intended to be uplifting, encouraging, and instructive, with a taste of admonishment thrown in(that's a very mild form of scolding administered in a loving way)

Let's get things back into perspective here...It's already been established with you that this man IS the one God put into your life...isn't he? Up til now he has been totally wonderful, considerate, kind, understanding, spiritual, etc. and CONSISTENT with it to boot! So why is it suddenly you begin to question whether or not "this is going to work out"? Is it that as long as he's being agreeable to all your various attitudes and mood swings and peculiarities(not to mention doing that "other" stuff just right) everything was fine. But as soon as he expresses an opinion or actually asserts himself as the true man God intends for him to be, you get a "revelation" that "maybe we should slow things down"...!Hold-up wait a minute, why you putting "stuff" up in it? Do you forget that this is God's gift and arrangement? Do you also forget that HE knows what's best for you and what's been missing in your life just may be PROPER headship in addition to partnership? You have to look at the whole context of the scriptures surrounding the one cited. What is the essence of the entire statement Timothy was making?

Timothy was simply encouraging to those who already were endeavoring to be in compliance with all that they had learned AND ACCEPTED AS BEING GOD INSPIRED WISDOM. Unless you are one of those who prefer to pick and choose which instruction from God you will accept and thereby cater to(in other words YOU decide how you'll serve God...Not him) Then you'll be in acceptance that God says what he says for a reason, which is exactly why Timothy went right into explaining that it was EVE who was deceived; in fact Timothy says she was Thoroughly deceived (in some translations). That basically is what started it all off, "it" being the eventual downfall that led to our being as we are, suffering a serious lack of perfection and initial purpose., ie: to live forever in a paradise setting and never die, suffer or hurt.(food for thought)

Now you can fool yourself and tell the self-deceptive lie that you were doing "fine" without that man. You may have had most of your bills paid, and didn't have to smell him breaking wind or deal with his family or his issues about them. You may have been able to get favors from folks you definitely can't go to now that you have that man; or when you weren't facing your "inner-realities" you basically had it going on and everybody thought so too. But TRUTH IS...You prayed for this guy and you should show enough gratitude to LISTEN when God uses that man to reveal areas where you HAVE to address yourself in ways that you either avoided or refused to see before. What usually gets in the way is your wondering what is he going to do about HIS issues? But again, that's NOT YOUR JOB! Isn't it God who is in charge here? Remember when you went and found that handsome, sexy NON-BELIEVER"? You thought if only you can get him around spirit-filled folks he'll see"..but it didn't happen that way did it? Back then you held onto hope by clinging to scriptures like 1 Peter 3:1,2. Well, just think, if God says this to christian women who actually HAD unbelieving mates BEFORE they became christians (the true context here) imagine what is possible when the man you have IS a believer! You're talking about a man who listens to biblical counsel, loves God enough to make changes within himself, and actually does treat you pretty decent... before this situation arose.

What I am trying to convey to you my fellow christian(s) is this. It's simply another level of your faith about to be strengthened; all you have to do is STAND on THAT FAITH and get out of God's way because He is trying to teach you how to be even more pleasing to him than you already are. God loves you. But everything He wants you to do is NOT going to be what you particularly want to do. But isn't that what was ultimately Eve's downfall too? It wasn't until the serpent told her that eating the fruit would give her the ability to make her own decisions that the fruit became something appealing to her.(READ YOUR BIBLE!...Genesis 3:4-6.

The bottom line is this: DO WHAT GOD INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO AND LET GOD DO THE REST! Isn't that what "Seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness .." really means? If so, then ALL OTHER THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU! TRUTH IS...


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Very interesting, I'll read a few more then get back to you.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is incredible insight. This explains my current situation so perfectly. I felt like I was the woman in this article. WOW!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I like your style

    • profile image

      Jordan Congleton 

      11 years ago

      well what i say is this is a good article but i want Mickey to stay alive he is very perfect for me and i want him to stay alive forever and ever i really love him and that is what i want god to grant

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      this talks very good about important thing

    • profile image

      monica williams 

      11 years ago

      These are some really good articles!

    • profile image

      King B 

      11 years ago

      I like this author's way of putting things in such an uncomplicated and straight forward manner that's easy to understand and relate to. Good Job Truth Is...

    • daledad8 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from pittsburgh

      It is the intent of Truth Is... to be a source of sound and spirit-led counsel. All articles are prayerfully prepared and written, and it is the author's most sincere belief thathis own opinion has NO place within the lines of communicating said counsel. I am ever-so grateful to any and all who deign to read and respond to these articles as it assists my own growth as well. May Jehovah's richest and most loving blessing be with you!!!

    • profile image

      Belinda Burch 

      11 years ago

    • profile image

      mr b 

      11 years ago

      I think the article was great! If Truth Is keeps this up a lot of ears will be opened as well as minds. Keep up the good writing!!!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I found the article well-spoken and very informative! It provokes thought and self examination and challenges one to be honest with themself. I applaud the author.


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