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Vintage Anecdotes of Bitterness

Updated on July 16, 2012

After publishing this hub, I have terrible feeling that I will be very much ashamed. I guess I will be ashamed of the fact that I was a bitter and a certified “I-hate-you-world” kid back in high school. Just yesterday, I was rummaging my closet where I placed my old stuff. I was a little surprised that the notebook where I use to write my angry poems is still under my possession. With some hint of chills down my spine, I opened it and found myself teary eye while laughing how furious I was about young love and friendship. All I can say is that a bitter gourd will surely make a run for its money.

So now, I would want to share to the world some of my written anecdotes of bitterness. Without further ado, here they are…


I bought two new MC’s
At a mall’s Odyssey (Music Store)
Then I went to a Saleslady
To pay this cheap CD

Then I saw a girl that’s trendy
Oh men, she’s listening to LP (Linkin Park)
Oh, I remember a painful tragedy
I can’t listen to the music of LP
Though its rock, for me it’s a sorrowful melody
‘Cause it brings back the memory

I was under a cinema marquee
There, I saw a pretty lady
Who’s there for the movie
She looks very happy and jolly
Oh men, she’s chewing a choco candy
With a cute face of a teddy

Oh, I remember a painful tragedy
I can’t eat just a bit of chocolate teddy
Though it’s sweet, for me it taste bitterly
‘Cause it brings back the memory

This is where I draw the line. I will keep quiet about the connection of Linkin Park and the choco teddy in the story. But honestly, I die laughing while reading such pathetic rants of mine. I guess all those painful and tragic memoirs of the past have gone all out of the window.


My Pride

I always wait for the time
For you to say you love me
I always wait for the time
For you to appreciate me
You always hurt my feelings
You make huge, all the small things

Now, I’m emotionally bruised, because of you
I’m tired of being with you and what you do
I wanna be free like a fish in the sea

After all the things I’ve done
After all the sacrifices I’ve gone
After I’ve given you a lot
Now my heart is broken like a pot
After all, my pride is the one thing left that I got

Aw. Talk about heartaches and pains during high school days. These words are so sincere and it utters unbearable pain just like Adele singing “Rolling in the Deep”. The only difference is, I think, are the similes. My goodness, I was able to compare myself to a fish that desires to be in the sea and my heart to a broken pot! *I shoot my head off while laughing*


Dumb A** Cheater

I memorized all of your lines
‘Coz I’ve heard it a million times
You always promise me you’ll change your ways
But nothing happened through the passing of the days
You told me I’m the one you love with all your heart
Then the truth’s reveal and you broke my heart apart

I’m floating in the ocean of your lies
And you let me drown and die
I don’t need your words
“Cause they are untrue
And what I’m gonna do
Is eras you, forget you
Leave you in my past chapter
Now I’m gonna live my life
Dumb A** Cheater

Wow, this is so juicy, no? Who cheated on me back in high school? As of this moment, nobody cares. I have forgotten everything after 10 years although I will never forget a few grammar concerns with this one.

These are just three poems, rants or collection of angry words I have in my poem notebook. Upon reading the entire whole of it, I realized so many things. Hurtful past might bruise us. It might break us into pieces but it can make us stronger and wiser.


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    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 5 years ago from MNL, PH

      @kerlynb - hahaha, thank you kabayan! your comment just made me smile. yes, i agree, it is so fun to reminisce..well,at least all by myself. That lucky person is married now and she didn't invite me to her wedding (sad). But we are friends but not as good friends back in High school! Thank you @kerlynb! Your comment is very much appreciated! Kampai! :)

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Kabayan, have to vote this one up, funny, interesting, and... cheesy? LOL! My bad! Know what, if you could just try to remember for whom you wrote your high school literary masterpieces and show the pieces to that person, then you and that lucky person might be in for a good chuckle... and reminiscing :)

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      hey vox, i will. i will be proud of those despite some grammar issues. thanks for reading :)

    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 6 years ago

      Great idea for a hub! Funny, too. You should be proud! I used to find my own literary pieces in my closet, but they all ended up in the garbage can.

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      Oh, thank you Deborah. Those are written straight from the heart of a broken-hearted young man! I am so glad that you appreciate such :)

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow.. I can remember those days my teen years in school writing my sorrows and feelings.. tears of pain and joy.

      these are quite good. Love your poems