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How to Make Your Wedding Scrapbook

Updated on November 16, 2011

How to Make Your Wedding Scrapbook

How to make a wedding scrapbook

When all the wedding vows have been said, the dress worn and the dust settled on your big day, you'll want to start thinking of saving many of those cherish wedding day memories. Perhaps you should preserve that beautiful event perfectly in a wedding scrapbook all of your own?! Considering the fact that people scrapbook everything now from holidays to the birth of babies, your wedding is the best occasion for making into a memento album.

There are numerous kinds of ways you can go about creating your wedding scrapbook. Some brides-to-be initiate their albums once they get engaged. As a result, you are able to chronicle all the details of the planning, various showers and all of the exciting build-up to the special day.

Yet, if your wedding is approaching fast, don’t fret, starting a wedding scrapbook now, or maybe following the wedding, is equally as simple to do also.

And for people who had weddings that could have happened years ago, your wedding scrapbook can not only detail the events of the wedding day, but you will also gain great comprehension of what marriage was like those initial few years. In retrospect, the certain memories from your wedding day might stand out clearer than others, giving your scrapbook a distinctive feel.

Regardless of when you choose to set up your wedding scrapbook, there are several essential items that you'll need. Should you be already a veteran scrapbooker, you will likely have many of the supplies already on hand. For those newer scrapbookers, go to your local stationary or hobby store to collect the fundamental memory album items. Wedding keepsake albums, detailed with themed scrapbooking materials, are available and make the job a breeze. But if you like to personalize the book together with your wedding theme and colors, then you might have to conduct some assembling yourself.

First, gather all the pictures and wedding memorabilia for instance invitations, programs, napkins, table settings, etc., that you might want to use in the scrapbook. This should help you get a rough idea of how large of an album to decide on and how much material you will want for the project. Decide if you need to make the wedding scrapbook just about the bride and groom, or maybe you intend to heavily feature the wedding party, friends and family, the ceremony locale and the reception hall. Even the honeymoon could be put in the scrapbook to paint an entire picture of your wedding journey.

From there, you could start deciding on scrapbooking material including the album itself, the cardstock and decorated pattered paper for the pages, adhesives to attached the pictures and memorabilia to the paper, and decorate stickers or pens to include that extra something special to the scrapbook. Always choose acid-free materials, which keeps your photographs and wedding memorabilia from fading.

Map out a good plan of what all you want the album to incorporate and get to scrapbooking! For anyone who is feeling stuck or nervous to start, begin laying out pages and the scrapbook will quickly take shape. The album is focused on you, your spouse along with your big day, so there is no right or wrong way to capture your wedding. Make the wedding scrapbook unique and make it yours.

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