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What Is the Meaning of Love? Signs of True Love That Most People Do Not Know About

Updated on February 9, 2010

What is the meaning of love? Most people do not recognize the signs of true love. There's so much confusion about this that many people who find true love end up just throwing it away.

Could this happen to you?

Sadly, yes… you may have already done this. While you’re so busy looking for true love, you may have already found it and thrown it away — probably many times. There’s no need to feel bad — we’ve probably all done it. By understanding the true meaning of love, you can have a better chance of finding it and holding on to it when you have it.

The problem is that most people don’t recognize true love even if it hits them in the face. Most people are confused about the true meaning of love — and it is one of the common causes of unhappiness.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that true love is easy to find.

Even with millions of singles out there, true love is still very hard to find. Why? It’s just human nature. We usually don’t hit it off with many people. The reality of the situation is that most singles are only compatible with few people they meet. And worse, the ones that they can get along with may not be attracted to them; it’s just as likely for them not to find others attractive.

True love is usually hard to find not only for singles, but also for some unfortunate married people. What makes matters worse is that the true meaning of love is not what you think it is.

What is the biggest misconception about true love?

Most people think that true love is about true romance — that it’s about having great chemistry with that special person.

Of course, you can have true love and true romance. You can have great chemistry with your true love. However, true romance or great chemistry is not enough. Sadly, many relationships fall apart when couples start to feel that they have lost their romance or chemistry. This huge mistake is a contributing factor for millions of break-ups and divorces. This is a devastating consequence of so many people not understanding the true meaning of love.

The Meaning of Love Involves Devotion For True Friends and Lovers

What is the True Meaning of Love? Lasting True Love Involves Devotion

The purest essence of true love involves devotion. Devotion involves having profound dedication and attachment for another person — this is the true meaning of love. Relationships with true love and devotion can transcend time and extremely difficult situations.

When you’ve found true love and devotion with someone in your past — even if you’ve been apart for a long time due to circumstances beyond your control — if you find each other again, it would be like you’ve never been apart. This can explain why people separated for decades end up getting together and “falling in love” all over again.

My view of true love changed when I started working with patients in the community as a Case Manager. I’m sure I have seen glimpses of true love when I was working in the hospital. But, due to my immaturity — especially when I was in my 20s — and my misconception about the true meaning of love, I didn’t recognize it that often.

I’m so grateful for the changes I’ve made in my career. I’ve learned so many lessons about life and love. Although I’ve met some unhappy couples, I’ve also gotten to know couples happily in love for over 60 years. I have often seen true love and devotion in action:

  • Spouses and partners lovingly devoting their life to caring for their sick loved ones.
  • Physicians, lawyers, corporate executives and other people giving up their career to devote more time for care-giving and supporting their loved ones.
  • Ex-husbands and ex-wives caring for their ex-spouses until death parts them. For these couples, their divorces did not end their true love — they were there for their loved ones to the very end.

True love is not just about great romance or chemistry with someone. The true meaning of love involves friends, family members, ex-spouses, lovers, partners and other people who truly love and devote themselves to their loved ones — when they need love the most.

Your true love — like your true friends — are people who are there for you no matter what happens. This is truly unconditional love.

In my line of work, I'm so grateful that I often see true love in action. This involves people who continue to love each other through difficult situations, including bankruptcy due to medical problems, cancer and other catastrophic illnesses, paralysis and other disabilities, psychiatric and neurological issues, loss of bladder and bowel control, hearing loss and blindness as well as other loss of function.

True love transcends time and difficult situations. If you’re only looking for great romance or chemistry, you’re risking your heart for something that probably will not last.

Do you think a relationship with great romance or chemistry can overcome chronic stress, unemployment, financial problems, illness and other pressures from day-to-day living? Most likely not.

When you evaluate your relationship, don’t just focus on great romance or chemistry. Instead, focus on having love and devotion as the real gauge of a lasting relationship.

You do have to kiss a lot of “frogs” to find the “prince” or “princess” that can possibly offer you true love and devotion. You can give yourself an edge by using online dating services or single's services in your area. You have to have a lot of choices to avoid having to settle for an unsatisfying relationship. You deserve to have lasting true love and devotion for the rest of your life.


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