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what to do when your girlfriend wants you to leave her alone

Updated on December 15, 2010


Let me say that again Don't!

Do not leave her alone.

She is not a man.  Men mean it when they say 'leave me alone', women mean something else altogether.

Women, on the other hand, say it to make sure you understand that they need you.

That this very moment, nobody else in the world even exists for her, just you.

What to do when your girlfriend wants you to leave her alone?

Go to her, hug her, ask her what happened.

Tell her you are sorry (just tell her) and then listen.

Hold her close and listen.

Dont judge, dont comment, dont say anything like 'but baby'


Just be there for her, as she wants her man to be.


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    • profile image

      newly lonely tom 5 years ago

      what if you are being replaced by eastenders??!!

    • profile image

      RCAugust 4 years ago

      Even better thing to do --


      NO -- MEANS NO!!

      If you are able, return her tokens of affection. Make her "goodbye" YOUR "goodbye" as well.

      Remember, if you violate her wishes, YOU CAN BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH RAPE, ASSAULT, BATTERY, or with whatever SHE chooses to charge you.

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      No - she needs to be taught to say what she means. Do exactly as she says. If she has a problem with it, dump her immediately.

    • profile image

      wtf 3 years ago

      RCAugust and john you're both completely ignorant. Why read an article about comforting a g/f and then criticize and say to just leave and dump her if she is upset? Men and women both say things they don't necessarily mean when they aren't thinking straight. Unless you really don't care about the girl you're dating fine, say bye, walk out the door and dump her. If you really, truly love her why would you ever treat her like that? Even if she says to go away, the way both of you would treat it is immature and just plain stupid. You both sound like your about 15 years old so maybe that's why your views on relationships are so skewed. Take my advice (even tho we all know you won't) READ THIS AND BURN IT INTO YOUR BRAIN! These tips are imperative to understanding women and will help you to be a great b/f,fiancé,and husband. Believe me if you want a stress free, easy, fun, NO DRAMA relationship take these tips and utilize them in your relationship not only will you be in her eyes "the best b/f ever!!!" but you will in others and your own eyes. If you wana just be douchebags then disregard all of this and stay as far away from a woman as possible.

    • profile image

      layla4096 3 years ago

      Yeah they are so right

    • profile image

      layla4096 3 years ago

      when they said to leave them alone it is when they need you the most.

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