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what you can say, when asked " what help us fall in love.. our brain or our heart?

Updated on March 9, 2013
I got the heart from a Face book friend and I love.
I got the heart from a Face book friend and I love. | Source

I was so fascinated by the question “what help us fall in love…our brain or our heart?” that I thought about it and I wondered where love is actually felt? Why does love relate more to the heart and not the brain?  The answer to the question is within the purview of human knowledge. From my knowledge of medicine or even common biology, the brain is a part of the central nervous system where the various levels of integrations are performed, depending on the part of the brain involved. While the heart act like a pump that pumps blood to the various parts of the body.


In essence the heart is a component of the cardiovascular system while the brain is a component of the nervous system. The two systems perform different functions though they depend on each other. For instance the brain receives blood, while the heart receives innervations. We think and reason with our brain, and we also store some information, as a memory, in our brain. Therefore, for one to love one must know why one loves, which means one thinks about a person or an object, and it’s attributes that maybe unique. One can only love what one has seen, felt, or heard, or, at least, what one knows and believes exists, even if it cannot be seen.


It can rightly be said that the art of love starts with the special senses which are connected to the brain. Even one that is blind and deaf does get into the love arena at least they such a one can feel or smell thing or being and then fall in love.  Then if the brain is necessary for the initiation of love, why is the heart more connected with love especially, in literary?  I can say that if love must be in pristine condition, then it must be kept in the heart and not in the brain.


It is said that love is blind and some say that lovers are fools. The statement means that lover no longer use their brain. They use their heart. Lovers do not count wrongs; they overlook all things that would hinder their love for each other. That is why they do not use their brain to think and check the wrongs things done or evil done against them, so they are fools because fools are those asked to use their brain.


The heart of any thing is the most important part of it. Therefore, only someone or any thing that is so important can be kept in the heart, which is a treasure store. We keep love in our heart to sustain it, if truly we want it to last forever. Then we can say, “For as long as my heart beats, I will always love you.”  


Love cannot be seen, it is abstract, an emotion which we know exists because we feel it and such things are felt and kept in the heart which is a part of the body that, literarily, understands, and feels strong emotions. Therefore, the heart is a place we feel and keep something we do not want to lose because we want to keep it for a life time.


Finally, it is compelling to know that the brain starts the initiation of love but the heart is the place we feel and keep love, if we really want it to be a love that will last forever.


The heart is the treasure store of true lovers.


By N.K David

Author of the book,

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

A must read for humanity

Published by author house. Available on online stores worldwide




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