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What Kind of Women Do Men Love

Updated on April 30, 2013

Many women are wondering what traits that are attractive to men. What kind of woman do men fall in love with? While everyone is different, there are a few types of women that tend to do well in relationships.

>>>> Women who are kind. It's an overused phrase, but guys like a woman who is nice. Sure, you may feel like you're in a bad mood all the time, but chances are, your guy isn't going to put up with that for very long. If you want to know what kind of woman do men fall in love with, its women that they can feel open and vulnerable around. If you're always on edge and never willing to show kindness and compassion to the people around you, your guy isn't going to feel safe.

>>>> Women who are interesting. Sure, guys are always attracted to beauty, but at some point, you're probably going to have a conversation. Men want to know that their partner is intelligent, has interests, and has goals in life. A woman who is just meandering through the world without any real direction generally isn't very attracted. When a man feels as though the woman in his life is passionate about certain areas or subjects, he wants her to feel the same passion towards himself. Women who pursue hobbies and are ambitious in their lives tend to have strong romantic relationships as well.


>>>> Women who are maternal. In understanding what type of woman do men fall in love with, it may seem strange to bring up maternal, rather than sexy. However, men, like all of us, want to be taken care of. A woman who takes the extra step and brings over chicken soup when he's sick or looks out for his well-being is extremely attractive to most men. We all want to be babied at time and a woman who is willing to take care of her guy generally finds a partner pretty quickly. You don't want to be a nag, but taking on some of the better maternal instincts generally work out well.


>>>> Women who don't always put themselves first. Many times women get into the mindset of being princesses. They think that the guy should have to put forth all the effort. However, women who are willing to be involved in their man's activities and hobbies are extremely attractive. If your man likes sports, going with him to sports game is a great idea. Women who show that they are able to put their guy's priorities ahead of their own periodically are always attractive towards guys. It doesn't have to be every day, but making time for his plans is a great idea.

These are some of the basic traits in women that tend to attract men. In understanding what kind of woman do men fall in love with, this is a basic guide to the basics of attraction for men. For anyone who is tired of not attracting men, using these tips to get a guy are some of the best ways to get him to fall hard.


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