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How to Increase His Likelihood of Remaining Faithful

Updated on September 7, 2021

Women all want the same thing

As women, we all want one very important thing from our relationship and that is undying, unshakeable, love from the man in our life. The deepest most warm and tender love, that for him is intense and adoring. When he thinks of you, he feels that he has made the best decision of his entire lifetime. .. that he has struck gold. Whether we want to face it or not, in a marriage relationship we have a natural role and function, which we must fulfill in order for the relationship to thrive. Yes the man in your life has a job to do as well but your focus should not be to work on him, you must work on you. If you work on the important required attributes in yourself, you will find that the man in your life has eyes for no one but you.

These important attributes are necessary for kindling the kind of love, devotion and single-minded focus that you want from the man that you love.

Does He Only have Eyes for You?

Many women feel that they have this kind of love because he tells you he loves you, and remembers your birthday, and takes you to dinner, and gives you anything you could ask for, but these are praiseworthy attentions that do not prove real love. Many men do this out of a sense of duty without any feelings of real love. These genuine feelings of love have to be inspired in a man, and a woman must have knowledge of the principles which awaken those feelings in him.

If marriage is a goal for you, do you know if you possess the qualities that will make him pant only for you? For some of us women, these traits are inborn, and for others they may have to be learned or in some cases relearned.

So the question remains. Are you the ideal woman from a man’s point of view?

A man’s idea of the perfect woman is different from a woman’s idea of the perfect woman. What we admire in other women is not necessarily what a man is looking for in us. The things we frown upon in other women, are often the very things that are appealing to a man. Ever seen a couple and wondered how on earth did that dowdy looking girl snag that hunk? Hmmm, it’s all in the combination of key qualities she possesses, which are irresistible to him.

Women admire poise, talent, intelligence, self-sufficiency, and physical attractiveness in other women. But men admire something else....


Freshness and Radiance

A Trusting Woman Fascinates a Man

The characteristics that a man finds most appealing in a woman can be divided into two categories. And for a woman to be successful in winning and keeping his love she must have traits from both categories. They are divine qualities and vulnerable qualities.

Vulnerable Qualities

The vulnerable qualities in a woman are those characteristics which appeal to the boy inside a man. They the same qualities that led to his first elementary school crush and they are as follows:

A charming and fascinating manner:-

Ask Yourself:

  • Am I alluring and exciting in my mannerisms and interests? Is it easy for me to smile.
  • Can I demonstrate childlike and girlish emotions – can I genuinely ask a man to save me from a bug, or lend me a shoulder to cry at the end of a sad movie? Am I actually a little giddy at times?

Tender ways towards other living things

  • Do I have a love of animals and nature?

Radiant Happiness

  • Can I be truly cheerful inspite of trying circumstances?
  • Do I have the ability to make a man laugh out loud? – Do I have a sense of humor? Am I always looking at things positively?


Dependent and trustful

  • Am I paranoid and mistrusting or can I trust a man and be dependent enough for him to feel I need him?


  • Am I comfortable in conveying changing emotions such as happiness, mischievousness, playfulness, or even a little sadness?

Fresh Appearance and health

  • Do I appreciate my natural beauty enough to just take a bath and go. Or do I have to do a two hour ritual of make up and control garments to make sure I look outwardly perfect?
  • Am I health conscious and energetic?


  • Am I naturally able to play my submissive role so that men feel strong and protective around me?
  • Or do I prefer to always show that I can do it just as well as he can?

A graceful way about you

  • Am I gentle and lady like or am I inclined to be rough and uncouth at times?

My Own Experience

In my own experience, the femme fatale was an absolute no no!! Vulnerability was weakness! I thought it was necessary to demonstrate my toughness and resilience and my independence at all times. My favorite line was, "I can do this alone!!! I don't need you or any man for that matter." Well you can imagine my surprise when I learned that this was not something that I needed to be saying. I could never really understand why the man in my life was so affected whenever I would act like I did not need him. I have learned with time to relax more and trust more. I felt that physical beauty and academic achievement and a good head on my shoulders was the perfect prescription for snagging and keeping a man....

It has taken great effort for me to accept the fact that my playful and funny, and "weaker" side was just as desirable, and beneficial to my relationship, but it has yielded great results.

These vulnerable and girlish qualities, believe it or not, are exquisitely appealing to a man. A woman who possesses these qualities will amuse and fascinate her man and also bring out his natural protective masculine instincts. He will want to shelter and care for you. You are the sweet, sexy, fascinating, unaffected little girl from his 7th grade class. You make him feel complete and manly.

Examples: Marilyn Munroe and Anna Nicole Smith are two women who were perfect examples of this type of femme fatale that men find irresistible. may turn your nose up at the femme fatales out there but just Make sure you work on your femme fatale....he is intrigued by it. But it is not enough to win 100% of his love!

Divine Qualities

The divine qualities in a woman appeal to the aspiring adult in a man. This is the part of him that needs a woman who plays a stabilizing and motivating force in his life for him to be complete.

A woman’s divine qualities are as follows:

Ask Yourself:

A Loving, Kind and Humane Character

Am I generous, and courteous, being mindful and concerned about the needs of others?

Am I patient and even-tempered even in the most trying circumstances?

Am I intelligent, forward thinking, and prudent. Wise in words and actions?

Understands men –

Can I give him comfort, understanding, true sympathy, and friendship?

Can I rejoice with him in victory and sympathize with him in defeat?

Can I protect his masculine pride?

Can I accept him at face value and make him number one?

Inner peace and happiness

Do I have a tranquil, calm spirit that radiates to others?

Am I truly happy inside my soul?

Domestic Queen

Can I cheerfully manage and maintain an orderly home?

How well do I cook? Can I do it nearly every day because I love my man and my kids and they have to eat? 

Can I be happy raising children, and can I devote myself unselfishly to that?

Should domestic responsibilities cause me to neglect my own appearance or make me miserable and unapproachable?

A woman who has these divine qualities creates a feeling of security and stability for a man. He will see her as someone who he can share his hopes and even his fears with, and she will understand and accept him inspite of his weaknesses, never belittling him. A woman with these qualities brings a man feeling of peace. He knows that his children are safe with her and that he will not come home to chaos or indifference. These are very important to a man’s mental state within a relationship. A woman with a strong divine nature has character and purpose, which can motivate a man to improve himself, because she understands the highest ideals he wants to strive for.

All work and no play makes Lucille a dull girl...a woman who is all about wifehood and motherhood and career aspirations and loving support, unfortunately is not enough to win 100% of a man's love....strange right??? Believe it my sisters!

Tie It Together

One might ask, “Why would a man want anything other than the woman who has a highly divine character?” or “ Why would a man want anything other than a woman with a vulnerable character?”

The answer to that lies in the fact that there has to be balance.

A woman who has only girlish qualities, and is unable to cook or manage the household and childrearing, or be frugal with spending family finances, will still produce some stressful challenges for any normal average man. A childish, and playful woman who is very self-absorbed may not be very conscious of her man’s needs. By not understanding men, she would not have the insight or intellectual interest to be a good companion, or appreciate his career aspirations. That can pose a problem.

On the flip side, the woman of a strongly divine character, although she is a solid rock, is often too independent, or lacks the ability to trust her man without condition, she will not stir up those protective parts of his love that are important to him, and to her, in an overall sense. If she forgets to have a sense of humor, and allows the seriousness of life to take away her ability to smile, she may miss out on all of his love as well.

The truth of the matter is that there are many strong inspiring women who stand by their man. They are wonderful devoted mothers and homemakers, all the while encouraging their husband to greatness, but if they lack those adorable human, and vulnerable qualities which a man finds irresistible, they may fail to win their man’s true love....their man will lack something vital to him within the relationship.

On the other hand, if a woman who is playful and childlike in character is too self-centered, to notice a man’s needs or to be a good mother and homemaker, she too will only win a part of her man's total capacity for love.

Is it possible for a woman to possess all the traits required to successfully win true undying love from her man? Absolutely! It just means that some self-analysis will be required and then begin the work of developing those parts of your character which you find to be lacking in this magic formula.

If you feel that its too late to turn it around, it is not too late. Just do your homework and begin to work on those parts of yourself that either need to become a little more serious and organized and supportive, or those parts of yourself that need to lighten it up a little, let your hair down, and have some fun.


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