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How to manage your relations & conflicts ?

Updated on July 19, 2019

Family Relations

John ...manages his
John ...manages his

How to manage your relations?

When you live in this world, there are various types of complex interactions happening. The interactions with family members, friends, people in the community and unknown people around you. As your field of play increases, the complexity and conflicts of interactions also goes on increasing. That means at some point, we should manage the complexities. If management is proper then chances of conflicts are always less but on the other side if person is less experienced and fails to deal with relations and management then occurrence of misunderstandings, quarrels and sometimes separation is the outcome. So to say for these above reasons there should be proper way to learn the management and how to handle conflicts.

You need to understand the limitations in behavior and the capabilities of these thousand people have to interact and react next to you. what you can do ? Try to learn and get the experience from every good or bad experience in the relations, only then will you have the power to move the situations; the way you want it to go.

The closer the relationship, more efforts you should make to understand me. This is exactly what you are doing to yourself and to your relationships, with your understanding you can create situation where you better. That does not mean you should underestimate and put down the emotions of other or your family member. If you are expecting the other to understand and comply with you all the time then it is impossible because for each and every situation there are two sides. If you don’t understand the limitations, the possibilities the needs and the capabilities of that person then conflict is all that will happen. And here the need to learn about the conflicts in relationship comes in to picture. Perhaps it is always good to speak and face the conflicts because fearing about what will happen or hurting someone’s emotions will lead to losing beloved once. Unfortunately, the closet relationships you have fought many more and are still fighting because your line of understanding and there is different.

So now here are some of the relations which always needs management against conflicts.

-Family based relationships

-Friends and group of them.

-Dating and romance

-Girlfriend or boyfriend

-flirting inside the friend circle

-abusive people

-finding compatible life partner

-interfaith relationships

-long distance relations

-Relatives and community

-work place and managing the professionalism

-how to behave with unknown people

There are wonderful people around you on the same platform there are people once in a while they like to go crazy for a few minutes. If you don’t understand that, you will lose them. All the people are different, nobody is perfect and every relation is different and it is necessary to analyze it; if leading in conflicts. Whether it’s a question of personal relationship or professional management, you need understandings; otherwise you won’t have faithful relationships.

Enjoy the healthy and happy relations by handling, resolving the problems by better communication leave the fear to speak and think logically to the problem and just talk wisely towards the issue. It is always better for you to decide together or in group rather than running out from the situation. Quarrels can happen sometimes or moving out of the thing. If the other person is mistaking all the time just leave.

Conclusion is solving it or move out.


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    • apeksha profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from India.

      thanks amjad..

    • apeksha profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from India.

      thanks rajkamal

    • Raj kamal profile image

      Raj kamal 

      11 years ago from Guntur, A.P., India

      Good thoughts.


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