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You Won $50M In The Lotto! Would You End Your Relationship?

Updated on May 13, 2013

Living The Dream...

Money Changes Everything...

Every now and then lotto jackpot fever hits which leads people to speculate out loud about how they would change their life. It's not unusual to hear someone say they'd quit their job, buy a dream home, buy a dream car, travel to exotic destinations, help relatives & friends, and donate to charities...etc Just thinking about being truly financially independent gives us a natural high.

Rarely if ever do you hear someone say," I'd file for divorce or break up with my significant other." However it appears that many people quietly contemplate not only breaking away from their dead end jobs but also breaking free of their "dead end relationships". It's possible a mutual struggle has been the glue which has held them together. Maybe deep down inside one or both of them secretly feels they "settled" or could have done better but decided to try and make things work.

With Money Comes Options

Suddenly millions of dollars fall into their lap and the idea of starting a whole new life takes hold in their mind. Annoying things you use to "put up with" no longer seem worth tolerating. In some instances it's the spouse who files for divorce in order to get their half of the cash to start a new life. In other cases couples that have been content living together or enjoying their long term relationships while telling the world, "We're Married In Our Hearts"....etc suddenly find themselves arguing about taking "the next step" Historically one or the other has been gun shy about taking the plunge but now that their significant other is a multi-millionaire the notion of a romantic wedding is seems very appealing.

If you came into sudden wealth....Would you file for divorce or end your relationship?

Below are a couple of interesting stories about people who instantly became wealthy and it affected their marriages.

Article excerpts...

" I've often wondered why the divorce rate has skyrocketed the last 50 years.

I once asked my mother, who was born during the Depression, if she thought couples argued more now, or had bigger issues with one another."

"No, we had all that," she said. "I think we were just too poor to get divorced."

Lottery winners seem to prove that true. Suddenly, it seems, the belief that you can be taken care of by a windfall of money trumps the belief that you need a husband--or a wife--for your happiness.

Suddenly, men envision a carefree life of younger women and endless parties, and women envision a life unburdened by the fat slob they've been putting up with for years. "

"So far, no one seems to know where Arnim Ramdass is, especially the woman he vowed to spend the rest of his life with. Donna said she didn’t know her husband had won the lottery until a postcard arrived in the mail and, thanks to the almighty Google, Donna discovered he was, in fact, a lottery winner. Before she had the chance to formally address the matter with her husband, Arnim Ramdass disappeared and is still nowhere to be found....."

Most wedding vows state "for richer or poorer".

According to statistics financial problems are a leading cause for divorce. It's ironic to see so many people are ready to jump ship once the riches roll in.

If the lack of money is keeping you with your mate, odds are you're not happy with your relationship. Staying together because you're poor is no better than getting married because your spouse is rich.

In both instances your heart & soul are bankrupt.....


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