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Zazzle party favor sticker quality

Updated on September 24, 2014

So you need custom made stickers for your diy projects or party favors...

This lens is a photographic review of Zazzle stickers. As a designer on Zazzle, sticker is the first product I've designed and sold. I know the majority of my customer buys stickers for DIY wedding favors, as holiday gift tags, return address labels and envelope seals. I hope that this lens will benefit my fellow Zazzlers and customers when designing and using stickers.

Zazzle offers 7 different sticker shapes to choose from. The standard circle, square, rectangle, oval, heart, triangle and star shape.

Zazzle stickers: an overview

Here are the three sets of stickers I ordered: initial A monogram stickers, THANK YOU stickers with a solid background, and bookplates stickers with photo graphic. (Those would be as a gift for my dad). These sticker sheets are glossy, all with the Zazzle logo on the left corner and its bar code & item number on the right corner.

Gradient color and safe area

Here is a closeup of my letter A initial faux silver monogram stickers. I have this design in a gradient color to mimic a metallic texture. The end result in no means looks like real silver foil, but I think at a glance they are passable. The "shiniest" part is just white, so technically I have a a line of white at the center.

The only thing I have a grip about is the cut line. Most of the silver border is not included in the final product. In the design view during customization, the red dotted line is actually the cut line, not just a safe area, which Zazzle indicates may get trimmed or cropped. No, that red line IS the edge of the sticker. Since sticker design does include my border in the preview, I thought that would be included in the sticker.

Close up of my THANK YOU stickers

Again, I didn't think how close the crop line would be and placed my swirl ornamentation too close to the border. It was a minor thing and I didn't want to return it to Zazzle, but I will definitely keep it in mind when I make stickers next time.

With this design, I just selected a color from Zazzle background palette and that becomes my background color. (You may also input a desired hex number in the field.) I have to say it matches very closely with what I saw on my monitor. If you are very particular on how the color prints out. I would suggest calibrating your computer monitor first. A color will look different from one computer monitor to the next. You don't want to be disappointed if you are set on getting red but got magenta instead.


The red dotted line is the edge of the sticker. Important design element should stay inside the red dotted line with ample spaces in between. Now you are ready to design your own stickers.

Zazzle stickers are glossy

The colors are deep and rich. The surface is highly glossy.

Is Zazzle stickers writable?

Many designers made gift tags using Zazzler stickers. Since it is so glossy, I worry about its writability. I used a regular ball point pen and wrote "hello" on the surface. It actually took me a couple of tries to get some ink on. Oh yeah, and it smears.

Ball point pen vs permanent ink pen

I gave it another go with a permanent ink pen. This time it didn't smear, but the ink beaded together and the lines are not sharp at all. Maybe my permanent ink pen is old, but it was a fancy thin permanent ink pen I got for my drafting class back in college. The surface of Zazzle sticker is not absorbent at all. If you ever want to write on Zazzle stickers, I would highly suggest a nice thick permanent marker.

If you need easily writable gift tags or name tags...

I'd suggest getting Avery gift tag labels. They are easily writeable, printable on your home printer, and they come in 3 different sizes.

Peel and stick

The stickers are easy to peel and has a substantial thickness.

Stickers as envelope seals

Good and sticky

If you don't press the sticker down too hard, they could be re-position. However, there is sticker residue. Apply more pressure and the sticker will stick for good.

Can I get Zazzle stickers wet?

I think someone raised a question of whether Zazzler stickers can withstand water and moisture in general. Well, here's my little experiment. I placed one of my monogram stickers on a travel size shampoo bottle.

A splash of water later...

I ran some water on my shampoo tube. Water just beaded up on its glossy surface. So far it is holding up well. Base on this observation, you can safely use Zazzle stickers on items that might potential get wet, such as homemade wedding bubble tubes, mini water bottles, travel size wine bottles, or lotion tubes.

A shower later...

I decided to run a more rigorous test. I brought the tube with me in a shower. The sticker is not submerged in the water, but it did get splashed on constantly for about 15 minutes. This time the stickers does show some wear. The surface wrinkled with a bit of bubble, the edges looks like it finally absorbed some water. The color stay put and did not bleed. The sticker did not peel yet, but I think it might if I let it sit in a wet and steamy shower again.

Now that you know what Zazzle stickers are like...

Browse some sticker designs by other designers below. If you wanna see the ones featured in the title picture, or those I ordered to show you guys in this lens, please see the stickers category in my store, FidesDesign.

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    • RadaFrancis LM profile image

      RadaFrancis LM 

      6 years ago

      Great lens :) I love zazzle stickers! I never tested out the water-proof qualities though ;)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for more excellent information! Awesome:) Very appreciative as a Zazzle designer.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Another great informative lens. Thanks for doing this

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very informative lens. I had no idea that the red line was the CUT line and not the SAFE area. Don't want to think about what some of my stickers might look like :/ Great lens though


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