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All about my Zazzle Gallery

Updated on January 21, 2013

Stop by my Zazzle Gallery!

I became a huge fan of Zazzle a few years ago after my wedding, I came across a banner that said "Customize your own postage stamps!" I uploaded a picture of our wedding rings, made the stamps that I used for my thank you cards, and then people started buying them! I was totally amazed, and I still get excited every time I get the email "Your Zazzle product has been purchased!" Since then I've added the Rings picture to several other products, some which have sold, some that haven't. I've also expanded and added lots of other pictures to products! Check out the Flickr slideshow for a sampling, or stop by My Zazzle Gallery to see them all!

Please vote for my Zazzle Gallery!

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    • AnaGajic LM profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      Great lens!