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Bhagavatha Purana - Part VII

Updated on December 24, 2011

Krishna with boxers, krishna kills Kamsa and meet his parents in prison.

Killing of Kamsa and release of parents from prison!

Boxers were ready to demonstrate their strength and skills. At first, several renowned boxers in the city fought within themselves. The ultimate winner will challenge the viewers.Both Krishna and Balarama went inside and sat in the gallery meant for common people so that they could not be spotted by the spies of Kamsa. Hence they assumed ordinary features hiding their princely ornaments etc., The grand events commenced amidst the beating of drums. Kamsa was seated in a throne studded with jewels. All his aids were seated on an elevated dais and they were enjoying the fist fight of the boxers. One by one, many boxers conceded their defeat at the hand of an expert boxer. When no body is left to defeat, he welcomed anyone from the gathering to come and face him. His words were full of ego. Both the brothers descended from their seats and they were marching fearlessly towards the arena. Now Kamsa could easily judge they were the pair from Gokulam. He could easily identify Krishna with his blue skin and beautiful face. Two boxers engaged the brothers in single combat. Krishna and Balarama allowed the boxers to show their talent and skill for some time. Afterwards, he pounced upon the boxer and engaged him in fierce full fight. In fact, Krishna was dragging the boxer and pulling him towards him and encircled his neck with his tender hands, twisted the neck and the boxer succumbed at once. Likewise, Balarama easily killed the boxer who was mismatch to his strength. Now Krishna moved forward toward the dais and Kamsa was annoyed at the behavior but Krishna pulled him away from his throne and fell him on the steps. Miserably, the symbol head gear of the King fell down and it was moving away indicating the impending event. Krishna sat on the huge body of King Kamsa and delivered mortal blows on his chest. Unable to tolerate the hits, he vomited blood and succumbed to the beatings. The entire crowd watching this scene were spell bound. They were raising huge victory cries. Now all of them were free from the autocratic King Kamsa.

Krishna and Balarama headed for the prison where Krishna's original mother and father are imprisoned. They reached the presence of Devaki and Vasudeva and fell at his feet giving them the glad news of killing of Kamsa. The mother embraced Krishna to her bosom and wept inconsolably. She saw Krishna only once as the baby but once Krishna manifested before them in His divine form to assuage their grief. Now they are seeing the real Krishna in flesh and blood. After long hours, she let him from her motherly clutch. She had to spend many years without seeing Krishna! Only the foster mother Yashodha had the fortune of fondling Krishna!

One more task remained. The father and mother of Kamsa were held captive by Kamsa for many years and Kamsa usurped the Kingdom without the permission of His father. Hence Krishna went to the place where they were kept and fell on their feet. He released them and brought them to the palace. Arrangements were made for assumption of Kingdom by the father of Kamsa. Thus Krishna enabled many miraculous events. He spent many days in the company of his parents and he had a task waiting for him. Before proceeding to the next part, I would like to add few more points. The episodes that happened in Krishna's life is countless. It would become a huge volume. Hence I post only important events in the life of Krishna which merits presentation in hub pages.


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