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Exploring the Depths of Your Thoughts: What's on Your Mind?

Updated on April 10, 2023
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Deborah is currently a Data Analyst. She has changed careers a few times by taking steps towards personal life upgrade. Read and learn how.

What is on your mind?

This is a question that people get asked a lot. Especially when they do not seem to be present in the present. A question that jolts people back from a million miles away even when they are sat just few inches away from the asker. It is one of those questions that can potentially bring out the vulnerability in you.

But today, I ask you this question as someone who wants you to take a step back and focus on exactly how the state of your mind is. So, I ask again. "What is on your mind?"

I want to understand your mental framework. How is your belief system fuelled? I aspire to help you concentrate on the factors that are yielding the outcomes in your life. There's a common misunderstanding among people that their outcomes are solely derived from their own endeavours, execution, and network.

The way in which you perceive and process the world through your mind forms the foundation of an operating system that drives your experiences, relationships, achievements, and the trajectory of your past, present, and future.

So, my job is to force you to confront what exactly is on your mind. How exactly is your mind set?

What is on Your Mind?

Mind Matters: Why Your Thoughts are Key to Your Success and Happiness

I've encountered individuals who engage in similar actions yet struggle to make progress towards their desired goals due to limited and flawed thinking patterns.

The presence of closed-mindedness and flawed mindsets often prevents individuals from envisioning progress in their lives, causing an auto-correct loop that derails them from their desired path.

To clarify, if your thinking patterns remain incongruent with your desired outcomes, your life will continue to align with your thinking instead of your aspirations, regardless of how strong they may be.

Suppose you aspire to achieve career growth by showcasing your talents, grabbing opportunities, gaining visibility, and advancing up the corporate ladder. However, such desires alone won't suffice in realizing your goals if you do not align your thinking with their desire.

Your inner critic, influenced by your childhood, background, and perceived disadvantages, may cause you to doubt your abilities and make you feel unworthy compared to your peers. These negative thoughts may persist throughout life, leaving you feeling unimportant and undervalued.

An individual's negative self-perception stems from childhood experiences, background, and perceived disadvantages, leading them to believe they are not intelligent enough and are undeserving of success. Their self-imposed limitations hinder their personal growth and development.

Mind Over Matter: How to Harness the Power of Your Thoughts for a Better Life

Despite having a desire for change, your life will align with your programmed thinking, auto-correcting your experiences. It's crucial to unravel this powerful infrastructure underneath your life, or you will be trapped in the same cycle. Without addressing it, your efforts will be futile, and things will continue to auto correct against you.

The mind is a crucial determinant of one's success and progress in life. It allows a person to be aware of their experiences, thinking, and reasoning. The mind is also responsible for a person's consciousness and ability to feel.

It's been defined or described as the very core of our existence, and without it, we cannot be truly considered alive. Every time you seek to make progress or elevate yourself in life, it must first be conceived in your mind before it can manifest in reality. This is where the power lies.

Unleashing Your Thoughts: What's on Your Mind and Why it Matters

To achieve your goals, it's not enough to have them on a vision board. They must also be in your heart. Visualisation is a powerful tool, but you must not put the cart before the horse. If you don't fix your thinking first, no matter what strategies you try to introduce into your life based on what you read or hear, they won't work. That's why I'm leading you to reflect on your thoughts. Your mind is a significant power base that determines the results you experience in life. People often don't pay attention to what's going on in their minds. If you don't like what you see in your life, I suggest checking what's going on in your mind.

Psychologically, what constitutes a human mind? The human mind is composed of various elements such as thoughts (considered to be real, tangible substances, and are an essential part of our mental makeup), memory (vital for remembering information), imagination (enables us to create and generate new ideas and experiences), emotions (strong feelings in response to circumstances, relationships, and experiences), willpower (the faculty of the mind that enables us to make decisions and stick to them), knowledge (familiarity or understanding over concept), mindset (a part of your mind that you have a great amount of control over).

The Power of Your Mind: A Look into Your Thoughts

How Your Mindset Shapes Your Life: A Guide To Building Healthy Mindsets

Some elements of your mind are psychological fixtures, which means they remain fixed in place.

As I previously mentioned, the concept of auto-correction is real and happens daily. A person's mindset is comprised of their underlying beliefs, deep-seated opinions, and established attitudes.

Your mindset is essentially your worldview , shaped by your beliefs, attitudes, and interpretations of things. A judgmental mindset leads some people to be suspicious of others' motives, while a critical mindset may make people feel like they can never please anyone. A defeatist mindset, on the other hand, expects failure and sees no hope for success.

Your mindset is a part of your mind that you have significant control over, in contrast to other psychological fixtures.

The state of your mind is a significant determinant of what is likely to happen in your life.

The mindsets we have are not entirely of our own making. However, we must take responsibility for them.

From the time we were young, our underlying beliefs, deep-seated opinions, and conditioning have been shaping our subconscious mind. For instance, if you grew up hearing that men are despicable, that statement might be constantly echoing in your mind. Although you did not create these beliefs, you must assume responsibility for them today. You must take charge and begin to change your thinking, your belief system, and your mindset. If you notice that a particular mindset continues to manifest in your life and it is unhealthy, it means that you need to understand it better and work to change it.

It is important that we have strong belief system. This shapes our thoughts and behaviours. We need to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace new ways of thinking.

We need to review our thoughts and beliefs and identify areas where our thinking may be holding us back from achieving our desires.

We need to unlearn and re-learn positive ways of thinking. I will recommend a book called "The Fixed versus The Growth Mindset" by Carol Dweck.

My second recommendation is the use of affirmations. You will start to speak words that align to your desires by insisting through affirmations.

A profound way to close your blind spots is to seek feedback from others and gain objective insights into who you are and how you behave and gradually replace unhealthy thinking with healthy mindsets.

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Renewal From Within: The New Mindset


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