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Solfeggio Ascension Frequency MI 528 Hz

Updated on November 26, 2009

The Solfeggio 528 Hz frequency is the vibration associated with DNA repair and miracles. If you've already heard of the Solfeggio tones you know they're an ancient healing tool that is creating modern day miracles for many people. It's said that this is used by scientist to repair DNA but I've not read the scientific date to back that up so the jury's still out on that for me. Not that it matters, as this frequency definitely heals, whether it's getting down to DNA or not. If you feel better after hearing the 528 Hz frequency than you did before hearing it, that's all you need to know, right? That's my take, anyway. I've collected a few of the better YouTube versions of this frequency and if you'd like something more involved you can purchase a professional recording from or you can even buy your own tuning fork and try to make the noise yourself! Also be sure to read up on tuning forks and singing bowls.

Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz

I do enjoy the meditation videos these people put out. They are soothing, magical and they work quite well. The pace of the meditation is slow and relaxed and you will not feel overpowered by the sounds as some people sometimes complain about with other videos. Remember, it's the sounds not the video that matters and you don't have to watch it in order to benefit; you can just close your eyes and enjoy the sounds.

Solfeggio 528 hz

I quite like this Solfeggio 528 frequency. Not only is it mythical sounding it's also quite spiritual and uplifting at the same time. You will feel relaxed and receptive to the miracle / DNA frequency if you listen to this, especially if you try it with headphones. If you're into the visuals, watch the video, but if you're more auditory than visual you can just listen to the sounds and the healing will work fine.

Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz

Please be warned that this is a very powerful tuning meditation and the sound could really bother you if you're not in a state where you can be receptive to it. If you're very sensitive to sound or if you're particularly stressed, you may want to wait and try this one when you are feeling better. I'm fairly receptive and I have trouble listening to it unless I'm very tired. Nevertheless it's quite good as far as frequency meditations go and I don't want to discourage you from using it. Just listen to your body before you do.


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