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Tarot Cacciatore

Updated on November 15, 2008

Tarot Cacciatore

Copyright © 2008, Paul DiLillo aka PaulieWalnuts

What the heck is this? Fortune telling cards, tossed together with some Prego®, parmigiana and some spicy poultry? NO… Cacciatore means in Italian, “a hunter” or in a foody sense, a “hunter style.” Chicken Cacciatore (Pollo alla Cacciatore) means Chicken Hunter Style. Chicken Cacciatore is comfort food, rustic or a quick, simple and inexpensive, peasant meal. So…. combining the word Cacciatore with Tarot, we have in essence, “The Tarot Hunter”. A simple way to serve a quick, hearty, healthy and soul nurturing, comforting, fortune-telling meal for the psyche.

And because we are emphasizing the quickness, the simplicity of this fortune-telling tarot reading form, we will only need to use three-cards. One card representing the past, one for the present and one is for the future, or PPF. Three-cards are all you really need; every thing else is in my Prego® opinion, just only redundant, frivolous and time consuming. Especially when your stomach is growling in anticipation the anti pasti, smelling the chicken cacciatore aroma, and bubbling essence and stirring, mouth-watering deliciousness of the juices as they bake in the oven! Mmmmmmmmmmm! Who needs the rest of them cards anyway?

Well we need them for this, recite your question in silence or out loud, whatever way is more comfortable for you. Please, no belching! Shuffle the deck three times, cutting the deck each time. Oh sorry, bless the deck of cards beforehand too, cleanse them similarly to cleaning a chicken but not quite, don’t leave any feathers on either. You can use “Zima Allah Bim, Presto-Change-O, Hocus Pocus, Hail Mary and or… Abracadabra Cacciatore!” Then take the first three cards off the top of the deck. The first card removed, represents the past, the second is the present, and the last is the future. The PPF is ready to reveal the answer to you. Remember, asking the tarot, gambling questions, i.e., winning lotto numbers before they are announced or the Super Bowl winners before the big game is even played is strictly BAD BOY KARMA if you are using the tarot to gamble. Gambling with occult knowledge will never work out. However using astrology to forecast stocks in the stock market is widely used.

As an experiment, I asked the tarot, the winner of the ’06-’07 Super Bowl XLI game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. The cards showed me in the third, future card, the answer for which I was searching. In the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck, the Knight of Swords appeared. Which by the way is a charging white horse, carrying the riding forceful Knight in shining armor in total battle array. He was attacking, blazing a sword and seemingly shouting…”CHARGE!” This card in the upright position was in a very positive position and clearly led me to believe what this card predicted.

The NFL Indianapolis Colts, the AFC champions were represented in the tarot that particular day as that horse and that Knight. If this card were in the upside down position, it would have then meant that the same team would have lost the game, but still played superbly. Although I then knew the winner of the game before the game started. I, a Bear fan was bummed, even though I had a feeling they would lose. Even though I had no intension on gambling, my intensions were purely to satisfy my sport’s insecurity. My karma also prevented me from even thinking about gambling or revealing this information until the game was over; this tarot reading was 24 hours before game time. This present year, the ’07-’08 season the New England Patriot’s vs. the New York Giant’s were to play Super Bowl XLII. It was played very near to the Solar Eclipse in the astrological sign of Aquarius. The U.S. New England state of Massachusetts had their statehood date of February 6. 1788, making it an Aquarius state. This year, February 6, 2008 was the date of the Solar Eclipse date and was a few days after Super Bowl XLII. Ecliptically, that energy was starting to simmer on Super Bowl Sunday in early February. So in this XLII’s game, the tarot showed me in the second-card position of the reading, the present position, upside down Sun-card. This turned out to mean the Solar Eclipse symbolism, which also suggests a blockage of some sort. The future card, third and final card showed a possible indication of the undefeated Patriots could be eclipsed and lose. And they were! The third card was the seven of staves card, upright. This card showed a scraggily, battler, up on a hill, holding a large wooden wand in a protective, horizontal position across his body. He fought off valiantly, six other similar wands that were raised below him in battle, but could not reach him. This card, the Seven of Wands, was the New York Giants.

The tarot for other tasty reasons, for real Cacciatore style too, doesn’t have to use real tarot cards at all. You can also use the many free online tarot-reading sites as well. Most have the same three-card spread-readings; some even have a one-card spread as well. All also have the traditional spreads too, the five-card and ten-card spreads too. They also have a variety of tarot card designs, from the traditional to modern, abstract to Gothic, Renaissance and to the esoterically bizarre. The one-card spread reading is most like the one, small portion of a low, low-cal cacciatore meal! But this tarot reading takes you directly to the answer with out being plucked with the extra cardboard condiments.

So enjoy your Tarot Cacciatore readings for fun or for whatever will get you through the day with piece of mind or piece of gizzard, soul-searching energy or soul Cacciatore. And if you sense a bad situation brooding, be careful because the tarot never lies, it always tells the truth. So if you can handle the truth then proceed with caution, but if not, then stay away from the occult. The tarot is only reflecting what your subconscious mind already knows, but doesn’t know how to uncover it. We all have the ability, but some just don’t know how to groom the spirituality necessary.

So the Tarot Cacciatore deliciously predicts, spicy, fun, informative, truthful, spiritual, some times scary and above all centering, bell ringing clear divination for future events. It brings the answers we are looking for quickly, directly and to the point with certain mysterious integrity on a small scale. So if you’d like to try some Tarot Cacciatore, go to your local New Age butcher, ask them to weigh the bird on their small scale and watch the tarot-balance of your future Cacciatore dreams.

Tarot Images

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck images are in the Public Domain.
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck images are in the Public Domain.


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    • betherann profile image

      Beth Morey 8 years ago from Montana

      This was a fun read. "Bad boy karma" . . . :)