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10 Obscure Urban Legends That'll Leave You Shaking

Updated on August 13, 2017

The Hanging Tree

This one takes place in Texas, in an area called Brazoria. A couple hundred years ago, back when slavery ran rampant in the south, there were two black slaves. These young men had been accused of heinous crimes, thus they were unjustly punished.

These two innocent men were hung from a tall tree and left there, paying for a crime they did not commit.

After the crime, horses would halt under the tree and stay there, not wanting to move any further, their owners having to force them along. The same is said to happen to cars. Anyone who drives up there, their car stalls, leaving them under the tree.

Furthermore, it is said that these two wrong boys appear to any who venture under the tree.

La Llorana

This one, much like The Hanging Tree, also takes place in Texas.

In the 1500s in a small town, La Llorana lived with the man of her dreams and her two young sons. The day before her eldest sons birthday, her husband ventured off on the notion that he was going to buy a present for the son. They waited, and waited, but he never returned.

La Llorana was devastated, having heard rumors that her husband had ran off with a mistress, but she soon got over her abandonment. She fell in love with a wealthy farmer who claimed he could not marry her because of her sons from a precious marriage.

The woman was furious, she ran all the way back home, and before she knew it, she had drowned both of her young boys.

Now that they were out of the way, she hurried back to the farmers home. He spat, disgusted by what she had done to her sons, and told her that he could not marry a murderer.

Having nowhere else to turn, she returned to the lifeless bodies of her sons, the reality of what she had done finally sinking in. She stayed by them, refusing any sort of food or drink until her death finally came.

Now, some say that La Llorana wanders around Texas, searching for her sons.

Lived Once, Buried Twice

This story takes place in the town of Lurgen, more or less a century ago.

This story has two variations, so you decide which one is true.

There was a very sickly woman named Margorie McCall who was presumed dead. She was buried with a ring that was worth a lot during that time, so naturally, grave robbers were drawn to the fresh grave.

They had dug up the casket and had just begun to cut into the woman's finger when she awoke, screaming like a banshee. She had successfully scared the grave robbers off and ended up wandering back home.

Once she had arrived home, she pounded on the door, begging to be let in. Her husband answered, frightened so badly after seeing his supposedly deceased wife that he had fell dead himself, to be buried in her old grave.

Another variation of the tale is that Margorie was very elderly and she had already been widowed when she was buried. Essentially, the grave robbers dig her up and they try to steal her ring by attempting to cut her finger off. She wakes up and wanders back home to a family that's glad to see her. She then passes away a couple years later from natural causes.

An Angel On The Elevator

This one doesn't have a set location other than that it's said to have taken place in a hotel.

There was a woman getting ready to go to sleep one night when she felt the urge to take a look outside of her door. So, she did. She peeped open the door just enough for her to see out of it. To her astonishment, she witnessed a glowing man in white step into the elevator. Shaken by what she saw, she slammed the door shut and hopped into bed, unable to sleep a wink that night.

The next morning, after she had gotten ready for work, she stepped out of her room. There were a few people already waiting in the elevator to which she joined them. When the elevator finally arrived and the metallic door opened, the woman froze on sight. The man in white was standing in the elevator. Having seen this, she quickly decided to take the stairs.

Later that day, she heard that the elevator cord had snapped, sending everyone that was inside to their deaths. The one thing the woman noticed after she had read the newspaper article about it was that the man in white was not accounted for.

Satan's Hollow

In Blue Ash, Ohio, there exists a location that the locals rarely mention for fear that people will seek it out.

You won't find it on any map of Ohio, nor any other official map, but it's not too hard to find once you venture off into the vast area of forest that exists in Blue Ash.

Satan's Hollow is an old storm sewer that has been subject to speculation since it's abandonment. It earned its name after rumors began going around that local satanists were holding rituals and sacrifices, both human and animal, deep within its tunnels. To add to the whole creepy vibe, there's satanic graffiti littering the walls of the tunnel.

Additionally, The Shadowman is a demonic spirit said to still haunt the tunnels and torment any who wander too far in. Not only that, but it's said that screams emanate from Satan's Hollow at night, from or caused by The Shadowman.

The Clifton Bunnyman

During the year of 1904, the residents of Clifton, Virginia, successfully petitioned to have their local-- and cruel, insane asylum shut down. Once it was shut down, the patients had to be transported elsewhere because you can't just release the crazies out onto the town.

While the patients were being transported, it is said that there was an awful accident that left the prisoners free from their bonds. Once police had finally stepped in, all of the patients except one were accounted for.

It was a man by the name of Douglas A. Grifin, who had been locked up and receiving treatment after he had brutally murdered his entire family on Easter Sunday.

Soon after his escape, half eaten rabbits were found hanging from the trees in the area, creating rumors about the patient that hadn't been a found. Soon, it wasn't just bunnies. A man was found hanging from a tree along with more rabbits and the police immediately knew who the culprit was.

It didn't take long for authorities to corner The Bunnyman in a nearby railroad tunnel, where he was flattened by an oncoming train. The townspeople thought that this would be the end of the Clifton Bunnyman, but they were wrong.

Every year, during Samhain, where spirits are able to walk among the living, the Clifton locals report seeing half eaten rabbits hanging from trees. There are also reports of a man in a bunny suit lurking around the railroad tracks, wielding an axe to take unknowing victims back to the spirit world with him.

La Pascualita, The Modern Day Corpse Bride

In Chihuahua, Mexico, La Pascualita stands proudly in the window of her mother's bridal shop, beautifully flaunting off her wedding dress.

.The catch? She's allegedly an embalmed corpse.

The former shop owner was named Pascuala Esparza, she called the mannequin 'La Pascualita', which translates to 'Little Pascuala', or her daughter.

As the legend goes, La Pascualita was preparing for her wedding day when she was bit by a black widow spider and succumbed to the venom. After her death, her mother was so distraught that she had her daughter embalmed and put up in the store as a mannequin.

Others believe that La Pascualita is merely a wax dummy, but look at the close up pictures taken of her, do you really believe this to be a wax dummy?

Teke Teke

In Japan, there was a young schoolgirl who was very skittish. She would jump and scream at the slightest fright, her friends loving to take advantage of this and spook her.

One afternoon, on their way back from school, the girl and her friends were waiting for the next express train in the subway. Thinking it would be funny, one of her friends put a bug on her shoulder, not expecting what would come next.

The girl jumped, falling into the railway and getting cut in half by the oncoming train.

Now, they say that every night, she maneuvers her way around the street using her hands. If you happen to cross her path, she'll charge at you with the same speed as the train that cut her and half, resulting in you being cut in half, as well.

They call her Teke Teke because that's the sound that can be heard while she moves on her hands.

Resurrection Mary

Mary was a young girl who lived in the 1930s. One night, she had gone and spent a night out dancing with her love at the O' Henry Ballroom. They had gotten into a lovers spat, resulting in her storming out into the cold of that winter night.

As she had gotten to the road and tried to flag someone down for a ride, she was struck, killing her instantly.

Her devastated parents buried her in Resurrection Cemetery, clad in her ballroom dress and dancing shoes, reminiscing over the things she loved the most.

To this day, those driving down the road near the cemetery will see a woman dressed in a ballroom gown, trying to flag them down for a ride. When they pull over and let her in, she will disappear soon after the ride starts.

A Mother's Love

In the mid-western states, on a chilly fall day, two men were standing in a convenience store when a frail woman walked in. Walking right past them, she grabbed a bottle of milk and walked right back out.

The two men were astonished at having seen the woman shoplift without even trying to hide it. They ran out of the store, trying to follow her, but they could not see where she had gone.

This continued on for two days, the men growing increasingly more irritated.

On the third day, they were more prepared. After she had left, they followed closely behind her to see where she had been taking them. They approached a cemetery where they began to hear a noise, the faint sound of a baby crying.

The men quickly rushed to the where the sound was coming from and discovered a grave where a mother and her child had been buried.

Racing back to the store to grab shovels, they quickly made way with an excavation of the graves, the crying growing louder and louder the deeper they dug. Once they had dug up the joint grave, they pried the top of the casket off to reveal the mother and her child.

The mother was deceased, but the baby was not. Alongside the baby were two bottles of empty bottles and one full bottle of milk. The mother had been keeping her child alive until they could be found.

Were you spooked by any of these stories?

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    • Moonlight Owl profile image

      Sarah Bethany 

      2 years ago from Haslett

      Nice! I love urban ledgends, very creepy.


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