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10 Places to Use Gospel Tracts

Updated on August 29, 2015

What Every Believer Can Do

Gospel tracts have been a great evangelism tool for over 50 years, so why is it that people still don’t remember to give them?

I have heard people say, “Well, I’m not good at evangelism. I don’t know what to say to people.” My answer is simple, if you are born again, then you have something to say.

Sharing how you came to the knowledge of Jesus is all you need to do to get the ball rolling when it comes to spreading the message of salvation. But sometimes people are not ready to receive from us, and that’s where using gospel tracts help plant the seed.

I’ve listed 10 Places to Use Gospel Tracts that have worked for us. Of course there are many more, but starting with the basics works best for long term commitment in distribution. Take a look at some of the suggestions and make it a point to begin using gospel tracts in some manner this week.

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SOFFY Ministries Does Street Evangelism through Tracts & Faith Moments Devotionals Every Month

10 Legal Places to Use Gospel Tracts

10 Places to Use Gospel Tracts - Note: Never leave more then 5-8 tracts at any given place.

  1. In your bills that you pay by mail. Each month I place my check inside of a gospel tract for those bills I pay by mail. Believe it or not, they do get read. Some or maybe even most will be discarded, but that is not your problem. Pray over your bill the tract and the person who will be opening your envelope. Let God do the rest. Even if they do not read it, they will never be able to say they were not given a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ when they stand before the Lord. You do your part that's all that matters.
  2. Leave your tip inside a tract at the restaurant. Always remember that you are on display in public. That's right, you are always being watched ... good and bad. When you finish your meal you can leave a generous tip inside a Thank You tract. Remember though, if you leave a lousy tip, you leave a lousy message that Christian's are cheap. If you are a bit short on cash, cut back on your meal choices and leave a better tip.
  3. In cards. Placing a gospel tract in a card can be a real boost in someone's day. Maybe you don't have the right words to say, but you found a tract that said it well. Pop it in a small note card and send it on it's way. Leave a card of encouragement on someone's desk at work or on your neighbor's windshield for them to find at the start of their day. You would be surprised to learn how many tracts have encouraged Christians that are experiencing difficult times. We are to be giving good news to the saved and unsaved; sometimes it comes in a little 4x5 inch tract.
  4. The laundromat. I cannot tell you how many times people have been helped via a tract left at a laundromat. They will sit down and read it while they wait for their clothes to dry. People have even found a church to call home, because it was listed on the back of a tract.
  5. Hospital waiting rooms. What better place to learn of the love of God than while someone is in crisis waiting in an emergency room at the hospital? A hospital has many floors and locations in which if permitted, you can leave an attractive tract. Some have a specific place where they permit people to leave literature. Leave it in those locations only. DO NOT throw out other people's literature even if you disagree with it. They are not yours to dispose of, so leave them alone. You wouldn't like someone doing that to you. Stay focused on the task you have and that is to spread the gospel using the tracts you have in your hand.

Keep A Pack of Gospel Tracts with You Always

  1. Hotels or motels often have a section at the front of the lobby in which they permit local churches to leave literature. If they do, check your display area often to see if the tracts have run out.
  2. Office areas of any kind. Doctors, Veterinarians, insurance agencies, etc. Sometimes you will find Christian businesses where they will permit gospel tracts to be displayed as long as there are only a few. Do not take advantage of their generosity and abuse the privilege of keeping your information in their offices.
  3. Public Buildings such as: Libraries, Welcome/Visitor Centers, College Student Centers, Airports, Transportation Depots, or Civic Center Buildings Often have a place for all local businesses or institutions to leave literature. Be sure to only post your information in the allotted areas and check back often to replenish the stock.
  4. Care Centers such as: Nursing Homes, Senior Residential Living Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Veterans Homes So many times a visitor is the one who will pick up the tract. Often it's because they are going through a tough time or may read it while they are waiting. Whatever the reason, tracts in there places are usually welcome and appreciated.
  5. Local Businesses: Nail Salons, Beauty or Barber Shops, Tanning Spas, Exercise/Workout Gyms, Health Food Stores, Christian Businesses. Many times we have to wait for our appointments. Having something to read helps pass the time. Providing Christian literature to read as we wait is often just what we needed for that time.

Quick Review

1 ~ Read it First

Never give out a tract

that you have not read.

2 ~ Post Where Legal

2 ~ Post Where Legal

Only post your information in the allotted legal areas.

3 ~ Less than 8 Tracts

Never leave more than 5 -8 tracts

at any given place.

4 ~ Don't Abuse

Do not abuse the right to leave tracts.

Do not take advantage of their generosity and abuse the privilege to keep your information in their offices.

5 ~ Throw Out?

DO NOT throw out other people's literature even if you disagree with it.

Don't use the tracts that look like money. It's lame and deceptive

More Places to Use Gospel Tracts & How to Do It Effectively - Please bookmark this page for when you have time to watch these videos. You will be blessed an

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How to give a tract: Say,

Did you get one of these?

Pray for Guidance in Tract Giving

In the morning ask the Lord to help you put this message in the right hands and to lead you to someone.  Then go about your normal day waiting for His direction.  At night before retiring to bed, thank God for using you as a vessel for Him knowing His word will be accomplished.

"Heavenly Father, 
Lord I am willing to be used of You.  Please lead me to the person who needs to hear this message.  Prepare their hearts in advance. Put them before my eyes and give me the boldness to speak Your truth.  Show me where and when to use these gospel tracts today.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Poll: What Will You Do?

Seeing how easy it is to use gospel tracts, will you do it?

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Done/FTL 8/15

© 2012 Pastor Cher

I hope this has given you some ideas of where to place tracts. - I appreciate your stopping by.

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