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10 ways to simply and passionately walk with Christ.

Updated on November 8, 2012

Nothing in the world is as satisfying as having a personal relationship with your creator. This creator who is the Supreme God has held your life in His mighty and loving hands since the day you were conceived. Through Him, you are alive and enjoying the forms of life and nature on this earth that He created for us. Then what else can equal the sense of our gratitude to him than by walking hand in hand with him.

The bible clearly says that God is love, our daily lives on this earth reminds us that God loves us and cares for us. This can be portrayed by the fact that you are alive, you are not hungry or thirsty, you are living in a good house, you have a loving family, you are not sick, the list is endless. Then how can we repay this loving Father of ours. Basically all we can do is to offer our lives to Him and walk with Him. But there are others ways to reaching out to the Lord and ensuring that one has a personal relationship with this Christ who redeemed all human beings by His death on the cross.

1. Pray. Take time each day to go on your knees and sincerely talk to the Lord in the form of prayer. Thank Him, praise Him, ask for specific requests, or just talk to Him. He is your spiritual father and there is nothing He loves more than hearing His little children reach out to Him in prayers. Whether in the bus, car driving home, cooking, in class, in the market it is possible to pray to your Father who is ever present and silently listens to every prayer.

2. Read the Bible. Make it a daily routine to read the bible. Some could manage to read a chapter or two each day; others manage to read only a verse a day. Meditate on the word of God and let it get deep within you. Do not read the Bible as a novel, read it as God’s message to you. It is better to start on one book at a time instead of reading Mark today then Hebrews tomorrow.

3. Love. The Bible clearly states that the most important commandment is to love everyone as you love yourself. Regardless of social class, age, gender, race, we have been instructed to love each and everyone.

4. The 10 Commandments. Is the life you are leading true to the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God long ago? The commandments that range from do not kill, to do not steal, to do not worship other gods, seem to have been discarded by the present generation and this is seen by the way they live. Many people out there discard these commandments but the Lord expects all to obey His commandments and nothing less.

5. Give him honor and glory. In everything you do, let it be for the glory and honor of the Lord. As you work, clean, cook or any other activity let it all be for the glory and honor of the Lord.

6. Be thankful. In bad times, in good times, thank the Lord for everything and give Him the credit. In times of financial difficulties or financial breakthroughs give Him thanks. For the Bible says, there is a reason for everything that happens in ones life and one should give God thanks in everything.

7. Go to church. It is important to go worship God in church and fellowship with the rest of God’s people. Do not go to church for the wrong reasons, rather go with a purpose to seek God in truth and worship Him.

8. Offer your whole life. Offer your whole life to God as a living sacrifice. Let him have the main controls in your life. Trust him to take care of your finances, marriage, family, career and trust me He will not fail you. As the Bible says, He is the potter and we are the clay. The clay does not know what the potter wants to mould it into, the same way we have no idea of what God wants to mould our lives to be. We just have to pray that His will be done in our life.

9. Worship and praise him. The amazing thins is that one can worship God in his heart while doing other activities. Praise and worship God all times, any time. The Bible says that our praise and worship is like sweet incense to Him. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and worship Him in the comfort of your car, heart, kitchen, office e.t.c

10. Give a Testimony. Testify of His goodness, love and mercies to other believers and also unbelievers. Do not deny the Lord in the presence of other men, rather stand up for the Christ who died for you at any given time that calls you to do so.

Remember that Christ died for you and paid all your debts. He resurrected and is in heaven preparing a place for His children.

You have no reason to feel that you are in chains; you are a free person through His blood. Act today and start that holy relationship with the Lord since at the end of days, after all is said is done, all that will matter is the relationship you had with God.


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    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      Thank you teacherjoe52. It is great knowing simple ways of getting closer to our loving creator. God bless you too

    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 6 years ago

      I agree completly.

      Great artical

      God bless you