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12th House

Updated on January 30, 2019
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I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation

Where Does the Smoke go? Where do we go when we die?

  • Symbolism of the Sacred
  • Distant World*Other Realms
  • Bedroom Affairs
  • Astral Travel*Foreign Travel
  • Astral Planes*Ancestors

Naturally ruled by Jupiter. This is the last and mostly misunderstood of all houses. The 12th house represents the hidden, the invisible, and the unidentifiable. Through the dissolution of the identity, we began to grasp the deeply profound and scared symbolism found in the astral, the imaginative, and within the truly spiritual. The 12th is the last of the mutable house and last of Dushthana and Moksha houses. The mutable houses are extensive and impossible to gain mastery of. These houses are less utilized in minimum sufficiency as the houses and signs require a certain type of intelligence. The 12th house is the house of suffering, self undoing, and spiritual liberation. It doesn’t make sense to most that a house that is extremely weak in strength is the house that brings the most sought after transformation. The house is not weak itself, but the materialized portion does not survive and becomes dissolved. The subconscious, dream world, drugs, are the contact of ancestors all require boundaries to be broken. The weak boundary of this house allows the subconscious which is just the past life emotions, trauma, and memories of all other lives lived to leak into physical existence through an emotion and experiential reaction. The 12th house is the energy of surrender. The bridge between the truly spiritual and physical world is seen in this house. The intuitive pathways that are connected to the physical plane from the astral plane give us the ability to dream, astral project, gain extra sensory perception, conduct contact with the unseen, and allow us to hold heaven.

The energy of research behind scenes, connecting to spirit guides, and the spiritual world of imagination is the ultimate path of following ones dreams and accomplishing one’s greatest purpose. The disconnection from materializing forces including our physical body is made through the 12th house. This is what is needed to obtain moksha. Dreams, meditation, drugs, and retreat into privacy is how we as individuals peak behind the veil of materiality or illusion and on into the astral plane and its private spaces that are invisible and inconceivable to the regular eye. The normal 5 senses cannot comprehend and pierce the veil. What is needed is imagination to subscribe to the field of imagery surrounding all things that is not penetrated by the physical body and mind. The astral seems unreal but the imagery scene from it the seed in which most material experiences will later develop. Clairsentient skill is necessary to receive guidance offered by the entities residing in the astral planes. Only certain aspects, placements, and signs allow for astral contact to entities that show the pathway from physical to astral wisdom. The 12th house signifies the recent past life. Only through “invite” received by past life actions will an individual be rewarded access to the responsibly and world the 12th house inhibits.

Invisible-Research-Dreams-Astral-Meditation-Sanctuaries-Libraries-Privacy-Bedroom-Sacred Teachings-Smoke-Angels-Heavens-Drugs-Self Undoing-Imagination-Foreign Travel-Retreat-Bed Pleasures-Ghosts-Sleep-Forgiveness-Shamanism-Liberation-Ascension-Moksha-Bridge Between Worlds-Veil-Prayer-Clairvoyance-Imprisonment-Compassion-Sympathy-Empathy-Spiritual Guidance-Disillusionment-Illusion-Other Realms-Guides-Disembodiment-Dematerialization-Decay-Sacrifice-Deceivers-Hospitals-Loss-Expenditure-Medium

The 12th house also highlights bed pleasures. The exchange found in sexuality is a highly spiritual one as a ritual that is either spiritual or spiritually deceiving. Deceiving in the sense if there is a physical loss taking place. The astral pathways become opened under consummation and can become strengthened permanently. Sex itself opens up the individual by dropping all boundaries physically, energetically, and spiritually. This merging can cause destruction to one’s identity or have a deeply profound spiritual purpose. The in-utero canal of the female is described by this house. The house is deep, hidden, and blended with spiritual waters of Pisces. This house is the pathway into other worlds and into this world itself. The women’s vagina is the creator of astral bodies, dreams, timelines, and alternate worlds.
Everything of the 12th house is intensely private. The 12th house will never materialize.

6th from 7th=12th 6th=issues, obstacles, service, separation and 7th=communion, relationship, peace, harmonyThe private intimacy of sex and deep psychic communion experienced by two who sleep together is adversarial to the relationship.

This changes when done in service in spiritual ways. Sex leads to issues, separations, and problems. The sex itself also drains the individuals energy away from duties going forward. Sex opens up one backwards toward the past life and karmas of before. Hence relationship become a merry go round of relived lessons. Sex is destructing and is suppose to pierce towards the astral planes where past life karma or future karma meet to destroy negative and simultaneously create and forge new pathways or astral creations in a spiritual manner. Either way the dissolution of debts or creation of more will be payed through the act of sexual relationships.
The 12th house shows one what their ancestor want them to do. They speak through dreams, and meet one only when one crosses the bridge towards the immaterial towards astral consciousness. Minor signals are received through the mind if one is able to tune in. Ancestors want the most from us as we sustain the lineage in which they will be eventually reborn. The 12th is the subconscious mind and its imagery. The loss can be disguised at ultimately gain. Here is where we endure psychic disturbances. True gains of wisdom are gained here. There is less to no conscious control within this house. The information is out of our awareness and jurisdiction. Some individuals have better contact to the ancestors or 12th based off gifts and abilities found in the 12th of the chart. There is a tremendous amount of self manipulation occurring as the intuition and awareness most contains is not trained. The connections to all other lifetimes is present in this house. Astral reconnection can take place as one surfs through the connection of parallel life’s offering the biggest glimpse into powers that can be through ultimate surrender. Material losses always equal spiritual gain. Eventually to the final point of liberation.

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