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Ways to Make Sure Visitors Return to Your Church

Updated on September 6, 2019
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

When people are looking for a church to join, they tend to visit different churches to get an idea what the church is alike. Those looking to join a Bible-believing church listen carefully to what the pastor preaches to determine if the sermon is biblical.

The church seekers also observe if members of the congregation are friendly in addition to other things. It is the responsibility of all members to make visitors feel welcomed.

See how you can help visitors return to your church by doing your part.

Regular churchgoers probably have a favorite seat to sit in the pews. They also have other things they like, and they might not want their usual routine interrupted. They also might have a favorite parking space.

It would be nice if people wouldn't get upset if visitors sat in their favorite seat or took their parking space. Regular attendees should tolerate the inconveniences when visitors come to their church.

What Greeters Can Do

When greeters see people coming through the door, they should welcome everyone, especially visitors to make them feel at home. Smiles should be on the faces of all greeters' faces. Also, they should make sure they speak in a pleasant voice.

Make sure to help visitors find the entrance to the sanctuary and the restrooms.

What the Pastor and Church Leaders Can Do

The pastor should preach as usual when visitors show up instead of trying to impress them.

The pastor should not put them on the spot by asking them personal information during the greeting period.

What People in the Pews Can Do

The people in the pews can do several things to make visitors feel welcomed.

  1. If there is no Bible or hymnals in the pew, share yours.
  2. If they are not familiar with the hymnbook, help them find them the songs.
  3. Don't give visitors an evil look if they sing off key.

What the Ushers Can Do

Ushers should be attentive to the needs of visitors before, during and after the service. They should be patient with visitors if they are slow getting their money together for the offering plate.

If they see visitors fanning with the church bulletin, then they should be giving a fan.

What the Musician and the Choir Can Do

Like everyone else, the musician and the choir should do their part to make sure visitors return.

The musician should choose songs that relate to the sermon. He should also make sure the choir members sing the parts of the songs they have been assigned instead of trying to steal the show.

Make Sure Visitors Return

If you want to make sure visitors return and become part of your local assembly, then there are some things you can do to make them feel loved and will want to return Sunday after Sunday.

Make them feel so comfortable that they will eventually become part of your congregation where they can experience God's presence on a regular basis and fellowship with church members.

Some churches have a brief meet and greet after the service. Refreshments are served and leaders have been assigned to get contact information to follow up with the visitors. The follow-up should take place soon after the visit.

Show guests so much compassion that they will be regular in attendance just like you. After all, it's God's house where everyone should be treated with love and respect.


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