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20 Things to Understand About Anger

Updated on July 28, 2016
  1. It can kill you

Anger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
Sudden cardiac death accounts for more than 400,000 deaths each year in the United States, according to the American College of Cardiology.


11. It clouds your judgment

12. It causes negative physical changes

13. It brings regret

14. It will make you lose

15. It will blind you

16. it will make you lie

17. It is the brother of destruction

18. It is retrievable

19. It is manageable

20. It is just one letter short of danger

  1. You really can burst a blood vessel

  2. It makes you look ridiculous

  3. It hurts other people

  4. it hurts you and your relationships

  5. It gives a false sense of power

  6. It isolates you

  7. It is a temporary fix

  8. it costs

  9. It pays

  10. It causes you to lose focus

Anger is Managable

  1.  Is the situation or event that triggered my anger important? That is, is the thing that triggered my rage something that threatens my well-being?
  2. Given the situation or event, is my anger appropriate? Faced with the same circumstances, would the average person get angry?
  3. Is the situation modifiable? Is there something I can do to change it for the better?
  4. Is it worth it to try to modify the situation? That is, is it worth my time and effort?


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    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 9 months ago from Georgia

      Bless you, Bob... I appreciate your insightful comment and I agree wholeheartedly with you.... :)

      "If it be possible, as much as lieth in [b]you[/b], live peaceably with all men", Romans 12:18

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 11 months ago from Rochester, New York

      So many things in this culture lend themselves to the task of manufacturing anger. People are taught to "harness" their anger as a positive motivator. I believe that anger never helps as a motivator but only as an incentive in certain situations. The best reason that I can think of why anger is given as a motivator is that while in an angry mood the reasoning ability is diminished. Anger because of jealousy, for example, will pull at a person to seek revenge or make a person feel that a lesson needs to be taught in this situation. Anger is unstable and makes it seem as though there is a time element involved. Everything is given a sense of urgency when in fact there is none. I loved this article, it got me thinking. Bob.

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 20 months ago from Georgia

      Faith Reaper and Teaches12345,

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate every word!. As Faith Reaper says this world is anger driven... even the children are stoic and "mean-mugging" people. I don't understand it.....

      And, Teaches12345 you are so right... so man unhappy people because they are angry... I don't even think people know why they are angry.... Mad for no reason..... Help us Jesus!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 20 months ago

      Thank you for posting the effects of anger. It can lead to an unhappy lifestyle, even death if not controlled. I pray people will seek help if they are unable to deal with this emotional turmoil.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 21 months ago from southern USA

      Dear Leslie,

      Thank you for sharing about the dangers of anger on our overall health!

      Important topic for a hub, especially in this anger-driven world we are living in it seems.

      God bless