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2010 Flaming UFOs Explained?

Updated on April 2, 2011

2010, The year of the UFO

 2010 was a very prominent year for the UFO enthusiast. Throughout the year the sheer number of UFO reports dwarfed those reported the year before. Media coverage and internet headlines spread the word like wildfire and before to long few people were not looking to the skies and thinking. "are we truly alone?"

MUFON's interactive UFO map lit up like a 4th of July celebration at Disney Land and the UFO community were up and at 'em in mass numbers.

Sightings like this dominated UFO reports toward the end of 2010
Sightings like this dominated UFO reports toward the end of 2010

The Flaming UFO

 Toward the end of 2010 the UFO community noticed a significant increase in a UFO type that seemed to be spreading much faster than the others. This was known as a flaming UFO, or flaming contrail UFO (contrain, not to be confused with chemtrain.)

The flaming UFO seemed to really be the media rage and Fox even covered one such sighting through it's FOX 13 affiliate. November 25th of 2010 would be the setting for FOX's news explosion. A flaming UFO had been seen over Polk County Florida. It was reported that the object was either on fire or was producing a flaming contrail that trailed the object.

More sightings.

3 days later on the 28th a fellow in Atlanta Georgia reported a similar experience to authorities. Both reports contained details of flaming UFOs that descended through the sky at a rapid rate. Georgia is no stranger to UFO activity. The skies over Stone Mountain have always attracted UFO watchers and yielded some good results over the years.

Not to far down the line in Santa Monica California Jeremy Corbell witnessed the same visual spectacle. He managed to capture the moment on his iphone. He would refer to one of the UFOs as the "Silver Surfer UFO" after it broke off from the others and darted through the sky.

Corbell would go on to locate 3 more videos of what he saw, taken by different people and from different vantage points. For some time these UFO sightings puzzled the community. No real finite explanation could be found. Even the sci-fi channel got involved with it's Fact or Faked type programming. They came to the conclusion that what was being seen was not UFOs at all, but skydiving exercises at night using flairs. At first the UFO community was in denial, but soon a group called Red Bull Air Force, an extreme skydiving organization would take credit for the Santa Monica UFO reports.

While this does not explain all of the other sightings it does put the question out there on them. So the next time you see a sky full of flaming UFOs, look for any signs that they are skydivers and remember, believe!



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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 6 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      cool stuff I will have to check it out

    • Midianite profile image

      Midianite 6 years ago from Australia

      Personally, I've encountered a 'flaming ufo' (have written a hub on it - check it out) and I know that 2010 was a crazy year - and where I live this year is more insane.

      There's far too much in the world we cannot comprehend.