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Armageddon 2012: End of the World Theories and Prophecies Debunked

Updated on June 7, 2020

For centuries, there have been tales of horrific fates for the earth and every living being on it. Prophets throughout history told tales of destruction and great awakenings that were to occur on December 21st, 2012. The Mayans told some of the most famous prophecies and were the reason behind many others. While 2012 has now come and gone without incident, it is interesting to take a look back and see just what exactly it was that had so many people uneasy in 2012.

Here are some of the top "End-of-the-world" theories for 2012:

The Planet X Theory-2012 Debunked

In the year 1995, a woman named Nancy Lieder claimed that she was given a message for the human race by means of an electronic brain implant inside her head. She claimed that the message was from an alien race and warned of a mystery planet called 'X', or Nibiru as it is now known, that was headed for Earth.

Her warning was that in 2003, planet X, four times the size of Earth, would come very close to Earth's orbit and create a shift in the poles; this shift would lead to our destruction. When 2003 passed with no sign of Nibiru, she withdrew her statement as a lie and said it would be in 2010 instead-as we all know, that year also passed with no sign of Nibiru.

When her claims landed on the Internet, they spread quickly throughout the nations and many believed it. In fact, NASA conducted its own studies when there was a mysterious "giant planet" found by telescope some years ago. This was quickly written off and NASA maintains that no such planet exists.

Some staunch believers, however, made claims that Nibiru was hiding behind our very own sun and was in fact on a collision course with Earth. They believed that it would either come extremely close, or even collide with the Earth, and they had linked the date of "December 21st, 2012" as the date of this major event. The same people also claimed that NASA had been covering it up to keep people calm and that there was even a special NASA telescope that had been tracking Nibiru. Hundreds of photoshopped images of this planet X had emerged throughout the Internet, but they were all found to be fake.

It may not be too far-fetched to believe that there could be a planet "hiding" behind our sun, however, it obviously did us no harm in 2012.

Death by blazing solar fire theory- 2012 Debunked

Solar flares have been happening ever since the Earth was first born. The sun goes through cycles of these flares, some being stronger than others. Every 11 years or so, the sun reaches its solar maximum and solar flares, or storms, are a bit stronger than the previous years. Some people claimed that in 2012, which was our next expected solar maximum at the time, the sun would emit solar flares strong enough to scorch the Earth and every living thing on it.

Scientists did not deny that the solar storms of 2012 would be stronger than they were during the previous maximum solar cycle. In fact they stated that it could possibly wipe out some of our power and communications; however, there was no evidence to prove that there would be anything strong enough to burn up the Earth and kill everyone.

Luckily, there were no significant solar bursts that entered our earth's atmosphere during 2012.

The fight between good and evil: The Christians belief- 2012 Debunked

Armageddon is something that religious followers have spoken of since the beginning of time. According to followers of the bible, there is a great battle to take place between good and evil. During the battle, Christ is supposed to return to claim his people. For many, this battle has already been underway and the antichrist has been here for years.

Many claims in the bible can be related to real life occurrences that are happening today or have happened in the last one hundred years. The bible, however, does not pinpoint any specific timelines as to when the battle is suppose to come to an end, or when Christ is expected to return. Many had linked it to the 2012 doomsday event as they expected "something" to happen during that time.

As far as we all know, Christ did not return to Earth and there was no battle during 2012.

Lastly, there were prophecies of an alien-invasion or first world-contact, and new world-awakenings as the Mayans put it. Some people were diehard believers of these prophecies, while others considered them to be nothing more than elaborate hoaxes.

Fortunately, none of the prophecies for 2012 came true-we are all still here to live another day. That's not to say, though, that one or all of these prophecies isn't waiting to serve us our fate on another day, at another time.

Did you think the world would end in 2012?

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© 2011 Rosalie O'Neal


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