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Humanity Is an Adapter. When Plague Hits We Survive. Over Millennia, We Thrive--We Are Cousins Trend Thrivers, All of Us

Updated on September 20, 2020
Christofers Flow profile image

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Sometimes the Whirling Leads to Crashing, but Most Often -- Not

"Trend" a modern word for "What is Going on?"

If you want to think about the future in this Era, Look for threatened war, actual violence and the coming together of political will to keep war down. And oh yes, Calamitous Viral Plagues.

Look at the Middle East, everyone says that! But look at the allies that develop because of how the Middle East evolves.

Europe and its Economic Stability should be a "TREND". The world is so economically and interdependent -- Asia, India, South America, are tightly wound and utterly interdependent.

Trending is a Nice Modern Word for Old Problems: Calamities, Wars, Plagues, et al.

The word "Trending" that is now de riguer is just another way of letting us think about what's coming tomorrow. The Human Species seems to fear an "Overnight Drama", but the reality of history teaches us that change comes in "flocks", not like a "burglar with a gun", but like a "Thief in the Night".

"Thief in the Night" is that expression from the bible that tells us: "Hey, there are some big obvious warnings, but there are some things that are just plain old SURPRISING.

Other words and phrases expressing our need to look forward are "inflection for change", or "peaceful new age cosmic torrent". There are so many possibilities because right now, you can go to the internet, churches, chat rooms, book stores or your local cafe and find people who believe some of the above and more.

What is "TRENDING" now is instability in Syria and Iran. While Iran is an old image on the radar screen, the conflict in Syria represents a newer manifestation of complex matters that still also include Iran. China, (you could go on). East versus West, a New Europe, India.

Never before has "date setting" for the "end of days" met with so many parties' ear perking attention. How did Mayan Astrology meet with such sudden credibility and attention? That is a story in itself. What happened in 2012?

Nobody Without An Opinion

The beliefs about what is going to happen at this key moment in astrological time differ greatly. And that is what all the rage is about and the book writing and professional speculating has begun in a furor. They range from a gentle peaceful warm tidal change in consciousness, to the flipping of the earths on its poles and the drowning of humanity in floods and the ruination of the world in earth shaking earthquakes. This ready group of collected belief systems all have a reason to believe that the world is facing some dramatic change.

The groups would not be together under any other topic. Environmentalists, Christian Fundamentalists who don't believe in astrology and New Agers who have a happy view of the future, traditional groups that are atuned to the political and military situation in the Middle East, all have a ready ear for what these long dead Mayans constructed long ago in their particular "astro" scenario.

The reason there is such credibility is that they apparently were extremely accurate about their predictions, and even predicted their own demise. Now hundreds of years later, scholars having taken a new look at their systems have determined that they might have predicted a mighty change for the planet. This gives them a kind of air tight sanctification. They are dead and gone. They predicted their own end. They must be right again. Then they pile in with all of the other "end of the world" scenarios, and you have a ready made concentration of human consciousness on the next three years! (or 30 years)

Logging Our Anticipatory Longings

Wow. You can not say that many people will not be excited about this.

Being a student of not only the current religious, political and social context that we find ourselves in, I also am highly inclined to make an observation about the human psyche.

There is something lodged in our heads about impending calamity and not so far off doom. It probably finds its origin in our ancient fear of "what tribe is coming over the hill to ruin our lovely village?" There is nothing worse that you can do to a person than to arouse in them a nascent fear that is already there just waiting like an embedded bug's egg, waiting to wake him up every morning with new pupal growth.

When prophecies become rife, that is usually the time to get up and go to work and do the blessed task of daily living.

We will keep our ears to the ground for real and imagined events and note what is "TRENDING."

I was born in 1949, and in the 50's there was floating panic about Polio. I knew several kids who got Polio. Then along came Dr. Salk to change history with his vaccine.

Amen, Cousin.

The Black Plague Leads to the Reformation!

Because Jesus Did Not Return In 1,000 AD, Many saw their Giving to the Church a Mistake. Even more crushing was the Black Plague on everyone's FAITH in Rome .

By the end of that period Protestants, with the help of the Printing Press, (Wycliffe, Huss,Tyndale and Luther) would change religious wars which would change the world.

There are always multitudinous reactions to global events.

We should Remember that we are Adaptive, Creative, Survivors of Trends. And we are all Cousins.

Sample this 21st Century New Approach to this Ancient Art.

© 2009 Christofer French


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