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2012 Mayan Cycle - in 2020--the "End of the World" Drumbeat Has Taken on New Rhythms.

Updated on May 3, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Cycles Go Round and Round --- But the Meanings and Symbols Take on the Import

Revisit the "Black Plague in Europe" For Months Religion is On People's Minds, But the Roman Establishment Loses its Luster. .

During the years of the Black Plague in Europe, an amazing thing started happening. People watched as neighbors and loved ones dropped like flies. Moving dead bodies became the hottest jobs.

And people wanted to be religious, or spiritual, but they realized that the Church did not have any answers!

They could not prevent the Dying, the Fires, Rites and Incantations failed. A Disquietude of the Soul affected the Minds of all.

In the new decade -- 2020, I classify what people are predicting in certain ways:

Complete Cataclysm -

In which survival impulses, if there are people, are the only things people will be pondering and acting on for years.

Major Civilizational Disruption -

Again, through whatever means, (astral, solar, earth wobbling, warfare, weather calamities, etc.) civilization's disruption puts everyone down at the bottom of "Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs" - We drop to survival methods, and since this is actually what we are wired for, we throw ourselves into this. There is little thought beyond survival projects - Food, warmth, shelter, self defense, physical security, protection of neighborhoods and communities, obtaining necessary resources and struggling mightily over all of the aforementioned.

Celestial Events and Minor Disruption -

As I have said in my previous articles, it is hard to envision, not only what people "want", but also what possibly could happen in regard to a major "spiritual awakening". You will have to ask each prophet what their vision is.

But let's go along with the scenario and say that people are "imbued with a new sensitivity" to spiritual and religious topics. Let's assume that "materialism" has taken a back seat to "meaning". Let's assume that limited resources have left us all with new found sense of our own interior and the sweet souls of our loved ones.

Then -- "All that Stuff Did Not Happen"

Let's assume that we are all collectively breathing a sigh of relief that ALL of the myriad things that we conjured up in our imagination did not happen! For days we just thank God that "all that stuff didn't happen".

Then collectively, like a million groundhogs living in a vast mound on a ranch in Eastern Colorado, we start peeping our heads out of our holes, cranking our necks around and staring at all the others who are also peeking out of their holes. For several months, we all stare at each other.

The ones who never believed anything was going to happen are out first, kicking up dust and jumping around and pointing at all the silly people who actually thought the world was going to end. Then they realize that people don't really appreciate that. So, the participants get a sense of perspective: "What if all that stuff could still happen? A little fear creeps back in, and they take a newer spiritual outlook. They get thankful too, that what they feared in their innermost private selves did not actually kill them all. They also ponder.

What's Next?

Of course, "what's next" would be on everyone's mind. People would start to say: "You know, whatever happened (you fill in the blanks) that Mayan Astrology thing really was right!" People would conclude that something amazing happened, but still we did not all get splattered!

An appreciation for the meaning of life, the individual spiritual path that people are on, and previously untried systems might be more talked about. The TV and Internet (if disruption did not destroy them) would be alive with the electricity of new currents of thought.

Something Else Might Happen!

People might just start thinking about all religions and see similarities in the systems. People might see the coming down of walls of separation. People might feel a great sense of brotherhood and a communion of the heart, that everyone had just gone through something historically unequaled and massively, society-"changingly" different.

They might just start talking about the basics of religion instead of all the things that they differ on. Someone might say: "You know Redemption is what people are after". "And God is up there, we think." And "Growth is a part of all human life, through our phases". "And Birth Death and Renewal are fundamental to nature". And "Who knows, maybe we do have multiple existences." And maybe we should see every last soul who made it through this thing as one of "God's Kids". And "Maybe love is some super powerful animating force that lies in each soul."

And just maybe some people come up with new constructions that embrace these ideas. And maybe that makes some people war driven, and others peaceable. And maybe great transcontinental arguments get started. And all the old people who have a lot to lose get furious. And maybe the new thinkers get an audience. And maybe the whole thing goes wild for years. And maybe some crazy guy comes up with some new name for this and a brushed off label from hundreds of years before gets burnished with a new shine. And maybe new and old and semi-old and semi-new all get thrown together in new ways. And then after a few years, all the craziness sorts itself out.

We Just Keep Growing

And, so time passes, and the new children that are born just go up in a slightly different world, and they go on to make a new even more slightly different world than the one that existed before they were born, and then the people who were alive during the great transition all die; and then we go on, with new outlooks about God and our souls, and new ways of framing our fates and we go on ---- growing.

Check it out!

The Black Plague Led To The Protestant Reformation

An amazing thing happened to Europe after the Black Plague, lowered populations caused an economic change up and down. Fewer workers made new technologies necessary.

Since populations were lowered by more than 50%,

Those who survived had a different relationship with the around changing economies over night.

And lo and behold, people thought less of the Roman Church.The Authoritarian Priests could not prevent the dying. All the protesting Books led to the Printing Press, and a new Age.

© 2009 Christofer French


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