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25 Good Luck Signs From Around The World

Updated on January 22, 2010

What are good luck charms and signs and why do people believe in them? does believing in them makes one superstitious? There are no definite answers to these questions! We feel like we could do with a bit more of good luck from time to time to fulfill our wishes, to get a new job, to score well in exams etc. Our curiosity prompts us to explore and experience new things which can boost our luck and make lady luck smile at us !

Some people feel they are challenging their fate if they go without a good luck sign or symbol. Good luck signs stem from ancient beliefs and till today people use signs of good luck to ward off evil, break a curse, bring in peace and prosperity!

Some wear good luck charms as talismans, bracelet and pendants and find them very useful and effective. To me they look attractive, fun to wear and there is surely no harm in trying some of them!

Below is a list of 25 good luck signs from around the world--:

1.Dolphins-- dolphins are considered a sign of good luck by the native Americans, Egypt and Rome.

2.Turtles--: Turtles are seen as potent destroyers of black magick by the Chinese.

3.Elephants--: They are considered a symbol of good luck,longevity, power, wisdom and strength

4.Frogs--: Frog is a symbol of abundance, wealth,fertility by Egyptians,native Americans and Romans

5.Alligators teeth--: The Africans believe that It brings the keeper loads of luck in gambling.

6.Saint christopher's cross--:It is believed to bring a traveler safety and good luck as Saint Christopher is patron Saint of the travelers.

7. Dream Catchers--: They are believed to catch negative dreams and bring good luck.

8. Red Chinese Lanterns--: Chinese people believe it is a symbol of good luck.

9.Horse Shoe--: Its a popular symbol to bring in power, wealth and fertility.

10.Four Leaf Clover--:Its a popular western symbol of good luck.

11.Sapphire--:This one is considered an extremely powerful good luck bringer.

12.Cats Eye--:It protects one from evil eyes, losses in business and negative planetery influences.

13.Ankh--:Its the lucky charm of the Pharaos, the giver of eternal life.

14.Axe--: It is a symbol of success.

15.Horn--: Believed to have great power over the evil eye and to bring prosperity.

16.Magnet and Coins--: Few coins and a magnet, wrapped in a green piece of clothed, nailed at the main entrance is believed to attract prosperity.

17.Cedar Oil--: Keeping a dollar bill with a bit of cedar oil dabbed on it brings in abundance of wealth

18.cinnamon-- Keeping a stick or two in your wallet or purse will bring a steady income.

19.The number seven--: It is considered a lucky number in major parts of the world.

20.lady Bug--: This cute little bug is said to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness by freeing one from worries.

21.Dragon flies--: These auspicious insects are said to bring in prosperity,strength, courage, harmony, peace and purity.

22.Arowana fish--: A highly auspicious bringer of prosperity, longevity and harmony according to the Chinese people.

23.Phoenix bird--: Pictures or pendants of this bird is considered very auspicious as it provides the keeper the strength to rise again from the ashes.

24.Two Swans--: Its pendant, bracelet or picture is said to bless the keeper with true love and prosperity.

25.Money Jar--: Keep a few coins, basil, almond, rice, cinnamon and a few precious stones in a jar, shake it vigorously every day to bring in riches and good health!

Well there! Have fun with these lucky symbols and signs..I hope they turn all your just wishes into reality :)

The Lucky Clover!

Clover is believed to bring in lots of good luck!
Clover is believed to bring in lots of good luck!
The Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity.
The Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity.


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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 4 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      I appreciate your visiting my hub and commenting Nell :) Thank you ! My mom was big on charms too specially the four leaf clover. I hope we all find something that works for us :)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      This was fascinating, and yes we do have so many good luck charms, I know someone who carries around a little four leaf clover, she has had it for years! lol!

    • profile image

      Jernny 4 years ago

      Black cats have alwaya been lucky for me.

    • CraftyMcClever profile image

      Cecelia Kramer 5 years ago from Everywhere but mostly Cali

      My mom has dream catchers everywhere. I Love them because there is such a variety and so much work goes into weaving them.

    • profile image

      liz 6 years ago

      this is very helpful im so glad i found it! thanks ever so muchhh!!! xxx

    • profile image

      damaris 6 years ago

      this is the best web site

    • profile image

      Hitesh 6 years ago


    • profile image

      FunnyBunny 6 years ago

      I like this! I want to know if its true :D

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Very inspiring hub. I am glad to know all these signs from you. Thanks for share with us. Rated up!

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      I had fun writing this hub too :) Thank you Jlncy :)

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      I am glad to know that :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting Prasad.

    • profile image

      JIncy 6 years ago

      Fun to read : ): )

    • profile image

      prasad 6 years ago

      Very good article. Very informative. May be I will add some cards to my website with this signs

      Prasad from

      free greeting cards

    • profile image

      sehani 6 years ago

      this is very nice picture

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you Stricktlydating :) I appreciate it :)

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 7 years ago from Australia

      These are great!

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you good luck charm for visiting my hub and reminding me the rabbit's foot :) Do share with us your experience with the four leaf clover !

    • profile image

      Good Luck Charm 8 years ago

      You left out rabbit's foot ..... it's not lucky for the rabbit, but for some reason , it's popular... I personally prefer four leaf clover..

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Hey there Orkut scraps its nice to know u liked this hub:) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • profile image

      Orkut scraps 8 years ago

      nice hub...

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thanks for stopping by Varna:) well I feel there is something which controls the strings of happenings in our daily life and determines the outcome of events, no doubt God Almighty is the one who is the sole decider of things and plans but yes there must be something called luck...there has to be!

    • profile image

      varna 8 years ago

      iz good luck true

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you Aqua, you made my day! Good luck:)

    • Aqua profile image

      Aqua 8 years ago from California

      This is so interesting. I have heard of some of these but certainly not all. Who cares if they really "work" or not - I just love the idea of it all. Thanks for the informative and fun hub - thumbs up!

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you Jaspal! I wish you loads of goodluck:) so nice of you to stop by!

    • Jaspal profile image

      Jaspal 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I do have one - 7 as the birth date! But I probably need a few more to lift one to a really lucky state ... let me see, a cinnamon stick in the wallet should not be too tough an order, and maybe one could make and keep shaking a money jar too!

      Nice hub. :)


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