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Top 3 Zodiac Signs That Would Love to Get a Bit More Attention

Updated on July 4, 2018
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I am an astrology writer fueled by wide-eyed interest in all things otherwordlish, laser beam phrases and style most simple, yet enigmatic.

Everybody likes being appreciated for their thoughts, actions and behaviors and praised for their achievements and accomplishments. It is a part of our nature to crave attention, but they are some people who literally live for being praised and treated like royalty. If you think about it, astrology can help us group these people by zodiac signs. After a careful analysis of all 12 zodiac signs, we've discovered that there are 3 signs with a bigger tendency of the others to seek attention and affection.


The following three zodiac signs would expect of you to treat them like royalty in order to maintain a healthy and successful relationship, whether they're family, friends or partners. We don't judge them for being who they are, because it is out of the control (nature's way). What we would like to accomplish with this article is to help you maintain your relationship with people born under these star signs. Time to reveal which are the 3 zodiac signs that would love to get all of the attention you're willing to give!


Leo is charismatic and easy to love, and loves being in the center of attention. Individuals born under this zodiac sign naturally attract others with their irresistible energy, sense of humor and positive approach to life. It is in the mindset that they deserve only the best in this world and they tend to go and get it. Courageous, confident and with a big ego, Leos would expect you to give them compliments, gifts and shower them with all of your affection on disposal. When not treated as desired, Leos can even get seriously annoyed and address it to you as a problem. If you want to keep a Leo in your life, make sure to let them know how special, talented, beautiful and smart they are on a regular basis (ONLY if you really mean it).


The compassionate and kind Pisces is a big fan of being spoiled and treated like royalty. Although they lack the guts of Leo to ask for it, Pisceans love having their needs met by their friends, relatives or partners and love when people make them feel important. In a romantic relationship, there is nothing more romantic for a Pisces than absolute attention, which includes breakfast in bed, compliments on their morning look, random messages throughout the day, good night messages, random meetings and all sorts of romantic gestures. As soon as they get a bit comfortable being spoiled, though, Pisces can get really selfish and unless not addressed, things will end bad for both of you. However, they will never forget to express their gratefulness.


The dual-natured people can sometimes appear as nothing ever gets them and other times they are upset by the smallest of problems. Whatever the case, they always want to be treated like royalty, as they have the confidence of strong and influential people. Individuals born under the Twins sign are impulsive, impatient and restless until they get what they want (which is often attention and affection). However, they can also be seen on the other side, selflessly giving all of their attention to you and spoiling you like a little kid. It is impossible to predict the next step of a Gemini: they can either set you up a breakfast in bed or get annoyed that you didn't prepare something to eat. To suit their needs best, be prepared to spoil them on a regular basis and in return you'll get an equal royalty-like treatment.

Although there's no sure way of knowing it, which zodiac sign do you think is the most spoiled of them all?

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All credits for this submission belong to CultureAstrology.

© 2018 Goran Nikolov


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