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30 Anagramic Bible Names And More

Updated on July 26, 2014

Laban searching for his belongings.


Anagramic names are names where you can rearrange the letters in the name and get another name. There are many names like that in the Bible but I will be focusing on those Bible names that have names as alternatives to first name given. I will not be including names that have merely words as anagrams like ANDREW - WARNED - WANDER.

(1) Achim – Machi – Micah – Micha.

(2) Ahimaaz – Amaziah – Maaziah.

(3) Ahiram – Ramiah.

(4) Arbah – Rahab.

(5) Asher – Rhesa – Serah (also Shear and Share which are not names).

(6) Diana – Adina.

(7) Eliab – Abiel.

(8) Ephraim – Rephaim.

(9) Eshban – Shebna.

(10) Gahar – Hagar.

(11) Haman – Namah.

(12) Harum – Huram – Rumah.

(13) Hazor – Zohar – Zorah.

(14) Hushai – Ishuah.

(15) Imlah – Mahli.

(16) Imrah – Harim – Hiram.

(17) Israel – Asriel.

(18) Jason – Jonas.

(19) Jehoram – Jeroham.

(20) Laban - Nabal

(21) Maharai – Raamiah – Amariah.

(22) Mahath – Thamah – Hamath.

(23) Meshech – Shechem.

(24) Mishael – Misheal – Ishmael.

(25) Mishma – Shimma – Misham.

(26) Raham – Ramah – Marah.

(27) Ramath – Thamar – Martha.

(28) Shulamite – Hamulites.

(29) Teresh - Esther

(30) Zuriel – Elizur

Queen Esther


Sometimes people want to change their name because of what it signifies. We may change our names but by ourselves we cannot change our characters. We need Jesus’ help. If selfish LABAN rearranged his name he would have gotten the name of selfish NABAL. That just shows that without Jesus’ help we cannot change ourselves. Instead of change we would get exchange! Let Jesus change you as He changed Jacob to Israel and Abram to Abraham. Faithless Abraham became the Father of faith; Paul the persecutor became Paul the preacher; Nicodemus who came only at night now came in full view of everyone to bury Jesus’ body; John Mark the deserter stuck around and wrote the book of Mark; Peter who ran from being crucified said “Hey, crucify me upside down!”

More important than our names is the name of the Lord. Psa. 9:10 says:

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”

Finally, Prov. 18:10 says “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.”

In Jesus those with a STAIN can become a SAINT. That is the change-around that Jesus wants. Do you want that too?



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