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More UFO Day Cycle Triple Peak Events

Updated on November 1, 2014
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

Fortean and Wednesday Phenomena (UFO Day Cycle) theorist John Keel
Fortean and Wednesday Phenomena (UFO Day Cycle) theorist John Keel | Source

More UFO Events in Proximity to Triple Peaks of Proposed Day Cycles

In my last hub I demonstrated the multiple effects of the three UFO Day Cycles peaking simultaneously. Well, I have decided that that didn't tell the whole story. So, here is the rest of the story (until I bring it up again later). Last time I got it nearly 100% right for two out of three of the day cycles. Day Cycles A & C were nailed down pretty solid, but the B cycle was something that drifted off course the further back in time one went. This time, I have found another main cycle and a sub cycle where B is the center of focus and the A & B cycles drift further apart over the course of time but do so in about equal proportions on either side of the B cycle.

I am not sure if one method of sorting peak periods is more valid. It is my impression that both formulas yield significant results as I think the following will demonstrate. This time the period will be limited to the years from 1951 to 1982, mostly because things get iffier before that due to the separation of cycles A & B becoming too extreme prior to that period, and from 1982 to the present UFO sightings have either not been reported enough (as was the case throughout most of the '80s) or the sightings haven't been screened to exclude the background noise (caused by hoaxes, simple lights in the sky, and other IFOs) as much as they were in the earlier period being examined here.

The dates were based on the assumption that June 17, 2012, will be a likely date where all three UFO Day Cycles will peak in unison. The main cycle, upon which three of the five dates are based, is 5543 days in length or 15 years plus 64 days. The sub cycle is 2271 days in length or 6 years plus 79 days. The reports for both are given in order from oldest to newest and start with the estimate of the peak dates and then the actual dates when sightings were most numerous (usually within 1 day of the estimated peak period). Each report group starts off with the estimated peak period and then the reports, originating from Dr. Donald Johnson's "Encounters with Aliens On This Day", unless otherwise noted.

Estimated peak date: 10/3/1951

10/2/1951 6:00pm, LT, Physicist Howard Cross (employed by Battell Memorial Institute) witnessed a bright oval aerial object with a clipped tail flying straight and level for 1 minute over Columbus, Ohio, before fading into the distance. Blue Book Case file #980 (classified as Unidentified) (*U* UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

10/3/1951 9:27pm, LT, a large sausage shaped blip was picked up on radar and witnessed by three personnel. It was estimated to be flying at 4,800 mph over Kadena, AFB, Okinawa, Japan. Blue Book Case file #984 (classed as Unidentified).

10/4/1951 2:00am, LT, local Air Force pilots and men on the ground witnessed a saucer shaped ufo perform a nearly 180 degree turn and speed off at an amazing speed over Tessalit Oasis, Mali (*U* UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

Estimated peak date: 12/21/1957

12/21/1957 6:30pm, LT, Ponta Poran, Brazil, Mrs. Mendonca and five others first observed a light in the southern sky. It then moved closer and was revealed to be two spherical objects of 5 meters in diameter on an oscillating course. One circled their car while the other hovered above it. The two identical spheres with a flat ring surrounding them chased the car for two hours as it traveled along a deserted road.

12/21/1957 9:00pm, LT, Bryson City, North Carolina, a cigar shaped object of 20 meters in length and having a distinct outline flew slowly to the east then circled the valley.

Estimated peak date: 12/6-7/1966

12/6/1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Two witnesses, one a school teacher, saw a gray skinned man-like but giant figure with glowing red eyes as they drove near the local TNT dump site that evening.

12/7/1966 while driving that evening along Route 33 near Gallipolis, Ohio (across the Ohio River from Point Pleasant, West Virginia) four women saw a “brownish silver” humanoid figure in flight. It too had glowing red eyes.

12/7/1966 a UFO buzzed a plane over Angola (no exact time or location known) (from the U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

12/8/1966 6:30am, Cheshire, Ohio, while walking their dog, Charles Hern and his wife witnessed a very peculiar scene across the Kyger Creek. A few short men could be seen moving about near a red light. Shortly another couple joined them and observed red and orange lights flashing while a beam was constantly directed at the water. The lights eventually went out and were replaced by a bright light of a greenish tint. Shortly after that an aerial vehicle took off into the sky and was lost from sight.

12/8/1966 Florida (time/exact location not given), an unknown object manifested itself, exhibiting gravitational and physiological effects. One of several male witnesses was an experienced observer as seen from a yard. (from the U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999)

Estimated peak date: 2/23-24/1973

2/21/1973 Lima, Peru (no time known) numerous witnesses saw a brilliant round object hovering at 1km altitude. The colorfully lit UFO then exited the scene by flying out to sea at break neck speed. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/21/1973 8:30pm, Poplar Bluff, Missouri off US 60NW, six witnesses in a car first saw nocturnal lights above the treeline and then a saucer shaped UFO with lights on its side landed by the side of the road. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/22/1973 6:30-6:45am,LT, Copnor, near Portsmouth, England, Two witnesses saw a low flying disc-shaped object.

2/22/1973 8:00am,LT, Berlaimont, France, an odd flat-topped, bowl shaped UFO was sighted with three small parasols on stalks on its top. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/22/1973 Mrs. Maureen Puddy and two investigators from the Victorian UFO Research group traveled together by car to the scene of her 1972 vehicle close encounter which was at Mooraduc Crossing. She had received a telepathic message that morning to return there. Many dismiss this report because only Mrs. Puddy was able to see an alien presence (apparently a blond Nordic type wearing a white ski type outfit) at times inside and outside of the vehicle. The figure then beckoned her and she immediately slipped into a trance. While she was unconscious she vocalized what she was experiencing inside an alien ship with the male Nordic. She then became frightened, started crying and awoke without memory of what had transpired. A week later while her son drove, the alien reappeared seated between them in the front seat. Like before only she saw him. This time the weather changed from rainy to sunny while the figure was visible to her and when he vanished the weather again became rainy. (this report was not included in the U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999, perhaps as not something that a serious UFO researcher would want to associate themselves with).

2/22/1973 5pm, LT, Patterson, Missouri, 2 in a car see a silver saucer tilt forward and reflect sunlight over a farm at treetop level. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/22/1973 9:30pm, LT, NE of Blacksburg, South Carolina, Cigar shaped UFO flying at low altitude and with two blinking lights were seen by many for half an hour at Kings Mountain from I85. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/23/1973 10pm, LT, Brooklyn, Iowa, a red-orange nocturnal light landed and left a series of indentations in the ground. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/23/1973 10pm, LT, Portland, Oregon, four witness a large saucer at low altitude arc slowly at 50-60 kph, easily seen. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/24/1973 7:00am, LT, Halstead, Wivanhoe, and Marks Tey, Essex, England, a cigarette shaped UFO was seen at this time and also seen at Heywood, Lancanshire 90 minutes earlier. (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

2/24/1973 9:30pm, near Gaffney, South Carolina, two witnesses observe a cigar shaped UFO hover low over the woods. It had nine windows on its side. Many other sightings in the area that evening (flap). (U UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999).

Estimated peak date: 2/9-10/1982

2/10/1982 11:35pm, Escanaba, Michigan, while traveling by the side of a river on Highway C537, three young women (all 17 years of age) witnessed a low flying domed disc-shaped UFO. Coming off of its back end was a mist that looked to them like “lit up snow flakes”. There were portholes all along the bottom rim of the UFO with red light shining from within them. This sighting lasted seven minutes. (also reported in theU UFO Database by Larry Hatch, 1999 which gave that it landed twice and was completely silent).

2/10/1982 shortly after midnight, Willernie, Minnesota, many witnesses observed a lime green light hover six feet above the snow covered ground. As it rose, bits of a flaming substance dropped from the object and left melted patches in the snow.

2/10/1982 2:30am, The Black Sea, Ukraine, six Soviet sailors disappear for five days after they investigate a “disabled ship” that was discovered in the fog. Upon returning they report an abduction by aliens on a cigar shaped craft who communicated with them using gestures. One of the men flipped out, jumped overboard and was drowned. [ web site gave the time and that it was in the Ukraine.]

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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