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5 Benefits Of Learning Norse Runes

Updated on July 12, 2012

Learning Norse runes brings a lot of benefits with it, and it's not only about learning the future about to come. At the beginning of my own journey, I thought that runes can help me only in learning the future. With time I begun to see other benefits that prove to be at least useful. Now I want you to see these benefits with me.

From divination to self-growth

At first, I considered runes as symbols meant for divination only, something like Tarot cards. It took me few months to learn that you can use runes to create amulets and talismans - bindrunes and runic formulas. And that was just the beginning. Today I use runes not only for divination and magick, but also for personal growth, as I believe that through the meanings of Norse runes, one can walk the path of self-improvement.

But this will be discussed later, below you can see few benefits of learning Norse runes that I can think of.

5 Benefits Of Learning Norse Runes

Below are the greatest benefits.

  • Protection - first of all, you can create amulets that can protect you from loosing things, being attacked, or generally shield you from different negative energies. Yes, Norse runes create powerful protective amulets, and you can use this - either in the form of bindrunes, or runic formulas. This is one of the most obvious benefits - each one of us wants to be safe, right? Runes allow you to be safe.
  • Attracting Things - these bindrunes and formulas can be used in opposite direction, not to repel things, but to attract things. Talismans can attract love, money, good job etc. These two things above are elements of powerful runic magick. Don't be afraid of using either amulets or talismans. Another benefit, we all want things, with runes, we can get them.
  • Divination - although as some sources says that runes weren't as popular divination tool in the past as they are today, it's obvious that they work. Every a little bit experienced rune student admits that divination with runes do work. Predicting the future, getting advices from these mysterious symbols is another benefit. Wouldn't it be nice to know which path should you walk?
  • Self-Improvement - probably the greatest benefit of learning Norse runes that I see is that they can help you in your own self-improvement. Runes have many different meanings, that similar to Tarot cards, provide an insight into our human nature. Reading runes, is like reading our own souls and minds. Keep this in mind, and use runes to understand yourself, as this is the first step in becoming better person.
  • Help - and of course, all the above things can be used not just for personal purposes, but also to help others. Helping others is a benefit, a person that helps other people is respected and liked. We wall want to be liked, why not achieving this by helping people around you?

These are few examples - generally, runes can be used to improve your overall life, on both material and spiritual planes of existence. Thus, they should not be considered to be yet another tools of foretelling the future - the benefits are much greater that most people think.

By studying and exploring the wisdom of the runes, you become a better person - and the world full of better people becomes a better place for everyone.

Small Benefits

But runes bring also smaller benefits with them:

  • Improving your memory - memorizing and then understanding the meanings of each and every of all 24 runes isn't easy task, thus it will improve your memory.
  • Improving your brain - learning new symbols, and learning to write and read them is a way of improving your brain skills.
  • Playing cool - let's be honest, a runemaster is just playing cool :).

These are benefits, as well :).

Recommended book for beginners

Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick
Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick

A simplified guidebook for those who wish to make first steps on the path of runic divination & magick.


Should You Purchase Runes, Or Make Your Own?

The basic problem every beginner rune student faces is - should you make your own runes, or can you simple purchase them? It's a question definitely worth answering, because there are different school of thoughts regarding this simple matter.

Some people say that runes will work only if you will make them yourself, others stick to opinion that if you can feel the runes you've purchased, then they will work for you either. Which school of thought do I represent?

I've Bought My Runes

Yes, I've bought my runes - and what is more, not from some kind of professional runemaker, but on auction portal. I was using self-made wooden runes, but I couldn't feel them, so I burned them. Few weeks later, I've found a set of runes made of burned clay on auction portal. They were so beautiful, and they had this "earthly" feeling, that I felt in love instantly. I bought them, they arrived and I'm using them for this very day.

Purchasing or Making Your Own?

Not everyone is skilled in handcraft. Carving runes on crystals or stones require a lot more than carving them on pieces of wood. And if there are so many great runes set that you can purchase, why even bothering making your own? Everything depends on your approach.

If you want to stick to the tradition, you will prefer to create your own Norse runes made of wood. Go on, and do this if you're sure that your handcraft skills are good enough. Honestly, I can't see any different from runes that has been purchased, and runes that has been handmade. After all, you will still create your own bindrunes and runic formulas, so partial tradition will be included.

On the other hand, runes are symbols, and it doesn't matter who made them, who carved them, but who uses them. Both handmade and purchased rune have pros and cons.

  • Handmade Runes - they stick to the tradition, and you can be proud that you've made them. But they might not be as solid as purchased runes, especially if you're using wood.
  • Purchased Runes - they look better, and often are made of harder material that will last longer. But they have been purchased, and some more advanced runemasters might laugh at that :P.

But should they laugh? In my case, those who laugh because you're using purchased runes lack the knowledge, simple as that. I've using purchased runes on daily basis, and I they work for me. And sometimes you will be forced to use purchased runes. For example, if you want to prepare a soup on runes (an element of runic healing), they you need runes carved on crystals, or glass, as wooden runes won't work in this case.

How To Purchase Runes

No matter if you're doing shopping online or offline, there's an important thing that you need to keep in mind:

  • You need to feel the runes - when you will be looking on different runes set, you will think something like "ok, this is cool", "nice, nice", "yeah, pretty nice"... But when you will reach the set that you will perceive as the best, ideal and you will think "whooooh", and you will feel the set, as it would be attracting you, this is the set that you should purchase, as these runes will work for you.

Thus, the choice is yours. I just want you to know that there's no different in making your own runes, or purchasing them.Just remember that purchased runes need to be "felt", otherwise, they won't do you any good.


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