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5 Divine Revelations for Sustaining a Powerful Anointing

Updated on June 4, 2017

A person full of the anointing is unstoppable. No bondage on the face of the earth can keep such a person from the joy and peace of God’s inner kingdom. The anointing, evidenced by the presence and power of God, is a supernatural gift that God’s gives to strong believers for the sake of performing God’s magnificent work on earth.

Every believer has an anointing, an overflow of God’s presence and power operating within them. Unfortunately, very few of God’s people can tap into this power, or even know about such divine gift. If they knew about the anointing, their world and the world around them would be turned upside down.

When you commit to the will of God, the anointing is there to drastically empower you to get through all the attacks designed against you as a believer. Satan and the kingdom of darkness hate all believers and devise plans to destroy them physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, a Christian must walk and trust in the anointing to decisively win spiritual battles.

Once you understand the anointing and how to operate in it, you will never be the same again. You will be next to invincible to the evils of the world.

If you, as a believer, follow the five secret strategies written below, you will have made a choice that no amount of money could equal. You will walk in the kingdom of heaven while on earth.

5 Divine Revelations for Sustaining the Anointing

Bless Your Soul

Bless your soul. Many believers don’t give much attention to the state of the soul, but it is much a part of a person as that of the body. The soul is the seat of our emotions and feelings. When our bodies are down and gloomy, the soul is usually the entity to blame.

Bible Belt & Knowledge of the Supernatural Anointing

A joyful soul equals a joyful body. When we bless our souls, we purge it of the dark emotions that accumulate within it during the day. The activity of blessing it cleanses it and restores harmony to our existence. “He restores my soul,” a biblical statement indicated in the word of God.

Bless Your Spirit

Bless your spirit, not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the anointing that takes over your entire state of being when you bless your own spirit. When we bless our spirit, all the madness that we have held onto for so long is destroyed. We become exceedingly joyful. The joy released within our spirits can overwhelm us and cause us to run, shout and dance.


Bless Your Body

When we bless our bodies on the regular, the healing anointing runs through it like blood runs through our veins. Whatever illness that we have or whatever sickness that is attempting to attack our bodies is destroyed by the anointing. The act of blessing releases the anointing to break the bondage of sickness and disease.

Bless Your Heart

Always acknowledge your heart. When you bless your heart, you fell a lightness accompanied by a profound sense of peace. The heart is set free of all its worries and cares when we surrender it to God in the activity of blessing.

A heart full of peace and glory is a heart captured by the anointing. A heart full of fear and anxiety is a heart captured by the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, we must assess the state of our heart daily without distraction. The spiritual condition of the heart affects the soul, spirit, mind and body. “Guard your heart with all diligence,” as indicated in the word of God. “For out of it develops the issues of life.”

The heart attracts to you what is in it, whether good or bad.

Bless Your Mind

Bless your mind. When your mind is filled with peace, your thoughts are in alignment with the peaceful kingdom of God. Blessing the mind destroys all negative thoughts and wipes away all attacks of fear and doubt. An unfearful mind cannot be shaken by the chaos and crises that are occurring around it. Nothing will be able to move you to panic or urgency. Those who bless their mind live in “peaceable habitation, sure dwellings, and quiet resting places.”


Before God gave me these revelations, I always felt anger, doubt, and fear. Every threat from within and without shattered my sense of peace as well as the occasional joy I had. During intense pray and wondering what was I doing wrong, I received these revelations from God regarding how to sustain a powerful anointing.

I remember when Jesus Christ was talking to his disciples about loving God with all their minds, hearts, soul, body and spirit. (man’s spirit is the strength of God.) I realized that I was giving too much attention to the state of my body while neglecting the other entities that comprised my existence.

The confirmation of the revelation came when I begin blessing and praying for all the entities, including mind, soul, body, spirit and heart. The application of the revelation changes my life forever. Now I walk in constant joy and blessing. Each day is like walking around in paradise. As a result, great opportunities, both divine and natural, unfold for me on the regular. The amount of joy I fell is sometimes overwhelming, followed by blessing after blessing after blessing.

God wants you to have this same type of joy in your life. I am no exception. Joy, peace, and goodness is a reward of all of God’s people if they are willing to accept it. Give God a try and you will walk in His magnificent anointing the rest of your life.

Choosing the Anointing

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 7 months ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for sharing these spiritual insights. Stay blessed!