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5 Methods God Will Use To Bring Money (Part 2)

Updated on December 22, 2011

Where God Guides He Provides

This method of provision is so important that I've decided to spend this entire hub on this biblical principle. As a person walks in obedience to the will of God for their life, Gods word promises provision for what is needed to carry out that assignment. If a parent sends their child to the store, finance is provided for the child to carry out that obedient act. So it is with the child of God who carries out the will of the Heavenly Father. I want to prove this principle by allowing the viewer to see an example from the bible.

Luke chapter 9:3 reads: And he said (Jesus) unto them take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither Money, neither have two coats apiece. (KJV) This is the first time that Jesus sends his disciples out to represent him in ministry to the lost. Since he is the initiator of this journey he wants to teach them a lesson of faith by telling them not to take provision with them because he wants to show them that he will provide. One may ask how does this affect us today?

well God is no respecter of persons but he is a respecter of his word and people who will obey him concerning his will for their life will see his provision for that assignment. To view this from the outside looking in may look like favoritism from one person to another, but it is simply one person walking in obedience while another chooses not to. The 12 disciples chose to obey and because of that obedience experienced Gods provision.

We will now look at Luke 22:35 where the disciples have returned from their journey.

And he said (Jesus) unto them when I sent you without purse and scrip and shoes, lacked ye anything? and they said nothing.(KJV)

The disciples did not provide money or anything else for themselves in the beginning because Jesus told them not to bring money, but they obeyed him relating to their assignment and experienced his divine provision just as everyone who meets his requirements for their lives will. We can also see this principle in the Old Testament in 1 Kings 17 where God is sustaining his servant Elijah during a famine.

Elijah is being supernaturally sustained by the ravens that feed him morning and evening while he drinks from a brook. Notice how God supernaturally fed him by the ravens, but Elijah was responsible to drink from the brook. There will always be a part that a person must do in receiving Gods provision because the bible says that faith without works is dead being alone. God will not do what we can and he will do what we cannot.

God tells Elijah to arise and go to Zarephath and dwell there because he had commanded a widow woman there to sustain him (1Kings17:9). The brook had dried up and Elijah would only experience Gods provision as he obeyed. He had to go to Zarephath to to find Gods provision because it was there that God had commanded the widow to sustain him. Again we see where God guides he provides.

Jesus had given Peter some instructions for his financial life in Matthew 17:27 when he told him to go fishing and take the first fish that he caught and take the coin out of its mouth. He was then to pay his and Jesus' taxes. Peter never would have received that financial provision had he not obeyed. Again we see where the Lord guides he provides. As we obey Gods will for our lives, we also will find his provision to help carry out that assignment.


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