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3 Unconventional Modern Day Religions

Updated on February 3, 2018
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Aaron is a UK civil servant who loves to spend time with his family and friends.

So in a world where we all feel the need to belong, do clubs, teams or even cults hold the answer to a feeling of being part of something bigger? The big 5 religions in the world have always preached and taught, "in my opinion" that a group of individuals with the same beliefs and values during their life will live in paradise for eternity in the afterlife. But does this mean our beliefs are only reserving seats in the next world? Can modern views be applied to religion to satisfy the need to belong?

woman praying
woman praying

The Church of Kopimism

For any religious individual this one will need an open mind, the church of Kopimism was created by Swedish students Isak Gerson & Gustav Nipe in 2010, and made official by the Swedish government in January 2012.

The primary belief or value is that all code and information is sacred, and that the art of copying information and sharing (file sharing) should be available for all. This is why the church is absolutely against copyrights!!

Now from all the information about the church that is available, i have not come across any mention of an afterlife or heaven, it would seem the religion has been created from an individuals views on a subject that has nothing to do with life or death, maybe just an opinion on current laws.

In regards to icons and sacred texts, the church has adopted the CTRL+C & CTRL+V from a computers keyboard to symbolise their views on copying information, along side this there are texts within the Kopimist constitution.

  • All knowledge to all
  • The search for knowledge is sacred
  • The circulation of knowledge is sacred
  • The act of copying is sacred

kopimism | Source

The Church Of Last Thursday

Yes Folks! you heard it right, The church of last Thursday or the last Thursdayists. This belief actually stems from the omphalos hypothesis, in which God created the universe and heavens within the past 10,000 years but falsified evidence around us to make us believe the universe is older. Carbon dating, fossils, glaciers, you name it all falsified by god.

The last Thursdayists believe that you are the god who created this universe and that everyone else on the planet has been created and placed here by you! last Thursday to be precise.

Oh and did i mention that your universe will come to an erupt end, yes you guessed it, next Thursday. Thursdayists believe that everyone apart from you is in on a test and is pre-programmed to be part of this test, if you remember that you had bacon and eggs for breakfast last Wednesday, do not panic this is because that memory has been created by yourself to test your judgment and character.

When next Thursday arrives and you have satisfied yourself by passing the test, you will be returned to your former glory, creating more universes. But if you fail, the church mentions that the punishment will be incomprehensible.

In regards to joining criteria, writing with your left hand is a sinful temptation!

Thursday | Source

Happy Science Religion/Group

Probably the most spiritual religion of the 3, Happy Science was the brain child of its CEO Ryuho Okawa, in 1981 Ryuho Okawa's hidden consciousness was awoken by the God of the Earth and high spirit El Cantare, it was not until 1986 that Ryuho Okawa decided to devote his life to this enlightenment.

Now even though Okawa claims his sole consciousness is channelling El Cantare, he goes on to say that he can channel other high spirits which include, Jesus Christ, Muhammed & Buddha. Which would indicate that all religions stem from El Cantare and that the religion is pushing for a one world one religion utopia.

El Cantare has descended to Earth at this time due to its technological advances in communication and travel, which will make the teachings of Okawa more accessible to the world. But it is not the first time El Cantare has made himself known to Earth, 300 million years ago he appeared as Alpha, and 150 million years ago he was known as Elohim.

Happy science members practice their teachings by reciting every morning and evening the sutra, The Dharma of the Right Mind, this fundamental practice strengthens their knowledge of the Buddha's truth whilst Meditation plays a big part in the religion along side self reflection and missionary work.

happy science
happy science | Source

Does religion have to be spiritual? or can views and values be recognised as religion?

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