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5 Principles to Date a Libran

Updated on October 12, 2019

You are here for a reason, and don’t be shy, you can be honest: you have a Libran in mind. Whether it is someone you like or you love, you are here because you want to perform better when in front of a Libran. Here are 5 essential tips that will give you better results with a Libran (or a person whose main energy is Libra).

1. Never impose. Negotiate!

Librans can get really disappointed when people are unfairly imposers. This is because Libra is the sign of “us”, as opposed to Aries, the sign of “me”. Remember that you are not the only one in the world and that the world doesn’t spin around you (especially if you are a Leo or an Aries). Negotiate. Ask the person in whom you are interested their opinion, feelings or thoughts on the matter. In fact, Librans love to talk. They are a wind sign, and as such, they are people to connect, to have conversations and to go through intellectual matters (don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Mr. Know it All), just don’t let the conversation die too often. Whether it is decisions, ideas or even meanings, negotiate, and you will have gotten a closer distance to Libra.

2. Be yourself!

Libras are attracted to authenticity. You know why? Because their romance house is Aquarius, and it is the sign of being unique, different and outstanding. Don’t be too rebel fights and chaos are the exact opposite of what Libras enjoy; just connect with your unique inner self and let it express through you. It is not a big effort, neither it is a mask to wear. It is just a matter of exploring, discovering and letting it shine.

3. Show that you care!

Unlike what seduction tips might suggest, do not be indifferent. People are not bubble gums (the more you step on them, the more they stick to you). Okay, some people may be, but this is not the right way to go with Libra (or with anyone, actually). Instead, show your honest care. Relationships are treasures for Libra. Be emotionally intelligent and nurture your bonds. Libras value it (A LOT), and you should, too, because relationships are essential in a human’s life.

4. Aim at equilibrium

Libra is the sign of harmony. If they see that you have no harmony to provide (or at least, in your life), your chances with a Libra may decrease. Identify a side of that person that may seem chaotic, and contribute to it through harmony-based proposals. It is not your responsibility, but it is a supportive action that a Libra will value a lot. Order and harmony seduce a Libra. Don’t scare them away with chaos and disputes (which gives us the perfect transition for the next tip).

5. Avoid disputes!

Libra is about both sides of the situation: a win-to-win resolution. In case of a misunderstanding or an irritation, don’t go the wrong way. Don’t blow it all away. Instead, find the diplomatic track. It is true that a Libra admires someone brave, courageous and determined, but that doesn’t mean someone that starts fights for everything. Remember: affirming yourself does not imply selfishness, or attacking others (especially in front of a Libra).

Now that you know these 5 principles, make wiser choices in your seduction strategies. Connect with your soul. Identify which of these principles you already do and which ones you could give a try. The aim is not to please a Libra at all costs (you also exist), but these principles will increase your chances with them (if that is what you want).

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