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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Lose Trust in God

Updated on August 20, 2018

First question comes to mind while thinking about why you should never lose faith and trust in God is why should I trust in God? Simple one-line answer to this is that God answer your prayers. God is the main Source and Base of living beings. He created everything either visible or non-visible. Also faith is neither something which you can donate to the other person nor a passable object which can be rejected from acceptance.

Following are the strong Reasons you should never lose trust in God and have full-faith by mind, soul and heart.

1) Everything which is made requires a maker.

One of the logical principle which apply here is that whatever is made requires a creator or maker. More complex object has been created by more and more intelligent creator. Does it make sense that more difficult and logical the object, it requires even more and more expertise to make it? Similarly, just look at our mysterious Universe, look at our solar system, Milky way Galaxy and billions and billions of stars who has made all this? Who has created all this things? So the answer is One God. Therefore, we must respect Supreme Power who has created this entire existence and human beings will always take care of it.

2) God helps you when you are in pain.

If you look into history, there are so many examples where trust on god during bad times has not only given power to overcome it but provided strength and opportunities to achieve success and goals planned during pain.

3) God gives us unlimited Love, Power and Prosperity.

If you have a story about two water pot then you can very well understand that God is always ready to give us, every minute, every second but we must need to be eligible to get such compassion and prosperity from Jesus. There were two pots on the farm, one of them was facing towards sky and second one was facing land, thereafter when rainfall start at that moment first pot which was facing towards sky get filled with rain water whereas the second one which was facing towards was not able to store a single drop of water. Hence the conclusion here is God is ready every moment to give us immense power, strength and peace but we are the only culprit who are not able to acquire anything just because of our stubborn nature and closed eyes.

4) God is the ultimate solution for all your problems and worries of life.

Its fact that each and every problem in this world either personal, social, economical or financial can be solved completely only if you have strong will power. What is that will power? What is the source of that will power? It is nothing but an appreciation provided by God for your performance. In short you can say that it is provided to those who strongly and firmly believe on God and hard work.

5) God knows everything about you and everything that is good for you.

Anything happens in this universe has reason, every activity, every action has reaction. There is nothing in this universe which is out of knowledge for God. God knows your thoughts, goals, dreams and intention and always there to help you by giving an opportunity every time. It is you who needs to choose best option provided by God. There is one quote presented here to bring out more precise view i.e "Our Lord Jesus Christ, the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15), is “the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)."

Finally, Jesus is always with us and he is trustworthy and lovable. when anxiety hits you from everywhere either it is your studies stress, physical pain, financial troubles, relation issues then only way to overcome this anxious turmoil is to visit nearest church and took the bible and look into it, you will definitely get solution for all your problems and even feel peace and silence in such atmosphere. Still if you are not satisfied with above explanation then you can personally visit our Church in Leeds & Church in Moortown. We also serves in Alwoodley, Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, Harehills, Meanwood, Roundhay, Seacroft, where we will assist you for all your troubles and complexities of life. It is always better to try once rather than thinking and making logical arguments.


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