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5 Stunning Chakra Wands

Updated on November 27, 2010

I am an avid gemstone collector and I've always been fascinated by gemstone wants. The chakra wands are my absolute favorite because they are full of colors. In some cases the wands themselves are colored and in others they have stones decorating them, but it's all about the color and I do love me some colored chakra stones. If you're keen to find a chakra wand to add to your collection, or perhaps you're looking for your very first, here are some lovely chakra wands you'll want to see!

Chakra Wand, Stacked Stones

These 7 chakra gemstones have been bonded together to produce this lovely chakra wand. It comes with a velvet Anahata pouch for storage. Size: 3/4 of an inch wide and between 4 and 5.5 inches long. Each color on the wand represents one of the chakras and the wand can be used for any ritual involving chakras or other esoteric pursuits.

Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Wand

This is a chakra wand made from Rainbow Moonstone and it's decorated with stones that correspond to the chakras. If you enjoy very artistic tools for your rituals, this is lovely. It makes me think of Merlin or some such person / magician with it's stunning design. It measures 3.5 inches long and .75 inches wide.

Layered Chakra Wand

I am a sucker for the brightly colored wands! This reminds me of Rainbow Bright and that is not a bad thing. Made in India, this is quite similar to the first chakra wand on the list, but this one is faceted instead of rounded. Also, the colors appear a bit more vibrant, though that may be a photographic thing.

Lg. Chakra Balancing Wand

Susan Buzard designed this chakra wand and would you look at how mystical this thing is? Each chakra wand is handcrafted and therefore custom made just for you.The wands measure between 11 and 13 inches. The stones used may vary because there are several stones which correspond to each chakra but rest-assured, they will be corresponding gemstones for the appropriate chakra!

Amethyst Chakra Wand

Amethyst is a fantastic gemstone that does all sorts of wonderful things for the body and soul, so I was not surprised to find an amethyst-based chakra wand. Also, because the bulk of the wand is made from amethyst, and therefore the quartz family, this wand will not accumulate spiritual gunk as quickly as some other stones. Comes with its own storage pouch and the wand is lined with 7 chakra stones. It measures 3 inches long by 1 inch wide.


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