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5 Ways To Fight Stress & Depression as a Teenager

Updated on January 22, 2018

5. Ask your best friend for help

Seeking help and talking to parents sometimes can be painful. They may scold you or the conversation ends up in a rude argument. This is common as there is a generation gap between us and our parents, it's not in all cases but in the majority of cases. Talking to your best friends and friends who were been through such situations may help. In my case, I always find the perfect happy vibe with my classmates and online friends. They help me a lot and I forget about the stress when I talk to them. Friends who always makes you laugh and helps you all the time are your best friends after all. Be connected to people who are like your best friend is also a good option. I have friends who are much older than me but they help me when I needed. They do make me laugh and help me guide certain things in life. Finding a best and loveable friend is not a joke, people end up with bad peoples and ruin their lives.

4. Family or relatives can help too

This may contradict what I said above but it's also true. The family who is emotionally connected and help each other is a great family. Supporting their kids, spending time with them and guiding them is a good way to make a strong kids-parents relationship. It's all up to parents how they educate their kids about life and people. Parents have a greater role than friends to teach their children what is right. A teenage should seek help from such parents first. They are aware, they've been through this all, they know how to fight and possibly they will help you. As for relatives, I have like 3-7 cousins who always help me. I don't look them as cousins but rather a good family companion and a best friend. They help me a lot to get out of adverse situations. If you have someone in your relation who is supportive of you, please seek help from them too.

The Simpsons is my fav show
The Simpsons is my fav show

3. Being single

This may sound funny or curious but I have seen some people who are so stressed free and live their life like a king. They don't care about anyone other than who they are, that doesn't mean they don't like to talk to other people and help them. They're like someone who just knows what is wrong and what is right and have good friend circle. People may come and go in their lives but they don't give a damn about it. Being single is hard for many so this is not for everyone. I personally like to be single because it's like the freedom for me until I meet someone with matching frequency. I've seen many couples fall into depression and suffer so much stress even my close friends but they are doing well because they now know what they need to do with their lives. It's not true always either, one of my friend is having a great relationship and he's happier than ever. So, what I think, it's all luck. Don't fall for every other guy/girl you see, finding a true partner is hard. Be yourself and someone will be there who likes the way you are. Sorry if this point converts into a relationship advice.

2. Music, dance and art

This is the most suggested and working method to fight stress and depression. Music is born for us, it is something everyone can enjoy and feel relaxed after listening to it. Art can have many levels of details but an artist finds satisfaction in that one detail that he/she is imagining. If you have a passion for music, dance or you like to draw, then it's good for your health. Listening to music or dancing relieve stress, as for an artist who likes to draw, it's canvas and colours. It's not like you need to be a dancer or a singer or an artist to relieve stress, just go with the grove or if you're an artist, be lost in your imagination. I like electro kind of music and it always gives me feeling of euphoria. Whatever kind of music you like, if it makes you jump off your chair then it can help you feel better.

1. Owning a pet

Pets are cute and they always stay close to you. Pets can be your part of life but for them, you are their whole life. They may not talk in your language but they surely understand your language and your every action. Owning a pet means lots of responsibility but it also helps you to relieve stress and depression. It's found in many studies that pet owners live more happy life than non-pet owners. Dogs and cats are most popular pets all around the world and they are good companion too but it's up to you what you want to pet. I like many different animals so it's hard for me to chose, I'd rather work at the zoo. People also pet tigers and other dangerous animals too, but they are professionals and know how to pet one. You can start with a small puppy, it's good for you and that puppy too. Love animals and nature, we need to help animals so they don't get extinct.

Bonus Point : Go outside or Travel to different place

For many travellers out their who likes to travel a lot and are suffering from depression or having stress, just pack your travelling stuff and go anywhere you would like to go. It also applies to many non-travellers too, just go to the beach or a place you'll be more connected to nature. Travelling always creates curiosity to find the new place and meet some good people, it will take your mind off the subject that causes you stress and depression. I like to visit different places with my family and friends, we enjoy a lot and capture all that good memories. If you want to travel, then just go for it, it's fun.

Stress and depression are not good for your health and mind, above all points may not even relevant to you but I'm not gonna judge, everyone is different. There are many different activities like surfing, gaming, blogging, writing, skateboarding, cycling, long rides, watching TV series and anime, vlogging are some good ways to relieve stress, it's up to you, what makes you feel better. Be happy, love nature and animals.

And even if all these things won't work for you, visit a psychiatrist for help, it is always the last option if you're suffering from depression you can't fight.

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