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Common Dreams Interpreted Including Teeth

Updated on February 9, 2011

This article will look at the 5 most common dreams, what they mean and their interpretation. We all dream every night even though a lot of people cannot remember their dreams or are unable to figure out the meanings.

Being Naked

This is a common dream to have and can be interpreted many ways depending on different aspects of the dream, If you dream that you are naked and are embarrassed about it would symbolise that in waking life you are worried about being seen to look inadequate or even foolish. It can also mean that we are feeling guilty about something which is unconsciously making us want to "come clean" about something. If in the dream you are out in public but no one appears to notice apart from you, this would signify that you are self conscious about the way you look to others, on the other hand, if the public are looking at you and laughing and pointing because of your nakedness, this would mean that you have a fear of trusting someone or fear you will be betrayed or have been betrayed.


Dreaming of teeth is connected to your emotional side. To have teeth that are unhealthy or rotting shows that you are unhappy in a relationship, the blacker the teeth, the worse your situation in the relationship is. To see your teeth fall out in a dream means a new growth in your life in different activities. If your teeth are longer than they should be normally, this would indicate a legal issue to come. Having teeth removed at the dentist is a symbol of major transformations in your life and upheavals which are about to take place. Having fillings or gold teeth and crowns is a sign of financial help. To dream of different teeth, it has been known that each tooth represents a family member, Front teeth indicate children, brothers and sisters, the upper teeth represent the males in your family and the lower teeth the females, the top canine teeth is the father and the lower canine is the mother. Lastly to brush your teeth in a dream would indicate that you have obstacles to overcome and that need resolving.

Being Chased

Being chased in a dream does not necessarily mean that we will be hurt or are a victim of whatever is pursuing us. It could mean that we are running away from responsibility in our life, even if you know the person chasing you in the dream, its more likely to mean that you are running away from something in your waking life, problems or arguments, just everyday pressures that life throws at us.


If you have a tough decision to make and there is a conflict of interest somewhere, you may find that this will manifest and you will dream of fighting in your dreams. Whether you know your opponent in the dream or not, they will represent an aspect of your personality or emotions you are feeling and this is why you are fighting with "them". Fighting dreams could also represent hidden emotions of anger, hatred and violence.


Falling in an extremely common dream which means fear of failure. It represents many different aspects of failing, like failing in a business venture and having to endure lack of respect. The different types of falling will determine the outcome of your dream and if you fall for a long distance this means that the changes in your life that you make will need a lot of effort. If you fall for just a short distance then this means that any set backs will be overcome quickly. If you fall over in front of other people, then this means that a friendships should not be trusted.

There are many different interpretations of dreams and only you can really understand what they mean to you with your life. What dreams do you have? Are they the common ones above or are they crazy weird? Don't ignore them as they can help you in your waking life. If you need a little help or don't understand them, feel free to give me a shout.


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    • profile image

      Latinam 2 years ago

      I had a dream that all my fillings were falling out and I was surprised to find out they were gold fillings.

    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      I know I have had all of these dreams at least once or more, I have them all logged into my dream journals. You should read some of my dream hubs, some creative writing stories based on my dreams too.

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      nice hub- my dream often involves being unable to find the brake on my car- it has disappeared- and every time i try to slow the car down it speeds up!

    • vicki simms profile image

      vicki simms 7 years ago from northamptonshire

      Hi Dumbledore, thank you for your comments and sharing your dreams with me, dreaming of the Planet Mars can signify arguments as well as taking action and when you dream of your legs it means the ability to make decisions, the fact that your legs would hardly move makes be believe that around the time you had your dream you were finding it difficult to make a certain decision? Only you will know whether this rings true :)

    • Dumbledore profile image

      This Old Guy 7 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      Very interresting interpretation of dreams and what they mean. When I was younger, I had two recurring dreams: One was that I was being chased through a crater on the Planet Mars and my legs would hardly move, the other was a dream of falling into my bed.

      I never really thought of them, until now.